Are there any children playing in Colorful Yunnan Happy World? Child 4 years old, height 105

Are there any children playing in Colorful Yunnan Happy World? Child 4 years old, height 105



Submitted bycomplete on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 06:38

Official reply:

Free below 1.2 meters (not included), children's tickets can be purchased from 1.2 meters (inclusive) to 1.5 meters (not included), and adult tickets must be purchased above 1.5 meters (inclusive).

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The colorful children's play items of Happy World in Yunnan are as follows:
1 The Eye of Dianchi Lake The "Eye of Dianchi Lake" large 108-meter-high ferris wheel is the world's top 20, Yunnan's first tallest ferris wheel. It can ride 336 people at the same time. The equipment is refined and packaged with the theme of Yunnan's representative animal-"peacock". , Becoming a landmark amusement project in the park. Visitors can take a ferris wheel to admire the sparkling scenery of Dianchi Lake and the full view of the "Colorful Yunnan & # 183; Ancient Diancheng" project.
Height restriction: Adults must be accompanied by an adult under 1.3m

2 Tiger Leaping Gorge You will take a raft boat, winding around Tiger Mountain, diving from Tiger Mountain quickly, falling into the pool, and stirring up layers of water. Experience a certain degree of weightlessness, and get wet in the pool on the slopes by the water splashed by yourself. The whole process is exciting and fun.
Height restriction: 1m or below is not allowed to ride, 1-1.3m is required to be accompanied by an adult Age requirement: 4 years or younger is not allowed to ride, 4 ~ 8 years old is required to be accompanied by an adult
3 Ride the wind and the waves Ride the wind and the waves. The verses that hang directly on Yunfan believe that the partners are familiar with each other. They dance with the waves and sing with the sea breeze. Pull the anchor and set sail for a sea that seems to be illusory!
Height limit: Suitable for passengers with a height of 1.0 ~ 1.9m, 1.0 ~ 1.3m needs an adult to accompany Weight requirement: Two passengers in an airship weighing no more than 150kg

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