From Yantai how kind you can be fast and safe to Da Weihai it? Can you tell me the time and thank trips

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    Kashi do not go, go taxkorgan to do. Kashgar full color hotel not far past. If you want to Khunjerab, but also do the customs taxkorgan

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    Will go to Kashi without the formalities? ? ? I heard that to taxkorgan border card to do and have a letter of introduction, but the following are a student, what can we do? ? know

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    1. You do not turn for the better, but to leave the country, and then re-check in the luggage, so you are in Shanghai, service personnel will baggage to Hong Kong, then you exit in Hong Kong, luggage, check-in formalities, baggage, into turn off. You do to be more preparation time, pay entry tax, in addition to Hong Kong endorsement 2. You do not need transit, transit access can not go. The specific process 1 you see this is very troublesome ah, why do interline uncertain, cheap and easy

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    1, two segments must first understand whether the transport, if transport is no problem, you can directly transfer baggage, you do not have to worry about. If transport is not, of course, under the luggage on board again. 2, if not the transport, should be the first luggage, walk transit access, for the next leg. 3, exit problem in your choice, you can not leave, you can leave. But the choice of outbound baggage there will be relatively few problems. After all transit access generally less than the entry-exit channel people.

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