I want to go to Nanning a lie. . I would like to ask from bad to Nanning train of the current market.

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    Because there are a variety of ways to purchase tickets, by airlines, agents, and other booking sites, refund process, follow the principle of "Where to Buy Where to refund" of. That is, if the airline passengers in the official website to buy it, you need only call the official website customer service, customer service and other post-flight information and inquiries to verify, you can obtain a refund. Refunds will be returned directly to the bank card used by passengers to buy tickets. For non-refundable face value, only drawback of the cheapest flights operating procedures as well.

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    If you buy online, online back if the tickets are bought on sale at the airport or selling it to go back.

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    Shanghai to Yining plane ticket how back ah

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    See how you stroll, look carefully can see one day

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