Tours Monday to Guangxi, I ask you seniors: 1, we usually refer to Jingxi play, that's going psychic canyon it? There are other Jingxi

  • Tours Monday to Guangxi, I ask you seniors: 1, we usually refer to Jingxi play, that's going psychic canyon it? There are other Jingxi

  • 1, you can go Hydrangea town - the old state. 2, D1 Nanning - Dah Sing - Detian Waterfall - Malibu Garden - Daxin. Dah Sing D2 - County - Stephen Goose - Old State - Jingxi. D3 County - psychic Grand Canyon - County - Nanning.

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    Do not go of who meet by chance is waiting for you on the way

    Prepare some suitable clothing and beautiful mood before departure

    Xiamen, a city full of theatrical sense and petty bourgeoisie garden city at sea

    I'm coming

    First day: punch Tzengtsu

    About accommodation, economic conditions permitting small partner, consider staying bed and breakfast, feel at home, what are environmental design (Tyrant ignored), I usually choose to live CYTS, feeling affordable but also know a lot of new friends, travel It has always been an experience, let him experience life is also quite good. Xiamen's first day when the afternoon, after the house had put the luggage in Ann stroll a few laps, eat a lot of things, took some pictures, I feel very full. Tzengtsu particularly rich and varied cuisine, live food goods here is very appropriate.

    Tzengtsu Food Recommended:

    Seafood: Ali Yuan Restaurant

    Snack: eight mother grass jelly

    The next day: red punch card network camera Holy Land, visiting the mountain to eat

    The next day get up early in the morning, came to the Holy Land network camera red - Xiamen Botanical Garden, where the fleshy area is very suitable for taking pictures, afternoon stroll in the mountain a few times, eat a lot of food.

    Zhang's face to see, because one play, to help beat passers-by called, will look slightly hehe

    No professional photographers, thanks to their own hard-concave shape ah, (Puchi Puchi smile)

    Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street, a lot of snacks, what can be shopping here since, by the way line and a few street shooting is good.

    Zhongshan high popularity snack Recommended:

    Shao Ziya meatballs and fish balls (Zhongshan Road)

    Asia-juice ice

    Moon Palace shrimp cakes (Zhongshan Road)

    South Point vegetarian brisk side (Zhongshan Road)

    Zhongshan Road Seafood Recommended:

    Jin Jia in Hong Kong seafood stall (Zhongshan Road)

    Day: punch, Xiamen University, Shapo tail, send a stay Baicheng Beach

    This day is perfect, at the end of Shapo comprehend the life style and literary Petty, in Xiamen feel the time on campus, in Baicheng beach made a stay.

    Shapo end of this area very literary Petty.

    To Xiamen, just the setting sun, racing against time to know new friends call a few shots

    The net Redwall probably because the words will have so many people to take pictures of it, probably everyone has also not forget a person, so the words "I love you, goodbye" requires a lot of courage.

    To the beach when the weather somewhat late, the sun is gone, but still beautiful.

    Great night on the road in Taiwan feel it.

    Xiamen, Shapo red tail net shop Recommended:

    Mango very yellow (Sharper tail shop), into a soup product Tiao (Sharper tail Branch)

    Xiamen, Shapo End Dining options:

    213 seafood stall (Shapo tail shop)

    Day Four: punch Gulangyu

    Gulangyu, presumably not miss the most Xiamen attractions, from the pier disembark after three Okada, we went straight to "the most beautiful corner" to feel the drama of Corner With Love. In fact people are not deliberately curved building built, high cost of land may also accidentally, since TV viewing, a number of young artists on the island of Gulangyu have to use his legs to measure to find the angle.

    Gulangyu can be seen everywhere on the red brick and granite villa founded by overseas Chinese.

    Spring Cottage, a construction worker saying this was only a mason, too inspirational, and to Southeast Asia several years back their own built such a house. Look at the base of a wall made with granite, pillars, there were pointing red brick with water, very aesthetic Taiwanese building.

    Gulangyu corner, numerous, where they captured one.

    Lijiazhuang glass window inside too much too beautiful! Built in 1920, European architecture, is the "International Settlement" After the Opium War, followed by Mr. Li Qingquan buy repair renamed "lijiazhuang."

    Gulangyu the end of July, it was amazing blooming flowers to Phoenix. Ilex fire, magnificent, four spread, and both Phoenix flowers that flaunt a high-profile personality.

    Gulangyu is so beautiful, I feel stroll one day is not enough, wait until next time.

    Gulangyu will punch Dining options:

    Sanyang this one dish (Gulangyu shop)

    Gulangyu snacks Recommended:

    Yip Ma fried rice cake, Shen Taiwanese rice rolls

    Souvenir Recommended:

    Xiao Tong handmade tea cake Square (Gulangyu shop)

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    Blue Moon Valley, formerly the earlier people known as "white water river." When sunny, the water color is blue, and the crescent-shaped valley, a distance like a blue moon mosaic at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, so called Blue Moon Valley.
    Blue Moon Valley is located north of the eastern foot of the Yulong Snow Mountain Ganhaizi, among Yunshanping the south side of the valley. Blue Moon Valley, formerly the earlier people known as "white water river." When sunny, the water color is blue, and the crescent-shaped valley, a distance like a blue moon mosaic at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, so called Blue Moon Valley. And baishuihe this name because of the mud lake is white, when it rains the water turns white, so called White Water River. Blue Moon valley of the river due to the mountain barrier in the flow process, the formation of four large water surface, known as "Yu Ye," Lake, "Mirror Lake" Lake, "Blue Moon" and Lake "Kikunami" lake.
    From Ganhaizi between Yunshanping, there is a deep valley, valley forest is dense, long stream flow, the bottom springs a long stream of the river, called White Water River.
    Speaking of color as relatively indifferent areas, many parts of Yunnan's name is very interesting, such as baishuihe this origin of the name is very simple, because the riverbed, terrace by the white marble, Carboniferous stone fragments composed, was a gray; springs from the stone too high , it was also found white, it is a direct result of the color name.
    White Water River water comes from forty-five one thousand meters high glacier snowfields melt water, chilly cool, all the way down decisions pollution, can drink straight, summer day entrance, is a natural iced drinks.
    The first time I see this nectar of color clean water, feeling very strange.
    River flow due to the mountain barrier in the process, the formation of several large water surface, which has a name "Yuye Lake"; see the name to know, when it is found near the scenery, from which the modern name of Han Chinese literati brain.
    Are found throughout the scenic Lijiang, attention is after the earthquake in Yunnan, rescue people came out, all of a sudden was shocked by the Old Town of Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain, is back as many tourists.
    Maybe it's not the most beautiful place, but it certainly is not much remaining in the world's most natural color, the purest air and water of place.
    The most strange is that there is a very poetic baishuihe alias, called "Blue Moon."
    When sunny, the water color is blue, and the crescent-shaped valley, a distance like a blue moon mosaic at the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountain; there is an important reason, British writer James Hilton described by Zhan " Lost horizon "in the description on the blue moon Valley, where most similar, hence the name" blue moon. "

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    Said to be tired from your trip is the place to be tired of someone else's place.

    The Zhangjiajie trip is planned for a long time, because fame has long heard of Zhangjiajie, whether it is after 60, 70 or 90 are to praise the beauty of Zhangjiajie there are good, called paradise on earth.

    About the route:

    Chengdu - Phoenix - Zhangjiajie - Chengdu

    About Transportation:

    Chengdu - Phoenix

    East from Chengdu to Tongren get off after about 13 hours. From Tongren to Phoenix, you can choose the bus (70-90 minutes, fare 23 yuan) or minibus (30 minutes, $ 5) but on a minibus have to sell you a ticket aunt Miao day trip ah, Xiangxi Vampire show ah, but also than the town where the price is expensive, so you be careful.

    Phoenix - Zhangjiajie

    The car directly from the bus station. Best before the day as well.

    About Accommodation:

    Fenghuang Bed and Breakfast: Waiter is a native of the Miao people, so everything here is very familiar with, attractions tickets can also know where to get cheap. So here we are on the one hand to stay, on the other hand is free to find a local guide, you can feel free to contact and recommended routes and are very reliable.

    The room was in the ancient city of Phoenix, Tuojiang the edge of night scene is very beautiful.

    Zhangjiajie B & B: a hardcover family room, very cheap, 50 yuan per capita. There are tatami, delicate tea sets, cloth and other Nordic sofa, very comfortable, you can also cook.

    Large floor to ceiling windows can list the local scenery, you can also see the forest park.

    About baggage:

    Documents: ID card, student ID (scenic spot ticket half price), cash, bank cards

    Sun protection: sunscreen, after-sun, sun protection clothing, sun hat, sunglasses, etc.

    Toiletries: according to their own circumstances with it ~

    Drugs: cold medicine, stomach medicine, motion sickness pills

    Clothes: comfortable clothes, sneakers

    Phoenix Ancient Town

    Phoenix entered, they saw dense sitting on both sides of the road a lot of painting student, write or draw, and instantly feel good kind of quiet days. Then move forward, there will be ancient taste house slowly emerged. Tuo middle of the road and the stone bridge, a lot of people that shoot water in the photos, very nice.

    Phoenix at night than during the day and more lively, the bar's head began to save animals sing songs to play guitar it clear that each has a different taste.


    Zhangjiajie We chose two spots to play: Tianmen Mountain and Forest Park.

    Tianmenshan There are two routes, one is on board the bus ride a cable car ride, while the other is on the cable car, under the bus, but personally recommend the first, because then you can take the bus to get off the ladder to climb about 999 stairs, although tired, but the scenery is really beyond words.

    All the way down, you can take the cableway, go Gui plank, glass plank, feeling 999 ladder shock.

    Is a cable car ride down the mountain, you can enjoy panoramic views Tianmenshan.

    Zhangjiajie National Forest Park tour route: Tianzishan - Yuanjiajie - Golden Whip - Shilihualang takes about 2-3 days. Tickets are valid four days, so do not worry about tickets will then come out later.

    It is worth mentioning that, in the Guinness Book of Records Yuanjiajie can be called "the world's highest outdoor elevator" hundred Long Ladder, but need extra 72 yuan tickets. This "world's first ladder" height over 300 meters, in a public forest in a bit unexpected, but in turn clever combination of artificial intelligence and Mother Nature, it is worth the experience.

    Taking advantage of the temperature and the time is just right, get out and experience the beauty of nature gods, emptying himself.

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    Keketuohai left the area, we drove it all the way to the west, along the Irtysh River to the colorful beach ran.

    From Urumqi, the direction of travel has always been our north, to the south Keketuohai is already in the Altai mountains; and in the mountains there, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia is the. Xinjiang "three veins clip two basins" We from Urumqi Tianshan Mountains, through the Junggar Basin, Altay region Keketuohai the Altai Mountains, it should be said also just completed a third of the northern trip. Now we are traveling along the northernmost of the Altai Mountains to the west of Xinjiang, Xinjiang "big" has begun in us from time to time flashed to capture the scenery outside the window of the eye.

    Look at this roadside rocks gravel mound mound Crest, began showing indistinct color of light. Luan river mound mound under, is from Keketuohai always accompany our Irtysh.

    Dealers four hours, the road is gorgeous mound Luan brings us to the colorful beach area. Already 18 o'clock, the sun hot, radiant glow surrounding away, that blue sky, white clouds that harmonious contrast, the front entrance to attractions embellishment shine.

    We did not like the other tourists as hastily at the entrance pictures; do not run on and surrounded by other tourists as to occupy three pavilions viewing platform, visitors do not like other herd as creeping toward abortion plank. But directly toward the northeast side of the mound mound Luan, would like to see up close this colorful beach scene as early as possible.

    This mound mound Crest Irtysh fall back, to the front stretch away, gave me the first impression seems to be lying in the manger wilderness, it is unexpected in a small hill horse gallop despite the wilderness. Perhaps my explanation not quite right, but the "Ya" meaning, in the Uighur language in Douqi is a small hill, so just from the shape of view, this "FML bulge" still has the image of being.

    Of course, this colorful beach of "beauty" is not only about this.

    This colorful beach located on the northern tip of Xinjiang, and the other side lush green valley scenery distance of shine, cited previous statement, described as "a river separated the two sides, own two different worlds." I have seen there in Zhangye Danxia landform, it was like a cliff, the main color to red ocher; and here is a mound-like, in addition to the main theme color infrared as well as golden ocher; where the landscape Rays can not say no the United States, against the background of the sun is colorful; can compare up here Danxia landform in the sunlight in the afternoon, green, purple, yellow, white, black, all colors, all turned out, the horizon can be described as Ni Xia, painting brocade ah !

    Once we have a view of the northeast side, strode along the boardwalk toward the northwest.

    Look at the Irtysh River, south bank of luxuriantly green trees, rolling forest, far from winding hills and beautiful panoramic view of the desert; it is creeping north shore of colorful beach-style landform, undulating mountains, color changing, tender and charming, known as "the most beautiful landform in Xinjiang" will not be excessive.

    Look at the pieces of this picture, which was shot in the northwest, which is entered at the entrance rushes away many tourists attractions shot. No wonder many visitors!

    look! This size pinnacle, stone walls, pillars, peaks such as forests, Aioi density, atmospheric glory, rigid full, the odd shape Yan, dust is not stained, and beyond, unique, gods, form a beautiful picture magnificent mountains and rivers.

    Look! There is almost no point variegated world behind us sky blue water, the face of the sky, but it is a way for us surprise from colorful beach pm have not seen the world: the distant golden days Gobi muddy as a whole, Wucaiwan with smooth movement, trembling like a crystal no distance, changing with ups and downs, when the far past when, as bronze juice blew billowing towards me, and sway over, people in full of color changes in feeling so sweet, understanding the concept of fun; the change in color of the moment, the Wucaiwan sometimes clear and sometimes hazy, as a friendly child, wearing red clothes, head of golden sun, rosy clouds come and go in deep fog billowing color.

    Good sightseeing tour of the ancients once said, Rose strange world of beautiful scenery insurance is often far! Indeed, when we come to the most distant vantage points, Barbara is shocked by the immediate landscape!

    This colorful beach at sunset against the background of the river, and that the ups and downs of the "hills" zone, like a colorful dream-like world, those bizarre color blowing from all directions, is so bright, so strong, so rich and colorful really makes you feel dizzying, dazzling; makes you feel as if a peculiar form of natural clay sculpture museum, both the shapes of mountains and highlands, but also the size of the pinnacle, stone walls, stone pillars, density with students, both Treasures atmosphere, there gentleness; but that these loose sediment has shown a boulders overlap scene groove gully gully, various colors turned reached its extreme, transparent red, yellow through green, blue transparent white, bizarre but bewildering, like coral seabed, in the dynamic and solitary odd weird, the swaying charm of a mysterious life, Fasan Zhao people feel emotional.

    This is the beauty of beauty have really mesmerized people ah! I think, should this Xu Xie Lingyun ancient travelers come here, perhaps we can better come to enjoy the beauty of this appreciation by writing it!

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