I ask you: from Jingdezhen to Huangshan how long? How to go? From Huangshan how to get back to Nanning?

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    Because the preamble flights (Guangzhou - Zhengzhou) arrive late 2:04, Zhengzhou - Kunming flight delays, is expected to 12:13 leaves from gate 229 check-in counters D15 ~ 28, line 31 aircraft is expected to arrive 14:50 Kunming, No. 11 baggage carousels.

    If you help, please adopt green and helpful!

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    Guangzhou to take off two hours late, but fortunately, Zhengzhou or two hours.

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    How long late today ky8241

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    Whether you or the train station in Zhengzhou in Zhengzhou East Station, East Station, with direct airport bus, Zhengzhou station transfer. Xinzheng Airport Bus normal 21:00 last one, but each airport will be adjusted according to flight departure time landing situation, the last flight to land big airport will wait, but to reach the city's bus routes will be less.
    Machine finished taking the advice of luggage immediately to the airport bus stop nearby destination selection line, to the city and back to the subway (last bus 22:00), then bad taxi Zhengzhou station about 77 yuan, 69 yuan in Zhengzhou East Station.
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