Crossing the country just to see you, encountering Qiandao Lake in 48 hours

By chance, I became a member of the Chinese experience division of "Transnational CP Tour Qiandao Lake". At first I saw the news of the event recruitment, which said: "48 hours of lake binge with foreign cp, and staying in a super-character hotel to do some indescribable things." It's really a little exciting to think about it. So he did not hesitate to fill out the registration form. When the host girl contacted me, I realized that I was really

Girlfriends both enjoy the scenery of Sanya

Life is a journey full of unknowns. What I care about is the scenery along the way. What I care about is the mood to see the scenery. The journey does not end because of the beautiful scenery. The road that has been traversed becomes the scenery behind. You can't look back and stay. If you stay at this moment, you will miss the better scenery, keep a peaceful and sober. Enjoy every moment of feeling, enjoy every scenery, this is life. Don't care

Kansai-The dots and drops in the trip are amber that you and I can only understand

People: Cow and Yaya Relationship: Babe his father➕ Babe his mother Days: 8 days (2015.5.19-5.26) Location: Kansai, Japan (Nara-Kyoto-Kinosaki-Osaka) 1 Visa: A travel agency of Taobao, signed in about 15 days, the specific materials vary from person to person 2 Air ticket: Ctrip reservation! Depart from Shanghai! Although the spring and autumn are cheap, but the time is not good-booked China Eastern Airlines, round-trip is afternoon, I feel very

In Sri Lanka, I met sincerity and smile

In a 13-day two-person Ceylon tour, hundreds of high-definition pictures take you into the lovely and lovely Sri Lanka. It is over, and I think I want to add something. Sri Lanka implements the landing sign policy for nationals. In order to avoid the cumbersome entry procedures, we have completed the electronic signing in advance and can directly operate on the official website. Note that domestic websites block the verification code of the

Chiang Mai-"Second Eye Beauty"

People: Three generations of old, middle-aged and young, five people (parent age 60+, male treasure age 23 months) Number of days: 15 days (2015.11.29-12.13) Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand 1 Visa: A travel agency from Taobao, signing out in about a week, just provide passport and photo 2 Air ticket: Ctrip reservation! Depart from Shanghai! 3 Accommodation: Airbnb reservation! 4 Download Google Map App, TripAdvisor, Alipay App, building block

Lost in the Japanese cherry season

Departing in rainy weather, the plane was delayed. Apple Sparkling Wine good to eat! This water is so delicious. The orange-flavored water is very refreshing. The plane was delayed and arrived in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was late at night. Fortunately, Isomaru Aquatic Shop, which is open 24 hours a day at the canteen, had a large shell, and the miso crab paste was delicious. Unfortunately, we did n’t know how to burn. I'm also worried that I don't

Singapore-travel with baby

Life is like traveling, choosing different destinations, you will meet different people, and appreciate different scenery ... the choice of route, sometimes shortcuts, sometimes twists and turns ... but no matter what, respect your heart, you must always be ~ I had planned to plan my baby ’s first trip abroad, I must come to Singapore, because it has different meanings for me and Bao Da ... but I went to Chiang Mai and Kyushu first, so I ca n’t

First time to Seoul

As a person who is still working overtime on the day of departure, Shenma Raiders Shenma preparations are already floating clouds ~ There must be many small regrets for this trip, so I want to share some of the lessons I can learn from this process to those. Friends who go to Seoul for the first time can give everyone more experience and less injustice! We have a total of 5 girls on this trip, all of them have little experience of going abroad,

Let's go to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to watch the sunset and eat seafood

——妈妈说想去看大海 ——我说,那就去吧,去你妹的旅行团。我带你去! 就因为这两句话,我们就把今年的目标定位在了各大东南亚海岛。 因为妈妈刚从泰国回来,所以OUT! 至于菲律宾,感觉那些海岛有点无聊,外加之前还在反华,OUT! 剩下的人应该也就都想到马来西亚了吧! 虽然有人和我说,马航XXX。 好的呀!我不坐马航去~ 虽然有人和我说,大半夜的会被枪指着。 好的呀!我半夜12点早就去杭州了好么~ 所以最后我们就将目标锁定在了沙巴 因为看了无数的马来西亚的小岛,大同小异~ 然而唯独美人鱼岛,这个充满梦幻的字眼进入了我的眼球。。。 所以~接下来就让我带你们去“美人鱼”岛当岛主吧哈哈哈! 沙巴 马来西亚(东马来西亚)的一个州,位于加里曼丹岛(旧称婆罗洲)东北部,沙巴州旧称北婆罗洲。 在 1881 年开始被英国人统治,直到 1963 年 8 月 31 日独立。 仅仅 16 天后,1963 年 9 月 16 日,沙巴与马来亚、砂拉越和新加坡,共同组成主权独立的马来西亚。 沙巴州面积大约 72,500

Langkawi + Koh Lipe, Matai Island Tour

sand Sand of different thickness in Koh Lipe In recent years, I have traveled to many Southeast Asian islands A bottle of small sand accumulates many beautiful memories In November 2014, Bebe Jr. and I visited Malaysia for the third time, the destination-Langkawi, Malaysia-Koh Lipe, Thailand! For the first time, the two Miss Li family walked together, extremely happy and extremely excited! Princess Linlin's family + Babe and me + the young and