Only 4-5 days, and the elderly, may I ask in addition to Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai in should choose which one?

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    D1 Urumqi - Kashi Kashi D2 D3 Kashgar - Kuqa Kuqa D4 - Grand Canyon - Bayinbuluke D5 Bayinbuluke - Nalati Nalati D6 - D7 Yining Yining - Sailimu - Urumqi chartered depends on what model, about 300 north of Kyrgyzstan day, Toyota, Mitsubishi and so on to 600 day.

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    Thank you! And does Kuqa, Grand Canyon, Bayinbuluke, Nalati, Yining, Sailimu what must-see attractions of it? Basically we probably only six days to go south strong, but also want to go after strong north, then from Urumqi to Turpan, Hami, Dunhuang. . . There must go to Qinghai Lake, then to two days in Xi'an, Chengdu and two days later back to Singapore. The whole trip is 23 days right and left. We are not asking too much of it?

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    I think the most worthwhile is Bayinbuluke and Nalati. Bayinbuluke to Swan Lake, you can see swans fly Tianshan swim in the water. Nalati is to look at the prairie. This spring and summer, two beautiful place.

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    Nalati and the distance between two points Swan Lake about how far? Should be to charter it? Can I stay in narat it? From Kashi, a place that will first do? Both of which are between Kuqa and Urumqi do? Please enlighten me. thank!

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