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    From Shanghai to Shengsi Islands three-day trip, the recommended route to the Nanpu Bridge - Shen Jia Wan - Shengsi Island (Sijiao Island) - Chinese wolfberry, Shengshan - Shen Jia Wan - Nanpu Bridge. First, the Shanghai Sijiao Island to: 1. take the subway to the tourist center Nanpu Bridge (Line 4 1 out), then by car can go directly to Shen Jia Wan pier (parking 48 yuan a day). 2. Distributed by car from the center of Nanpu Bridge to Shen Jia Wan pier, and then by boat to Sijiao Island, 7 times a day fixed travel trips, and holiday season will open line travel overtime II Sijiao Island to medlar (Shengshan): Shen Bay to Sijiao Island pier is Li Zhu Shan pier, Sijiao Island to Shengshan medlar is a small vegetable garden docks for boats, three times a fixed classes a day, holidays, overtime three Si reef island: jetty and bus station and the main attractions have between buses, only six Jingtan monk sets scenic position a little biased four Shengshan wolfberry: wolfberry dock to the township, the township wolfberry between Shengshan fish market has buses, cheaper fares, go to Shanhai wonders, Xiaoxitian, Dongya cliffs, you can select during the first Gulf Deserted chartered (seven vehicles), the starting price of 30 yuan, far way to negotiate the price of their own (such as from wolfberry to East cliff cliffs - Deserted back, the season may be 200 yuan ). [About the trip] [D1] to Li Zhu Shan pier after noon, Shengsi can take a bus to the bus station, then transfer bus shelter according to. Choose county residence, group Village (lake-beach), high field Wan (South Tu Long Beach), Ao Tian Village (East China Sea fishing village, Mercy mountain), five Xiang (monk sets - Six Jingtan). Since Sijiao Island waters less wolfberry island beautiful, and expensive tickets (lake-60, South Long Tu 50 yuan), personal recommendation live in the East China Sea fishing village (Tian Ao village), specific to their own booking site search. PM may visit the East China Sea fishing village, Mercy Hill area, or participate in fishing. [D2] morning can visit the monk sets - Six Wells Lake scenic area (ticket 100 yuan, unless it is to see the sunrise, otherwise no single ticket 50 yuan). There will be weekend direct bus, no words can take Wulong line train to the next town Ao village will then walk to six wells Lake scenic area (about 1.5 km), take the free shuttle bus to the monk sets scenic tour (probably after the tour about 1 hour 1 hour), then take the car ferry to return, get off at the City Council Ao, return Shengsi County town, to a small garden to sit pier noon ferry trip to the island of wolfberry. Wolfberry to the island to arrange accommodation (may Reservations Check), there are a lot of pubs, weekends and holidays to book well. Wolfberry king of the beach except sand charges 25 yuan outside (like coupons and Dongya cliffs is 50 yuan), others are free. PM may visit Shanhai wonders and xiaoxitian (Shanhai wonders can go on foot, relatively little tired). [D3] chartered to East Cliff cliffs to see the sunrise in the morning, go behind Deserted Bay, after the return to the island of wolfberry, take more than 13:00 boat back to Shanghai.

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    Seeking Shengsi Islands three-day trip route, traffic? ? In the past from Shanghai. . . .

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    FX is recommended to live near Nanjing Road Fashion Hotel (Shanghai Bund East Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street) economy, you want to go to a few points which are not very far away, but it will not close, you look at a map. A place to live can take the subway to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Bund has a great section of you wants to go to the river, to play like that part of it which segment, the most classic or boat, consider their own travel needs. Looking to adopt!

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    Landlord Hello, Shanghai rail traffic developed, a number of lines to the People's Square as the center. We recommend that you choose at hotels near People's Square or East Nanjing Road subway station. City Puxi area attractions: the Bund, Temple, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, Shanghai Museum, Xintiandi, Huaihai Road, Jing'an Temple, Tian Zi Fang, Toronto Road, Sweet Love Road; urban areas in Pudong attractions: Oriental Pearl , Shanghai ocean Aquarium, Riverside Avenue, Expo and so on; suburbs: Qibao Old Street, Shanghai Chen Shan Botanical garden, Jinjiang Amusement Park, Happy Valley, Shanghai wild Animal Park, Thames town, Grand View garden, the ancient Yi Park, Chong Ming Xisha Wetland Park; River Delta around Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang: You can select the destination to the tourist center.

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