From Yantai, Weihai I go by car, I would like to ask, how to Yantai Yantai Railway Station from the bus station, I was 15:36 pm to Yantai, at that time also

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    Accommodation can be selected near the Longyang Road subway station. Disney generally play one day or two days. You can take Metro Line 16 from Longyang Road to Luo Shan MTR Line 11 to Disney. Ocean Aquarium and Oriental Pearl Tower in Lujiazui, from Longyang Road can take the subway Line 2 to Lujiazui. Then across the river from sightseeing tunnel or crossing the river by boat or take the subway one stop to Nanjing East Road, you can go to the Bund. These are one-day trip. Safari can be a day trip, take Metro Line 16 from Longyang Road Station to the Wild Animal Park and then take the shuttle bus to reach the area. Above for reference.

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    Want to go to Shanghai Disneyland, Ocean Aquarium, Oriental Pearl, Wild Animal Park, the Bund, you have a good line? With accommodation

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    Car parking charges 40 yuan / day, just outside the door in Hou Shen Jia Wan pier boat hall.

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    Five yuan per hour, forty yuan a day, three days need one hundred and twenty yuan!

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