Weihai bus station and train station are not the same thing, it is not from the bus and train station can take the train to win Dawei building it? Weihai to Yantai

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    Do not bring flammable, do not tamper with handles and buttons on the plane, avoid accidents, follow the prompts should wear a seatbelt system. Takeoff and landing, do not stand up activities, when the aircraft is in a transmission state, it is easy to fall. You can not smoke inside the cabin, if you really want to smoke, have a special smoking room on the plane. You can carry a bottle-contained within the volume of not more than 100 milliliters (ml) of the liquid container, exceeded only be checked. Lip gloss, BB cream, mascara, foundation liquids belong, as it is required, and an ordinary liquid. Before check-in and boarding your carry-on items will be checked for liquids in plastic bags containing a separate security check at security checkpoints.

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    Not carrying inflammable and explosive materials and control tool; 70 degrees or more prohibited liquor; liquor may be 50 degrees with 2 unopened bottle; cosmetic bottle volume of not more than 100ml, the total amount of each species should be in 1000ml. Charging treasure must carry boarding (within 10,000 mA), can carry baggage boarding 5 kg, 20-inch trunk (inner circumference 115 cm), 20 kg free checked baggage (checked baggage to be low-cost airline pays) . Help you, please adopt green!

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    Some of you need to decide according to your airline following are common: 1) can not carry the offensive or dangerous tools (knives, lighters, hammers, sticks, flammable corrosives, etc.); 2) mobile power (Po charging) can not exceed the capacity 20000mAh; 3) own liquid bath and cosmetics each no more than 100ml; 4) each carry-on luggage size can not exceed 20 × 40 × 55 cm, or need to be checked. 5) smelly things or foods (such as durian, etc.) need to packed, wine can not carry (2 bottles per person may be checked)

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    Over 100 ml of liquid, lighters, matches, inflammable or explosive materials can not board the aircraft

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