Some experts recommend to the bus station (because we have to go Fuzhou), to Xiamen, Gulangyu, South Putuo to other places more convenient, clean and sanitary whole

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    You can go a

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    Family Fun is a good choice, bring a child over and over again museums, science museum is good

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    How about Nanjing Science and Technology Museum? Children go to Nanjing, it is worth it to Science and Technology Museum

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    Morning to Sun Yat-sen (ticket 80, students 64 yuan Metro Line 2 station transfer bus Ming Palace 9 / road tour stop is the end of Sun Yat-sen.); Afternoon Presidential Palace (ticket 40, students 20 yuan big Metro Line 2. palace station), next time you can go to more than Plum Village Memorial Hall, not money; at night to go to Nanjing 1912 (that is, close to the presidential palace "bar Street" are Republican-style building, even if not a clubbing can visit. shopping, contains four square). The next day: the first Chinese district - Xinjiekou (Metro Line 1 and Line Xinjiekou station, a gathering place for all kinds of shopping malls, since we are young, it is recommended to fashion Leddy); afternoon crowing Temple (tickets $ 5. Zhujiang Road station of Metro line 1 transfer bus 304 Road to jimingsi, the first Southern 480 Temple), Xuanwu Lake (30 per ticket, the beautiful imperial garden, compared with the same size as the West Lake and there is another round of beauty); go to Hunan Road at night (Hunan Lion Bridge Road pedestrian Street food a lot, specialty sweet-scented osmanthus duck Nanjing had to taste). The third day: in the morning to go to Nanjing Museum; afternoon to Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall (free tea kiosk station Metro Line 2 heavy ....) (Free Metro Line 2 station Ming Palace Museum, one of the country's most prestigious.) Yuhuatai martyrs (free subway Zhonghua gate station, resting place that are interested can buy the stone as a souvenir.); in the evening to go to the Confucius Temple scenic area (free Metro line 1 Sanshanjie station Friendly reminder: buy stall. East must dare to bargain!).

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