From Fuzhou to Guangzhou and then to the sea, 800 yuan back and forth enough to do? ? ?

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    2019 New Year's Day holiday for three days are small open it?

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    People will be more, probably for a long time to play good. 10 Wat Park 10 Wat Park Ming Dynasty, was originally Jiajingnianjian Board of Punishments doctor Hu Bangzuo's former residence, Mr Justice Patrick Luan Qing Dynasty (Qing Junji years as Akinori prefect), Guo Xiongfei (Qing Dynasty Zhili appointed government officials cloth) has worked in the this lived, after the richest man in Ting Shan Bao Wei County in order to spend lots of money available, the Qing Emperor Guangxu eleven years (1885) converted into a private garden.
    Looking to adopt

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    How about going to 10 Wat Park New Year's Day? How long can swim?

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    New Year's Day people will be more, or can play, hope to adopt

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