Thank you very much agong3501 detailed answer! I looked at traffic Wuyi Mountain, a woman I want to ride in the middle of the night in the field of fire division

  • Thank you very much agong3501 detailed answer! I looked at traffic Wuyi Mountain, a woman I want to ride in the middle of the night in the field of fire division

  • Fuzhou to 18 heavy Creek route: Fuzhou Minhou Nantong West Railway Station to the car (car lot, a group of a few minutes, direct), a motorcycle ride to the Nantong to 18 heavy Creek area, a total of about 1 hour. The eighth visit to Falls Creek Concert for about 2 hours to thirteen heavy Oolong River water spouting about more than three hours, tickets are 12 yuan. Qingyunshan to route: take the motorcycle to the South 18 heavy Creek Bridge (20 minutes, 10-15 yuan), where the South Bridge Take Fuzhou - Yongtai car, there a few minutes, for about an hour to Yongtai , to hire the motorcycle Qingyunshan Falls area (12 kilometers, about $ 10). Qingyunshan Falls area, white horse scenic, nine scenic Canyon area each separated by 3-5 km motorcycle ride is very convenient. Starting from Fuzhou to 18 heavy Creek later, do not return to Fuzhou, and all the way south until Xiamen. Tourism: Fuzhou - Minhou 18 heavy Creek - Yongtai Qingyun Mountain - (Putian transfer) - Xiamen Note: Yongtai Qingyunshan existing 7 major scenic spots, early development of five major scenic spots, just above the recommended three scenic spots, in addition Qingyunshan scenic sky stone gallery is also very characteristic, the scenery is spectacular, but too much physical exertion, too tired, so there is no recommendation.

  • 1, under normal circumstances, a good book one week in advance, but 10.2 in the National Day period, or earlier, before the trip discount tickets at 30% off or more generally, the National Day tense votes may not have discounts. 2, if you want to play easier, wish to relax some time, recommended routes are as follows: D1 (October 2) to Fuzhou, seafood, snacks, night Riverside Park (boat ride to see Riverview), live in Fuzhou D2 (10 3rd March) morning swim 18 heavy Creek, noon to eat wild game in the area, afternoon swimming, fishing. Live 18 heavy Creek Scenic Hill Concert. D3 (October 4) morning transfer to Wing Tai, to Qingyunshan Falls area, scenic afternoon tour the White Horse, White Horse Hill scenic live. D4 (October 5) morning tour Qingyunshan nine days Canyon area, the afternoon car from Yongtai to Putian, and then go to Xiamen from Putian, live in Xiamen. D5, (6 October) live in Xiamen tourism Xiamen D6, (October 7) Xiamen Xiamen travel or live in their home D7, (October 😎 to their homes

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