Drive from Nanchang to Fuzhou, how to get the most reasonable route? Thank you!

  • Drive from Nanchang to Fuzhou, how to get the most reasonable route? Thank you!

  • How to Morenhuida it?

  • There is no one answer that way? ? ? 6 We have to go back ah! ! !

  • agong3501 friend: I can give you the harm done! Nanchang - high speed Lichuan County is opened to Bluff but the pass was not yet open, I will listen to you go Shaowu take State Road 316, but too difficult to walk that road, and we had yet to pass the anti-Bluff head you go Bluff pass right Lichuan County - Taining - the music - Shun Chang Road, but it was a nightmare! ! ! Lichuan - Taining road, which is where the road ah! Only allow one car pass through the whole mountain road is gravel ah! I'm an Audi A6 ah! ! ! I was really cry ah! ! ! 40 in the mountain we had three hours! ! ! Taining to the posterior and closed, we pass on to the green before Taining, we 9:00 in the morning from the high-speed Nanchang, 15:00 only to Taining, when really want to cry! ! ! Taining - the music - VSC - Shaxian Qingzhou Along the way, the road in repair, is also very difficult to walk, we only 23:30 to Fuzhou, really damned hard! ! ! Once again I beg you! ! ! Can you recommend a little better way? But we trust your good! ! ! 6 We drove back, waiting for you guiding a! ! ! Fuzhou - Nanping has opened a high-speed, is a little better than other line? Thank you! ! ! ! ! !

  • thank you very much! ! !

  • High speed of about 230 km Lichuan County Bluff pass, pass Lichuan County Bluff - - taining from Nanchang - The Music - VSC Highway about 140 km VSC - Sa Qingzhou State Road 60 km, qingzhou - Fuzhou high speed to about 160 km , a total of about 590 kilometers. You eat lunch or County will be more appropriate in Taining County, mainly to see the day of travel schedule.

  • Nanchang to Fuzhou would like to ask you to go right line about how many kilometers? Noon meal there is reasonable? Thank you!

  • thank you very much! ! !

  • Sorry, just know that information, the Beijing-Fuzhou, Jiangxi segment has been opened to traffic, from Nanchang to Fuzhou can go first Beijing-Fuzhou, Nanchang - Lichuan County Bluff pass, then Shaowu take State Road 316, then to the Beijing-Fuzhou Qingzhou, this currently the most efficient way. If it is after the National Day to Fuzhou, Beijing-Fuzhou Fujian section could be opened to traffic, when from Nanchang to Fuzhou on the full speed of.

  • From shunchang to add (Sa) Qingzhou is not the whole State Road 316, to (Nanping) have the boat to a fork, north (left) to go to the Nanping State Road 316, south (right) is to go to 205 State Road Qingzhou . Remember to Qingzhou high ratio to the high-speed journey near Nanping.

  • Go 316 State Road, Nanchang - Linchuan - Jinxi - Zixi - gloss (Fujian) - Shaowu - VSC - Beijing-Fuzhou Qingzhou Qingzhou again from the direct Fuzhou, not in the high-speed Nanping, where more than around from Qingzhou. State Road section of about 400 kilometers, about 150 kilometers high-speed segment.

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