I ask you: Is there a car directly to Nanning Yangshuo, Guilin, do not go, people know which bus station, how much time a group? Thank you, I intend to

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    Jiayuguan Dunhuang station 383 two classes daily 11:30; 14:30 Jiuquan Dunhuang station 404 day seven to 8:00 (fast), 8:30 (by), 9:30 (blank), 10: 15 (empty) 13: 00,14: 30 (fast), 21: 30 (horizontal), 22: 30 to ride pass Jiayuguan Jiuquan Dunhuang 8:00, 12 may not reach.

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    That coach to Jiayuguan it first points of departure

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    Answer: The first is 8:00.

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    Dunhuang to Jiayuguan Shuttle

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