Thanks agong3501 answer again! You provide so much valuable information ah, really thank you! 1, things are always changing, and today

  • Thanks agong3501 answer again! You provide so much valuable information ah, really thank you! 1, things are always changing, and today

  • You know, to express my gratitude to you, what questions would I ask again. Thank you!

  • 1, Xiamen - (Putian transfer) - Yongtai Qingyun Mountain - Minhou 18 heavy Creek - Fuzhou, this route can, but be careful Putian - Shuttle Wing Tai's only 5-6 classes a day, mainly in the morning departure at the latest of a group is 13:30, Xiamen - about 2 hours Putian, Putian - Yongtai Qingyun Mountain about 2 hours more, you'd morning departure from Xiamen coachman was convenient, if starting early in the afternoon you can visit a scenic area, from Putian - Wing Tai's car after five scenic Qingyunshan, in order: Cyathea Canyon area, nine scenic waterfall, White Horse Canyon area, Dragon Falls area, scenic sky stone gallery, the area farthest only 4 km accommodation only the White Horse Canyon area in the White Horse Hill, Dragon Falls area last year have begun to cover inside the hotel, do not know no cover. You can get off the first nine days Falls area, and then after the tour of the scenic White Horse White Horse Hill stay, nine - White Horse 4 km, generally only motorcycle ride, good luck to catch the tour buses. The next day tour scenic White Horse, Dragon Falls area, to swim the sky Stone Gallery generally spend another half a day. 2, the sky Stone Gallery close Qingyunshan peak champion peak, due to weathering differences in soft and hard rock, forming a corridor channels on the lofty cliffs of the canyon, also known as "impossible Gallery", a total of twelve stories, over a thousand meters long, more thrilling spectacular, several other scenic spots are mainly to Glens Falls, basically flat road, sky and stone gallery of the most dangerous, to climb to the summit to see the beauty, the most tired, and fewer tourists. Fujian mountains in addition to the island, there are many foreign Fuding Taimushan stone, all green, do not worry. 3, Qingyun Mountain Yongtai county to have tourist buses (half an hour), you can not ride motorcycles, in addition to nine days between scenic spots - White Horse 4 km to the car in general, the other can walk, but in Nantong - 18 heavy Creek or South Bridge - 18 heavy Creek can only sit motorcycle. 3,

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    The store Santo have eaten four or five years, as long as each passing Charoen Krung Road (????????????), will look for opportunities to eat a pasta best to eat.

    Why do I feel this store is the best pasta to eat? If you really say why I think people will be despised ..

    Because ... because
    Beef and more ...

    In Thailand, this is cheaper than meat dishes where meat is not really to something special. So a pasta, as long as 99 baht, equivalent to about $ 20, but beef to about 20 (Note: It is quite a large meat). I am not moved to cry? Anyway, for the lord of this carnivore I was really excited to get to the heart strings.

    If you pass by the way and then in the afternoon cup of tea warm Thai

    Sunny looked out the window to open the store in Charoen Krung Road 65 Lane alley, the owner is also a story of a little sister, just before the stall operators at the edge of the alley, then word of mouth will slowly get better rented a storefront. Operating Thai and Western dishes, mainly on weekdays surrounding residents to patronize, in addition to Thai people, many foreign diners. Santo also lived in this area before, so it often came to the store to eat. In fact, a lot of good, but the favorite is the tomato beef pasta. Later he moved out, given the chance pass did not forget to come.

    Unfortunately, I had to eat noodles with a little sister no longer address -------- Thailand
    ???????????? 65
    Per capita consumption of 200 baht ------
    Original articles prohibit unauthorized reproduced ---------------

    Yongxia City

    Author | Yongxia city living food bloggers Thailand

    Public operator number "eat and drink play Thailand buy"

    Thailand fun to eat the best number of public

    Thailand Chinese takeaway platform

    Thailand travel more immediate questions and answers are welcome Sina @ @ Thailand Thailand Yongxia city to eat and drink play purchased

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    Most of the students in the college entrance examination subjects are 11 year (sophomore) to determine the. In order to ensure the continuity of the course, few people suddenly change the selected courses in grade 12 (high school). As a result, most people dream of their employment from high school to set up, go to college, children are more specific research subjects their loved ones, so that professionals doubled. Imagine, for many years immersed in their own interest, the where can get away it? Desire for knowledge can only growing.

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    Aloe put, fragrant rice, Liu trip. Long summer, has finally passed.

    Soon usher in the National Day holiday, if you do not intend to go where the good play, perhaps after reading this, there is the answer.

    If you like bridges, Jiangnan want to feel authentic, they do not want to be squeezed in class town of Zhouzhuang, Wuzhen, Xitang crowd.

    So, to Shajiabang it! Here, you dream of Jiangnan.

    Changshu Shajiabang Scenic Area is located ten kilometers south of downtown, the Yangcheng Lake. Because Beijing Opera Model Opera "Shajiabang" is known for the TV series "Sha Jia Bang" also in this film, national 5A-class tourist attractions.

    Spring tea, Qingsao, Diao Tokuitsu .... once this land of war, has become a set of red culture, traditional folk culture, food culture, cultural wetlands in one of the holiday destinations.

    Navigation Shajiabang Scenic Area, parked in a huge parking lot, playing here for three days and two nights, we do not have a scenic spot.

    Maybe you've been here before, and now the Shajiabang Scenic Area, quietly transformed, more than a lot of new experiences, many locals do not know it!

    Eating in the south

    Autumn, the crab legs itch.

    Shajiabang autumn, most southern and most popular dishes, was undoubtedly the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.

    18 Bay Shajiabang Yangcheng Lake is the largest and best water quality in a bay, and therefore Dingdingyouming Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs areas.

    Shajiabang old man, born by the lake, forming a Shajiabang traditional fisheries. In Shajiabang scenic area inside the sand Silong fishing paradise, you can make a return to rivers and lakes fisherman, fishing Zhuoxie.

    Get on the boat, we went to shoot down the dragon.

    Perhaps only a native of the southern people, to know what is called "shoot down the dragon."

    There are many water float, you are free to choose a 30 yuan a yes or no, all with God.

    This season, the dragon can shoot in all crabs. We selected one lift and saw so many crabs, scared bad little friends!

    These crabs caught up, we can all be brought back Oh! It is not very cost-effective?

    Seine fishing for crab crab, also particularly fun, 15 yuan / person.

    Carefully lift the crab seine, which will have a greedy crab bait. Whether adults or children, are playing the whole day.

    Wild Red Shoes this season are unique to southern cuisine. Hung Ling fresh, fresh from picking up the water, poke directly eat, sweet and pleasant.

    Soybeans steamed crab child, surface drag crab.

    This southern cuisine in Shajiabang reed Plaza Hotel's restaurant, you can enjoy.

    Great height crabs, usually tied up steamed.

    Without any seasoning, crab meat is delicious, with a hint of sweet.

    That kind of night, a few friends, a staff crabs, bites!

    Southern dishes, pay attention to a few words, but also pay attention to seasonal ingredients.

    It reflects environment Everyday, by water draft, because the rich aquatic resources, food and more to the water produced.

    Jiangnan ingredients "eight fresh water", most of them on the market in the fall.

    Wild rice, lotus root, celery, chicken head meters, arrowhead, water chestnuts, water shield, water chestnut ... in Shajiabang reed Plaza, almost able to eat.

    There are steamed traditional Changshu, eel snail and other highly regional cuisine in Shajiabang scenic spot, waiting for you to taste.

    Live in south

    Opened lotus season, with the departure of summer, gradually without trace.

    In Shajiabang Scenic Area, it has a lot of pond. Wind lotus leaf, quiet good.

    Along the long avenue to reach the heart of Shajiabang Scenic Area. Here, there is a newly opened boutique B & B: aloe south-Bay.

    · Aloe southern side of the Bay of Islands is aromatherapy, while the Wang Jing Street.

    Twenty-one in a room, mostly waterfront neighbors, scattered and dispersed in the embrace of nature,

    Autumn Snow House, Moon Water House, Dihua floor, bamboo pavilion, Han Fen Lou ...

    Each one room has a nice name.

    After check-in at the front desk, took autumn snow floor room card, first into a small courtyard. Bamboo fence, quietly swing, and early autumn cicadas ... just a good kind.

    Lived in a fall of snow building on the second floor, the room is very spacious, with high ceilings and slanting, such as the old home of childhood appearance.

    Modern Chinese decor, comfortable low-key and reserved. Shall serve as quasi-five-star hotel, bedding, toiletries are high quality, the details very carefully.

    Put away luggage go around.

    · Press the southern Gulf of aloe traditionally built, like most of the southern Ming and Qing houses.

    Calm waters reflection of the blue sky and white clouds Fenqiangdaiwa.

    Away from the noise, all the city, as if from very far very far. Here, like the undisturbed paradise.

    Random walk without direction.

    A corner of the room, a corridor, elegant minimalism. Eyeful scenery.

    In the evening, the stone path through the edge of the pond, we went to the restaurant for dinner bed and breakfast. Can own a la carte, guests can follow a heart-priced dishes, lavish yourself.

    A light warm yellow light, lit up gradually. If that day is fine, you can enjoy the full moon in the yard stargazing.

    · Aloe southern Gulf of common areas - Hall of Literature, the appointment can provide a variety of activities for you.

    DIY baking, playing chess and write, or is Kara OK .... Safe movement.

    Play in the south

    · Aloe Bay from the south across the bridge, then to Wang Jing Street. This is Shajiabang Scenic Area, a personal favorite attractions.

    There is a youth photo studio on the streets, you can also go out to put on a costume country or the New Fourth Army uniforms. This old street is very suitable concave shape.

    Quietly walking in the corridor, each frame is very nice.

    Wang Jing walking in the streets, hear the sound of gongs and drums, ran along for the ride, the original encounter a Shajiabang Water Wedding show.

    Follow the crowd, watching the bride throwing Hydrangea found a "groom", then wedding, weddings, feeling the old way. People happy, candy thrown at the bride's laughter, the end of which a show.

    On the streets of the ancient stage, speaking fluent sand grandmother singing Peking Opera "Shajiabang" aria.

    Stop and go, take pictures, because at night living in the lake area, no need to hurry.

    On Wang Jing Street, there is a newly opened local snack bar, called "skin. Met stuffing swing." Now pack freshly brewed and sold fried rice cake group, ravioli, gnocchi ... every bite taste of childhood.

    Very down to earth a small store, it is recommended.

    On Street opened a new cafe aloe television, you can go to sit, drink a cup of coffee.

    This is a film and television theme cafes, there is a small courtyard. Outside stairs, the second floor window, is like the corner.

    A cup of coffee, a piece of tiramisu, a few friends, this afternoon, so comfortable.

    On Wang Jing Street, Shajiabang Ao chicken is quite distinctive, a forty yuan, can now eat, can also be vacuum-packed belongings back to the company of laying on of hands.

    Almost everyone has one, the air was full of chicken Ao unique flavor.

    Shajiabang, not only the beautiful scenery of wetlands, but it had had historical significance. Qingsao brave, indomitable fighting the New Fourth Army soldiers, is this piece of land, a unique revolutionary.

    Spring tea will also be the place Shajiabang clocking.

    "Seven built up kitchen, the Sanjiang copper kettle boiled;

    Styled square table, hospitality sixteen parties. "

    Here, you can learn interesting story then teahouse exchange of information. Drink a cup of green tea in a local spring tea, look out the window weeping willow green.

    Experience a different kind

    In Shajiabang Scenic Area, there are a few very special experience, not to be missed.

    Revolutionary History Memorial Hall

    That year, the New Fourth Army east came to Shajiabang, here and Shajiabang people together to combat Japanese troops, leaving many military and civilian close as fish deep story.

    To Shajiabang, we must understand this history.

    Shajiabang Revolutionary History Memorial Hall to a bar, which is a very modern red Revolutionary History Museum of culture.

    The museum through dynamic interactive experience, immersive understanding of the history of the war, soldiers and civilians united in the pursuit red memory, receive education in patriotism.

    In Shajiabang Revolutionary History Memorial Hall, there is a Ludang Mirage --5D dynamic audio-visual museum and is Shajiabang hottest video experience project.

    From hearing, sight, smell, touch, five dynamic shaping a strong sense of realism.

    Ludang flames real drama

    This half-hour live-action drama, a must-see every time I go Shajiabang, Morning Session 11: 00-11: 30.

    "Ludang War" tells the story of Shajiabang area soldiers and civilians united as one, breaking the seal invaders Lake trick, smooth cover story of the New Fourth Army wounded.

    Vividly demonstrated the Qingsao wit, sincerely lamented this woman really simple. That period of water airship stunt, quite wonderful.

    Every heard "report, see the flower girl, I was too excited and took away the fire," the audience burst out.

    The period of historical stories, presented in such a way, entertaining, really great.

    Experience Ludang sing late

    Before sunset is gone, multiplied rowed the boat and watch the birds and enjoy the sunset, listening to Barcarolle, tea point ...

    This is the "Ludang sing late", need to make reservations in advance.

    Came Shajiabang Scenic Area, hand boat is sure to take time.

    Now, you can select more niche, "Ludang sing late", the whole 90 minutes, the route is not repeated, enjoy the beauty of reed marshes tour.

    Shajiabang Scenic Area is a national wetland park, with more than 100 kinds of rare birds. In the evening, you can boat, watching egrets homing, very spectacular.

    Redstone Village from the pier, board the old wooden boat, wearing blue cloth, listen Chuanniang Wu soft dialect.

    Boat children long, gently glide the water.

    The boat is ready to tea and refreshments, tea, spring tea is tea. Sipping tea, while feeling so south, poetic in my heart.

    Experience Tuzao picnic

    Put the New Fourth Army uniforms, solidarity and cooperation are made in a sumptuous Tuzao mess, is how much fun?

    Shajiabang fully tap their own resources, to create a red party building science research course, "I am the New Fourth Army," need to lift the reservation, eight people together.

    That noon, I and a few small partners, but also to experience again. Vegetables and scrubbing pots and chopping vegetables, onlookers .. This is a special lunch.

    Military Park campsite dish is prepared in advance, pots and pans are all available. For a long time did not eat cooked on the wok dishes, if returned to his childhood countryside.

    Before long, a table of food was served up. We sat on the old wooden bench, enjoying the results of their own labor.

    Very rich Oh, and burn their own food, especially delicious.

    Three days two nights, in Shajiabang spent time slowly.

    · Living in the southern Gulf of aloe night, walking in stone streets of the morning, sitting in the evening hand boat ... those times, such as a fresh dream.


    Shajiabang tour buses equipped with six sites, covering the main tourist area, tickets $ 25, available at every station on a car, the car will be the last time a ticket inspection.

    A taxi from the city to the Changshu Shajiabang costs around 40 yuan. We need to be clear and the driver said Shajiabang scenic spot, rather than Shajiabang Town, Shajiabang town as well as 5 km away from the gate area.

    Shajiabang Scenic Tickets season and off-season, are as follows: low season 12 Month - May, the ticket price of 80 yuan; season is from June to November, the ticket price is $ 100.

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    Moon or the moon, but in South America to enjoy the Mid-Autumn moon, is somewhat different.

    I mean, the forest country of Suriname in South America.

    First, the light pollution here is relatively small, the moon looks more bright and clean.

    The capital of Suriname is a place almost no tall buildings, only a few buildings more than five layers. These stand tall building, you can see lighted and can also easily see the moon rising over the horizon.

    In addition, the Amazon forest region of Suriname where environmental quality is one of the highest areas of the Earth, like the haze is never. You can cover the sun and the moon are mainly cloudy cloud. Fortunately, the Mid-Autumn Festival, in the rain forest during the dry season, almost every day is sunny. Although there are clouds, but the chances of clouds blocking the moon, much smaller.

    I September 19, the evening began to observe the moon. Every day from the beginning of the evening moon hanging in the eastern sky, every day lower, more rounder.

    19-22 attached to four days are sunny.

    No. 23, began to overcast afternoon, evening and even further under the rain, but at 19:00, the moon briefly broke through the clouds, revealing a bright smile, this day, Suriname all Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival party.

    No. 22 in the evening, and guests at the Suriname river walk, across the river in the distance above the forest is along the beautiful clouds. With my experience, these clouds will later infected with sunset colors, the moon should appear from above with clouds.

    We decided to go to the restaurant on the roof of the only high-rise buildings nearby to eat, continue to observe the emergence of cloud changes and month.

    When we went to the roof, the moon really has emerged from above the clouds, clouds that with graceful, with a quick changing the color and shape. We also refused to take a seat, we pay close attention to even press the shutter in the open air.

    Such as the moon slightly elevated some 747 KLM from Suriname to Amsterdam, from calm to fly past the moon below the sky.

    The experience was so excited, we decided to No. 24, which is the Mid-Autumn Festival that evening, come to eat here.

    No. 24 during the day, I'd been busy. Busy also pay attention to the weather, although it is sunny, but especially a lot more clouds, the eastern sky. However, around 17 o'clock, like north east of the place, the cloud dispersed. This means that if you want to take moonrise, need to come to the city in the northeast corner of the Suriname river, rather than in the city center area.

    However, when we went downtown and other area around 6:00, the car is out of order, in addition to call someone to the trailer, people can only stay at the scene, but fortunately not far away from the Suriname river.

    Suriname River this area, because soon the north corner, so to see from the river to the northeast, very narrow line of sight, probably only a very small angle, can be seen on the opposite part of the forest clearance, a bit further South, it is a thick cloud. I would expect from this narrow point of view, to see the full moon on the forest, in my experience, this is promising.

    Until 6:50, because the trailer of people coming, almost to give up and so leave the month, between the back and see the forest clearance on the other side, there is a mass of irregular white patches. With a pull shot, almost certainly just out of the moon. Because the new moon brightness is weak, the sky still some invisible cloud covered the part of the moon.

    The moon a little higher, brighter, more rounded and more complete. Like a baby, after the baptism of air in this world, it becomes bigger way.

    The dusk, shot exposure by blue moon, the sky is a quiet, forest gradually turned into a shadow.

    Twilight and saw an old man, not like a leisurely moon in front of the embankment, but added in fishing and the like, sometimes, his figure also into my lens, look carefully, but also add to the screen a lot of flavor.

    As for the moon, after the bright, tone first warm jade, yellow even rosy. Later, with the change of the lens, it becomes yellow, then become gorgeous white and gray. From the camera's exposure, in fact, can feel directly change the brightness of the moon, the moon debris and water, never to if if now and then to a gorgeous.

    This time, the western sky, as well as a brilliant sunset yet.

    Using a mobile phone, it is easy to take a picture of the sun and moon.

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