Are you buying a child ticket if you are under 16?

Are you buying a child ticket if you are under 16?



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Official reply:

Free below 1.2 meters (not included), children's tickets can be purchased from 1.2 meters (inclusive) to 1.5 meters (not included), and adult tickets must be purchased above 1.5 meters (inclusive).

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The colorful Yunnan Happy World Children's Ticket needs to meet both the requirements of under 16 years old and height less than 1.5 meters. If you are under 16 years old but have a height of more than 1.5 meters, you need to buy an adult ticket. —— Colorful Yunnan Happy World has no elementary and middle school student tickets, only college student tickets (applicable to college and undergraduate students). If the primary and middle school students do not meet the conditions for buying child tickets, they can only buy adult tickets. (The above is for reference, please refer to the actual scenic spot.)

Submitted byIf you come back on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 06:35

Students under 16 years old can only take student tickets! Not a child ticket! some
1. Adult ticket: 185 yuan / person (single day) 240 yuan / person (two days)
Purchase conditions: namely an adult (over 16 years old) or a child ticket with a height of 1.5 meters or more.
2. Senior ticket: 99 yuan / person (single day) 129 yuan / person (two days)
Purchasing conditions: That is, an elderly person over 65 years of age (including 65) must enter the park with a valid identity certificate (identity card, passport, return home certificate, elderly card, etc.). 65-year-old definition: it is greater than or equal to 65 by subtracting the year on the identity certificate from the year of the date of the ticket inspection.
3. College student ticket: 170 yuan / person Purchase conditions: Only full-time college and undergraduate students (secondary school, vocational high school, postgraduate and postgraduate students are not included) to buy, admission to provide a legal student card.
4. Special birthday ticket: 99 yuan / person Purchase conditions: You can enjoy the discount when you buy a ticket on your birthday. You must bring a valid ID when entering the park, and the date of birth of the certificate must be the same as the date of admission.
5. Preferential tickets for college entrance examination graduates: 138 yuan / person Purchase conditions: that is, tickets suitable for graduates of the middle and college entrance examinations. After purchasing the ticket, you must enter the park with the student's admission ticket.
Valid date: June 10, 2019-July 14, 2019, valid for use on the day of purchase, subject to the date of play selected at the time of purchase.
6. Special concession ticket: 99 yuan / person Purchase conditions: Persons with a certificate of "Military Disability Certificate" and "Disabled Person Certificate" and a height of 1.95 meters or more can purchase concession tickets.
7. Military concession ticket: 99 yuan / person Purchase conditions: Soldiers holding their "Military Card" can purchase this concession ticket to enter the park.

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1、成人票:185元/人(单日) 240元/人(双日)
  2、长者票:99元/人(单日) 129元/人(双日)

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