Prawn ask you a few questions: 1. ride from Nanning - Hanoi international train when entering the territory of Vietnam is how the clearance 2. whether this train sleeper?

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    Will the following two trips which is more feasible? A scheme D1 (15): Guangzhou to Urumqi, Urumqi live. D2 (16): Urumqi day trips: take the shuttle bus

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    If only 4 days is not recommended to go Kanas, there quite far back and forth for more than 2 days, four days can not play much, a little wasted tolls. If this is the first time to Xinjiang, Turpan go, Tianchi, Nanshan Ranch and other nearby attractions to see

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    Kanas now ask how the weather over there? I was there only four days to Xinjiang, how do I do it?

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    Not easy. The best look for in Burqin Has anyone rented car

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