I ask to see the sunrise Chengshan, where accommodation is more convenient? 11:30 arrived in Yantai airport, going from Yantai airport Chengshan, the best way to take what car

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    Yulin Grottoes in Dunhuang to have about 110 km from the Yulin Grottoes in Dunhuang chartered to, Anxi, Jiayuguan see what kind of car you want, or take Santana Gold? Different prices. Welcome to Dunhuang travel! I'm a travel agent Dunhuang dawn, if need help or advice, you can add me QQ635890458 or MSN: gongyanruixue@hotmail.com Tel: 0937-8822118,8822826 wish you a pleasant journey!

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    Sorry, Yulin Grottoes in Dunhuang to the road about 180KM

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    Yulin Grottoes in Dunhuang how to go? Chartered to Yulin Grottoes, to Jiayuguan how much money?

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    Scorching heat where to go, enjoy the scenery Summer Weihai line. I am a person has been living in the inner cities, but it has a very attractive complex yearning for the sea. Perhaps there is a sea of ​​natural awe and curiosity, perhaps Weihai has many unique cultural landscape fascinated me, but more is the son of repeatedly invited us to Weihai vacation, and while these have driven by the factors, we decided to do a trip to Weihai summertime when the heat this summer, so my husband and I July 27 by a Shijiazhuang high-speed rail ride D1623 times to open a pleasant trip to Weihai.

    My husband and I wait for the train bound for Weihai in Shijiazhuang Railway Station waiting room

    Travel plan ago to stay in Weihai eldest son home for some time, to where the cultural landscape, customs slowly, and makes a product, do a more in depth Weihai travel. Unexpectedly, his wife and acclimatized to Weihai fourth day because of physical discomfort, although to a local hospital to make some necessary treatment, but failed to improve, but unfortunately the end of the trip we decided to go home. So many attractions of Weihai we have not had time to get involved in the tour, just read some nearby scenery for a limited time. After returning Shijiazhuang wife immediately hospitalized, I was busy hospital accompanied by his wife, now his wife were discharged. Recall that in Weihai, though short, but deep feelings, see and hear, think and feel the total write to share with all friends. But fear of pen clumsy, rudimentary text elusive beauty of Weihai. But I will do my best to desperately description drip segment of tourism, in order to release the feelings Weihai worthwhile trip.

    At 15:30 on July 27 we take the D1623 times high-speed rail train station on time to Da Weihai

    We are traveling the same day 15:30 to Da Weihai station, get off with the flow of people came to the station, DaErXi car waiting there, we are very pleased to see, quickly took the items with us on the bus, traveling in car that large urban areas on the road, I looked outside the car Weihai that distinctive buildings that clean and beautiful environment, lush flowers that road on both sides of the green belt, looked up look look at the blue sky, I can not help but exclaimed: Weihai really deserved reputation, good health, a livable city ah! There is no Shijiazhuang so unbearably hot, and no traffic jams on the road, and no metropolis that annoying noise of the city.

    Walking through the picturesque Golden Bay Greenway gives a very cozy and comfortable

    Overlooking the ocean and gives a tremendous shock

    After returning home to see my grandson, he had just graduated from college, taking advantage of the summer preparation IELTS intends to study abroad for further study. Family to meet exceptionally affectionate. DaErXi Let's take a break, after dinner took us to the beach for a walk.

    My family's house is located in Weihai City, Shinan garden with sea views. The cell doors north, facing the sea, in front of the east-west road called the sea road, is said to be considered here to see the most natural Weihai, it is a very unique beautiful landscape, very beautiful. The cell doors across the road from Weihai International Bathing Beach. This is a natural beach, coastline length of 2,800 meters, the beach area of ​​100,000 square meters, sandy soft, clear water, gently sloping beach, which can accommodate tens of thousands of tourists, is a good place for people to visit playing in the water.

    Standing Weihai International Bathing Beach, overlooking the magnificent beauty of the sea is what ah

    His wife sitting on the beach to enjoy the beauty of the sea close to a happy embrace of nature

    North Weihai southeast surrounded by the sea, belongs to the Gulf Coast, winding coastline, Cape Bay staggered, multi-bay, islands. The whole city gives the feeling of the sea in the city, the city in the mountains, in the forest floor, people in the green, very nice, good physical and mental training is ground. Long sea coast road built by the mountain, like a string of pearls scattered and release, collections of glossy round bead, capsules pleasing. Accompanied by the ups and downs of the sea, the vastness, walking every step is a new scenery, intoxicating.

    Weihai came to us, the biggest attraction than to see the sea, so after dinner we can not wait in DaErXi led out of the cell door to cross the road to the sea, the first time I saw the Yellow Sea, the Gulf of sea, look afar that vast expanse of sparkling sea, sky color, magnificent. I was deeply shocked by the powerful and the great sea, look at the blue bay trimmed with a crescent of golden sand, the sea as if to tie a shiny gold ribbon. At this time full of tourists on the beach, some sitting on the soft sand, some swimming in the sea, children playing in the water. A sea Yang Yang rushed to the shore, Dangqi white spray. In this sea of ​​summer moisture, make people feel comfortable, cool and comfortable.

    Visitors flock in droves to enjoy nature gifts of the sea bathing

    I stood a long view of the sea high platform overlooking the TV drama magnificent sea, there is a heart unspeakable shock and excitement, himself immediately into the water in this day phase of large momentum, as if he's guarding the frontier became a warrior. Caomeng pitched his back can not help the "sea view" heroic poem "east dried up stones, in order to observe the sea water where Dan Dan, Island heave ??????" At the moment that excited jovial mood and loneliness, is simply Yoshiya! nice! Sachiya!

    Proximity to the sea views of the city of Weihai

    I have long looked at the lovely blue waters of the harbor, the sea sparkling waves was gentle and charming. That growing sunset sunset to the sea coated with long orange light beam, will dress more beautiful than the sea.

    In the seaside rest of it is so cool

    After a brief stopover, we lag greenway along the beach to the west, the sea breeze blowing face, waves gently croon, admiring the scenery in front of the ring Hai Lunan face the tall buildings sea view room and apartment buildings after building there on the hillside acres of pine trees, a nice contrast with the sea, beautiful. Embellishment on the coast of flowers, stone, colored Caipeng, more beautiful scenery, constitute a "sea in the city, the city in the mountains, in the forest floor, people in green in the" beautiful picture. This green trail planted with a variety of trees and plants, not only colorful, very tender and beautiful, but with a patchwork, a period of a scene, a step King, charming, colorful step by step hygiene conditions of a greenway, let us in nature, enjoy the beauty and happiness.

    His wife left unforgettable memories in the pine forest flower beds

    Walked we came to the Golden Bay Cultural Square, under the neon lights of the square, some dancing Xinjiang ethnic characteristics rather dance, the more it is dancing with the rhythm of the music square dance, song and gaiety good dance school . Look Look at the winding coast, flowers, shady trees, showing a "clear water bathing, be quiet recreation shore, numerous commercially Street, camellia can enjoy" a unique urban waterfront landscape, I am not a good feeling in heart.

    We move along the coast greenway. I inadvertently found a roadside service facilities not only shopping kiosks, food and beverage, service post, toilets and so unique, but at some distance are located in a quaint trash, set inside a black plastic bag, the exterior looks very clean, which marks the point of view not a trace of garbage in the road. From these little nuances, I saw a fine of Weihai city management and a strong environmental awareness. Could not help but wonder: Exposure to such a clean and beautiful environment, who can not be bound by acts, rubbish discard it?

    Bath with sea breeze at the beach learning boxing and swordplay do have some charm

    Time really fast, unconsciously has been time to 9:00 am, DaErXi afraid we are too tired and decided to turn back, on the way back, we see the sea road at night is ablaze with lights everywhere, Ambilight color, school Buyetian scene.

    Weihai proximity to the beauty, the beauty of landscape indulge quiet room. Weihai we first set foot on this piece of land sentimental, he was smitten by the beauty of eyes, and I want this memory will never fade, forever in my heart, that I have the right to make the "superficial Weihai row "opening.

    ---- transferred from father's Travels

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