Will East Asia - Gamba - Dingjie - Tingri road okay? Can you go?

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    Hello, possible, L signed permit is not required to send off now, self-clearance.

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    L and G now sign sign as direct flights to Macau. In the absence of liberalization, L sign can not be direct, but direct flights from the mainland to Macau. So, rest assured. absolutely okay!

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    Team sign L, can direct flights to Macau from Shanghai. After 17 years in August, L sign full liberalization. Free exercise, no longer need to send off. Mainland direct flights to Hong Kong, Macau, Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland, the entire process can be free, no longer need to send off. If help, Could you point about adoption. Thank you

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    L permit you to sign direct flights to Macau from Shanghai?

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