Fuzhou Changle Airport to New Line only 7 yuan -------------------------------------- --------------------------

  • Fuzhou Changle Airport to New Line only 7 yuan -------------------------------------- --------------------------

  • Fortunately, I did not sit, I ask there are other places you can take a bus to the airport, Apollo that only have a car? I'm here in the West Railway Station, Apollo too far away.

  • This station is not called "Aofong Terminal", officially called "Yafeng Terminal" place under the aofeng Bridge (Bridge) north of the bridge, from the train station can take the 10 bus (West Second Ring Line) to the end under station (Aofong Bridge), next door to the "Yafeng Terminal", or take the 917 bus and get off at Aofong Chau, walk 100 meters to the east on. "Yafeng Terminal" opened in May Binhai Industrial Zone passenger line: Fuzhou - Dual Port, but did not go through the airport, the only airport south line port, and 6 kilometers from the airport waiting room, Zhang town or at the airport intersection Get off had to take a taxi or motorcycle to the airport, can not save a few bucks, but also to transfer, very convenient, nobody Fuzhou car from the station to the airport.

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    No, the passenger car to Nanxun sub-bus bar. Nanxun Town coach to the dual bus, the bus provides the following information: Overview: Huzhou Nanxun Town bus to double, take nanxun passage 111 → 102 → nanxun passage way 114 a, a distance of about 33.5 km, about 2 hours with 30 minutes, 710 meters on foot. Specific Getting There: Take the bus station nanxun 111 bus (4 stops) and get off at Credit Union Station; nanxun Credit Union Station and take 114 bus (27 stations), get off at the train station City Industrial Park ; 240 meters walk, ride path 102 a (12 stations) shuanglin station to get off at day Lake junction station. More hope can help to you, thank you

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    Pro, it is recommended consult the hotels

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