Railway station in Weihai Can buy votes in different places, such as from Yantai to Zhengzhou, thank you

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    No, Ocean Park area do not have access ...... help you, please adopt green!

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    No, there is no need scooter, it will not be difficult to go

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    Shanghai Hai Chang Marine Park there is no rent electric scooter?

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    Shanghai did not bungee place, only the 88-storey Jinmao Tower outdoor stroll, pretty exciting, you can experience the next. The first day at noon, I believe you is to take high-speed rail, can take the Metro Line 2 or Metro Line 10 to East Nanjing Road Station, stroll Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, and then went to the Bund, Bund to see the scenery, then walk to Yuyuan, these places are together, it is possible to complete a day of exploring. The next morning early in the morning to go to Shanghai Oriental Pearl, fewer people went to the morning, late to go look for the line, and the Oriental Pearl Tower in addition to the Office of Tourism, as well as the city history museum, you can learn about the history of Shanghai. Can visit about four hours, you can eat lunch in the Super Brand Mall in the afternoon can go to Jinmao Tower to experience an outdoor stroll. Lujiazui Lujiazui night you can see in the night, or the source region to Shanghai World Expo, the Expo to see the night view source. On the third day at noon to go in the morning to go to Shanghai Tian Zi Fang can walk, take a look at Shanghai's Shikumen buildings. Accommodation, consider Century Avenue in Pudong and Puxi Jing'an Temple, Zhongshan Park area, travel more convenient. Click on the green hope to adopt, thank you.

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