I Nanning, Guangxi, Lianyungang travel next week to go, because there is no direct flights to Nanning Lianyungang, I ask: What do I need in the city turn for the better?

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    Ask you about heroes, my trip initially scheduled as follows: October 5: Beijing - Urumqi - Altay (Altay 3:10 pm arrival), straight

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    1. Kanas Burqin to Jaden valley or there will carpool, but to wait for the opportunity 2. Altay has birch can look at 3. Yining to Urumqi have night bus, very clean, to about 12 hours.

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    I just came back Kanas, Burqin from Cameroon to generally offer fifty dollars carpooling is quite easy, there are many Sanctuary Cove parking lot waiting car. If the car is not very good, then you can Kandao forty yuan / person,

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    1: If the horse from grasses to Canas, that was supposed to return to Istanbul from Canas? There for temporary rent or carpool Why? 2: If I have a in Altai

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