I am ready to go in September to October Ngari Prefecture of Tibet travel time of about 20 days, my holidays have two options: one is September 19 - October 10

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    Hokkaido snow-covered Christmas New Year's Eve has always been the first choice for tourists

    If you are not a super ski powder can refer to the Hakodate Otaru Sapporo travel itinerary planning board can do is slow the ⋯

    But the end of the year because the tourist season is not to say the soaring costs of changes in the weather can also affect travel plans to do Plan B recommendation of ~

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    Christmas and New Year's holiday trip to Hokkaido

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    Multi-band summer clothes, such as T-shirt, shorts, skirts and the like. Bring sunscreen, umbrellas. With a long-sleeved T-shirt or a jacket unlined to spare.
    In fact, when we went to Sanya, wearing clothes just a lot. To the airport on the whole summer of change. Basically you do not have to prepare cold clothes.

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    You will be after New Year's Day to Sanya with what clothes? How much should be prepared?

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