Qingdao, Weihai need to ask how much time, where a car ride, there are bus it? Is not full speed? As well as the aircraft sat back in Yantai, Guangzhou (or

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    Inner Mongolia Prairie

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    11 is not recommended to go, more people play, the best high-speed traffic jam a few days in advance, stagger the peak period

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    Eleven children want to travel by car five-day tour, starting in Zhengzhou, a suitable tourist attraction it? !

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    Qinghai Lake is the National Day last year when the larger amount of tourists, who definitely will not be less, but the Qinghai Lake is large, even if the tourists will not be very crowded, but the Tar is another matter. More clothes, 151 into the area from the main entrance, not Lake Road Tibetans bad, but not less expensive or drawing people into the area from other fills the mouth with them. As for what the prairie certainly did not have to look at, Qinghai end of August on the grass yellow, take a look at the cultural landscape is good.
    Qinghai Lake is a large temperature difference during the National Day, according to the weather in previous years, the general situation during the day in the strong sunshine, temperatures down around 20 degrees at night may be about zero degrees. If you choose to stay overnight in the Black River, get up the next day to see the sunrise, then wait for them to be wrapped in blankets out of it, is not an exaggeration to say that - yes, do not recommend stay in Black River tent, though all in all accommodation heimahe not ideal, but can not go to the river to try the tent, he said that at night you can see the stars at night can indeed see, but to spend the night in tents, then really cold!

    Reference laundry categories: two long-sleeved shirt, a light jacket, a fleece or down, a jacket, Qiuyiqiuku sets 1-2, 1-2 dirt wear pants, disposable underwear several , socks, gloves, slippers, hats, masks, scarves, sunglasses.

    Food: high-calorie foods or something a little chocolate. If the road has a few meals on the train, then it can be a little fruit, snacks, their personal circumstances. Diet, is the most recommended as the Romans do, drink butter tea, eat yak meat bun, can alleviate altitude sickness.

    Drugs: In fact, there are often said to eat altitude sickness Rhodiola, the plateau is not really useful too. I recommend eating Salvia drop pills twice a day, oral inosine, usually oral Ginseng tablets, drink glucose water, can alleviate altitude sickness. If you have been suffering from a cold, it is not allowed on the plateau. If you are a cold front row, for their own sake, it is best to cancel. Altitude sickness may also have a headache, a more appropriate analgesic drugs is Fenbid, like ibuprofen. Do not Buy pain tablets, Saridon like, stimulate the mucous membrane, the plateau bleed easily. Gastrointestinal problems, it is recommended a little Po Chai Pills. Also a little vitamin tablets, a small highland vegetables, lack of vitamin. Other little anti-inflammatory drugs, cold medicine, band-aid just fine. Common cold and precautions have less heart disease or high altitude place to go to Qinghai tourism:

    1, Qinghai relatively dry climate, should be appropriate to strengthen the intake of fruits and vegetables in order to strengthen the resistance. Although Qinghai good to eat lamb, but not eating too much will cause angry. The fruit here is not a lot that can carry some vitamin supplement 2, remember to drink plenty of water, air humidity is relatively low altitude, dehydration can easily lead to some diseases, but also to continue but a small amount of drink.

    3, Qinghai Tibetan Youth perry quite intoxicating, their daily alcohol consumption to two-thirds of ordinary white wine drinker is appropriate.

    4, Tibetan butter tea and the like is not suitable for food mainland stomach, can not eat. There are local hospitality empty bowl of butter tea.

    5, sand is relatively large, do pay attention and preventive measures.

    Looking to adopt

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