Fuzhou to Guangzhou by train and car how much money each? ?

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    Diving 380 yuan a person, it is almost time for about 1 hour, 1-on-1 or 1 dimethyl accompanied by an instructor, take pictures underwater facilities other charges, the team then more than 6 people, then, is a man $ 350, dive if it is too expensive short time students are advised to play party yacht tourism or recreational fishing rafts price 120-180 / person, time is relatively long hoped to be able to help you. Welcome to Tap the green "adopted as the best answer", thanks

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    Dongshan Island Dive cost is generally much?

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    Hello, Internet booking, you can take the bus to the train station ticket hall the day before, line up with the ID card for the tickets at the ticket window, or brush ID card ticket vending machine in the lobby.

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    But you can go to the window to take your best people to line up to automatic ticket machines for the tickets is also convenient to get fewer people would be readily available documents to vote.

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