Will the scenery will be a lot worse in mid-September and mid-October Nyingchi it? Better that time. (Since this number would like to September 10 in Lhasa, now

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    First, I do not know where your departure that? Changbai generally takes two days play time, but also from Harbin to return to the Changbai Mountain in Changchun to Harbin, the road takes one day. Harbin Ice Ice is not a day to play enough. Changbai Mountain West Slope and the North Slope can be seen, as well as underground forest canyon. drifting.

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    Will Changchun, Changbaishan, Harbin three routes five days traveling by car, please enlighten me!

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    "We are all time travelers, in order to find the light of life, his life, walking on the long journey." - Andy Andrews. I said, I like to travel, because there are so a person can accompany me to see the best sunrise and sunset and enjoy the beauty of the world do, eat different cuisines, 7 this evening, we set off again.

    Although the beginning of autumn, in August of Chongqing is still very hot, this time we choose to go to the mountain summer resort - Fengdu South Lake days, except ran Icy summer, but also directed at long heard of the "ghost town spicy chicken."


    The arrangements for 2 days and 1 night, more compact stroke, time permitting, the individual is recommended to arrange a few days, in addition to a summer resort Fengdu South Lake days, there are the famous ghost town of Fengdu, scenic snow cave type Yu dong, South Lake days and Snowy jade Cave are also in the same line, Snowy jade Cave driving and more than half of South Lake bell is the day, if the depth of the tour, these attractions are not to be missed.


    7: 30-11: 00 Chongqing - Fengdu Southern Lake

    11: 00-12: 00 meals

    12: 00-14: 00 South Lake Heaven Lake pasture rest day

    14: 00-18: 00 days strolling South Lake Park Lake

    18: 00-19: 00 meals

    20: 00-21: 30 Tanabata love songs will


    8: 00-9: 00 to get up, breakfast

    9: 00-12: 00 partridge pool Wetland Park

    12: 00-14: 00 lunch break

    14: 00-16: 00 South Lake ski day, the three ask Woodland

    16: 00-17: 00 down to Fengdu downtown

    17: 30-18: 30 meals

    18: 30-22: 00 back to Chongqing Fengdu

    About Traffic

    There are many classes to Chongqing Fengdu EMU day, an hour from the fare 39.9 yuan, arrived Fengdu station, you can take straight day the South Lake bus

    If the bus to, then they can in four kilometers transportation hub, Chongqing bus station, bus station Banan Long Island Bay, west of University City Bus ride, four kilometers fare 37 yuan, University City, the fare of about 60, 2 hours by car, to the Fengdu can also take a scenic bus transportation, you can ride drops about 100.

    We are the car to direct navigation search "South Lake scenic day" Shanghai and Chongqing along the south, Highway 203, the scenic Chongqing to about 3 hours

    About Tickets

    South Lake scenic day free tickets, free camping base, in the scenic Paradise Valley 60 per ticket (voluntary consumption)

    About food, housing

    Southern Region has accommodation Lakeview point three, first name lake resort town, a series of family-style environment, hotel-style services, the price of about 400 yuan per night; the second is Davos resort in the scenic area; three car market is the dam of joy, catering, accommodation there, farmhouse about 120 yuan per night.

    Eat all the mountains of taste, beep cake bacon, mountain bamboo shoots, Tianma stewed chicken, lamb, mutton soup pot, are a gift of nature, sheep eat grass grew up in the mountains, bamboo shoots, Tianma are mountains wild, the more precious ingredients, growth environment is often so bland.

    South Lake is our favorite day of mutton soup pot, the preferred food of South Lake days.

    About Tour

    Before starting the Raiders are a number of online search, Fengdu South Lake is located 45 km southeast of days Wuling, an altitude of about 1900 meters with adjoining Wulong Fairy Hill, set forests, mountain lakes, lawns oasis, karst cliffs as a whole, in the spring Pinnacle mountain, wave Ying Lin, fir shield summer sun, nice and cool, autumn flowers fire, the lake Yao ten color, winter and snow and fog-year-old South Lake 4:00 King Jie different days, but also music is also different.

    The average summer temperature of 23 degrees, relatively cool morning and evening, you need a light jacket, car to the best attractions, convenient to various attractions will, of course, there are scenic spots sightseeing car, was generally spend less time, how much strength do not need expensive will be able to enjoy take the provisional far, the sky was clear. In addition to natural beauty, cool and pleasant, scenic areas as well as horseback riding, boating, cable, hot air balloons, helicopters and other high-altitude experience project.

    Our journey began

    After the high-speed track at Fengdu, we began to slowly into the mountains, all the way full of small indeed fortunate, several overlapping peaks of mountains, blue sky and white clouds slowly changing variety of shapes, the more go inside, the mood will be more and more comfortable, relaxed

    Like a majestic picture, the distant view of the looming, think of "Ashes of Time" in a line: "see a mountain, wanted to know what was behind the mountain, might turn behind the hills, you will find no nothing special, looking back, would feel better here. "

    Road at high speed for about 1 hour we arrived at the gate area, already feeling the wind in his face bursts of cool

    Finished lunch, we first rest day lake pasture, follow the signs and turn right after entering the door to enter the South Central Avenue, driving about 8 minutes

    Scenic straight or winding roads or inside the vehicle on the road, open the windows, the wind probably is so comfortable

    Road pleasantly surprised to find among a pool of mountain water, clear and transparent and would like to go barefoot to enjoy these hills, streams, signs remind "no water", had to be civilized tourists, the beauty is that everyone Dramas Well ~

    Stop and go, green everywhere, mountains and fresh air is washed like a general

    A tree, all the way, a mountain, a scene, such as a touch of ink pastoral, quiet, indifferent, crickets came the melodious chirping of birds and the forest between, I think, always wanted to escape the city for most people this kind of pastoral madrigal-like life

    Base camp pretty much the rest of the people, we are also setting up the tents and hammocks

    Adults and children are looking for a tree-lined land, strong hammock tied between two trees, enjoying the pleasant time in the mountains

    Camping next to a dedicated barbecue area, can bring their own food and tools, the food we rushed to the beauty of their own barbecue naturally not ready.

    After a brief rest, we drove to South Lake Day Lake Park, Lake pastures in the past days to a few minutes, lakeside park points around the lake trail, hydrophilic cliff, mountain Beach, Rainbow Bay Performing Arts Plaza several major parts

    Park unique water features, in addition to musical fountain as well as water curtain movie, a bright night lights will be woven into a dreamlike visual feast.

    Took to the boardwalk, the breeze was blowing, the United States feel close to South Lake of the day, like exposure among Aboriginal

    The lake can be a hearty beach volleyball, you can also choose to stroll around the lake, enjoy Kelsang flowers

    Night 8:30, romantic, South Lake · Tanabata love songs will be passionate curtain, sweet love songs, dance passion, love big break through the barrier test, accompanied by the lake, the mountains, the stars do this to add more fun line

    End of the event, we live in a pre-booked hotel name Lake, 400 yuan / night, as well as other neighboring Davos hotel accommodation and car dam farmhouse, it has provided long-lived summer room service.

    Mountain wake up early in the morning, run out of breakfast, we plan to go partridge pool sinkhole Wetland Park

    Cormorant Wetland Park belongs to the karst sinkhole pond, surrounded by mountains and has a high mountain lakes wetlands, there are three sinkhole formed by the earthquake, is worthy of praise, like the original habitat of the sky untapped as yet there was walking around, leisurely fauna, visitors can also choose to travel on horseback, you can own a stroll. Especially like here, butterflies fly, dragonflies, insects and birds in nature ...... performance mode is turned on, just like spectacular science auditorium!

    Roadside met a grandmother pristine mountains in the sale of hard-won delicacies, mushrooms, mountain Tianma, Ganoderma lucidum as well as old bacon own, as a food goods, buy back will be very happy.

    Walking on the road in the mountains, the woods came the waves of a clear crisp Tuoling, turned out to be hiding in the forest horses and cattle and sheep, comfortable foraging for food in the forest

    Each one is the original ecology of the screen, or grazing, or forces in play, did not disturb visitors

    Road and park the car, walk to the Wetland Park partridge pool sinkhole need through the jungle for about 15 minutes, you can also choose to horseback riding, bosses are simple mountain people.

    You are the most beautiful in my eyes, every smile makes me drunk, throwing wave of dog food here -

    Partridge clear water like a mirror, dragonfly chasing clouds fluttering in the pond

    Mountain, tree, blue sky, white clouds, the river reflected in a pool of water plants, like most of a beautiful ink

    After leisurely finish partridge pool, lunch, towards the North Central, Destination: South Lake and three-day ski Fu Forest Farm

    Always like to see the clouds of the sky, look Scenery, like here lofty blue sky, white clouds flowing, Li Bai had the poem says, "I try to be reported under the main section, and then you open the door lying clouds", in my opinion, our modern fear hi this is more idyllic life, select this punishable by clouds as partners, to bring this one mountain they die, let me think about it at this time.

    Go to ski in the direction of the big windmill on the right, is another windmill scenic landscape, seemingly ski (in the summer grass skiing) has not opened, excavators are close construction

    Sanfu Woodland 60s youth planted forest, the forest has golden pheasant, squirrel, pheasant wildlife

    Woodland has to finish is 16:00, a two-day trip, mountains and lakes, peace of mind, we agreed good food to eat around the country, has been care deeply about Fengdu spicy chicken, here we come.

    16:00 down, went straight to the Fengdu County

    If the South Lake summer day is a business card in Chongqing, Chongqing is a ghost town Spicy chicken worthy of another food card, spicy chicken seasoning pay attention to three triple oil, the three oil that is spicy oil, diesel oil, sesame oil; that is triple the weight of pepper , pepper heavy, heavy brine soup, chicken spicy so processed, set the color, smell, taste, in one type, bright red color delicious, fragrant overflowing, spicy taste sweet, crisp and chewy meat inlet, described as spicy and strong, hemp was strong enough, long aftertaste! After eating a girlfriend, non-forced me to learn how to do, to tell the truth Ha, do spicy chicken flavor and taste good, I am afraid this craft is not OK!

    Spicy Wonton paste shell is another delicious Fengdu, a lot of locals eating it up, so-called shell paste spicy red pepper kang is to paste in hot pot, the black paste, then Chung broken, and ordinary pepper the difference is particularly tasty shell spicy paste, because they were over-kang, spicy and less certain. Chaoshou particularly thin skin, hot paste shell chaoshou bowl, against the bone soup boiled, immediately fragrance.

    Dinner runs out, the basic end of the trip, we began the return

    South Lake days return

    South Lake scenic day general partial literary style, relatively quiet, photographers, young artists, parent-child families are a good choice. Everyone has a different definition of travel, 7 this evening, there are beloved companions, when the wind blows, has always wanted to stay here, we agreed to reward the best views, eat food, the pace is always followed his own heart in walking, the trip full of happiness.

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    on time

    More than an alarm clock

    Cheap flights each year as well as time

    Blink summer almost over

    The end of the summer solstice, the advent Chushu

    Nothing is more impressive than poetry and longing for a distant

    I looked under the ticket

    That there are so many Cheap Flights

    I felt it was time to embrace the next distance

    Say needs a sense of ritual life, summer and autumn of the weather, "Ye stick autumn fat", "bite Autumn" both mean love for life.

    Taking advantage of cheap tickets cheaper, better to soak in hot springs in Tengchong Atami! Although the weather is still very hot, but after Chushu hot springs can be said to have any harm.

    Missed the Winter Disease, Chushu do not miss out, after Chushu, by the hot weather cool, dry air from the wet, this time to put on the agenda of health; health is not at this time, winter chirp cry.

    "Cold, cold hands and feet, headache, joint pain ..." These diseases are often from autumn began to invade people's physical, why after the autumn to promote health as early as possible? It is the most popular health spa?

    Natural spring water and the skin bonding distance, not only the temperature of the hot spring water, spring water contains trace elements and minerals in the body can be reached through the pores.

    Great people drink cold blowing air, so the moisture generated in vivo, induce disease. At this time, the hot springs, temperature and mineral spa by infiltration, can balance of human body, run dry autumn and winter, the body get rid of moisture, with the diet to restore, to achieve health effects. It can be said after Chushuben solar terms, it is the perfect time of the fall and winter health spa.

    Beginning of autumn has to, Chushu have to seize the tail of the summer, opened the road to health.

    The following good move small stool, Grab a small book

    Xiao Bian a small classroom lecture

    The good thing about the hot springs after Chushu

    90% of people do not know


    Chushu bubble at lot Wenquan Yi

    Cool hot weather

    While Chushu has come to, but hot weather never stopped saying goes, "hot hot tapping", when soak in hot spring water, the pores open, the body heat can be released, by soaking, remove the body hot, underlying causes.


    Atami hot spring water contains beneficial substances can promote the body's metabolism, and because of hot weather, the body of toxins tend to accumulate at this time, soak hot springs make the body more efficiently eliminate toxins and speed up metabolism.

    To drive away the small pain

    Springs calcium carbonate in a considerable effect on the improvement of physical fitness, recuperate, and hot springs contained rich in calcium, potassium, and other components for adjusting radon cardiovascular disease, diabetes, ventilation, neuralgia, arthritis, etc. are some effect, while sulfur spring can soften the effect of keratin.

    Return to Innocence is the best sincerity

    "Simply, the way the hot springs of simple point" ... in many parts of the spa are added all kinds of tricks, dazzling. But the real hot springs, do not need too much modification, Atami hot spring is like that.

    People often praise Atami Onsen "the world God soup, underground air", with the most natural geothermal hot springs, came the visitors amazed.

    Atami scenic "Bath Valley" spa and "beautiful pool" spa and two places to enjoy close contact with hot spring water. Also can enjoy the natural hot springs in the private villa of soup.

    You can also do a large spa pool water sports rehabilitation, under the guidance of professional coaches, through a variety of campaigns to promote blood circulation, achieve the effect of physical and mental health. And in the hot water, it can greatly reduce the impact on the various joints of the body, high security.

    热海 Onsen

    Atami scenic hot springs near at more than 80, 10 hot springs water temperature up to 90 ℃. One of the biggest beauty spa pool pool free to take a dip, but also equipped with a children's play next to the water park. Not only adults can enjoy relaxing spa brings, children can also enjoy yourself very much.

    "Slimming pool", "beauty pool", "Yin pool", "getting a pool", "Yi Yuan pool" are regarded as net red pool, small Buddha Department of Youth favorite to seven herbs pool. But for small series of color control can not let go of cedar pool, coffee pool, aloe pool, pool wine, tea pool.

    Dazzling spa pool and only you soak endless, no you're not bubble. In addition to gifts of nature are natural geothermal hot springs, there are other Atami hot spring spa items for your choice.

    Stubbs tank

    Have you seen it pull pitcher? I have used natural hot spring water tank pull it? I believe people who tried to no more than one per cent higher since the required water tank pull water, hot spring water is generally unattainable.

    Using hot water near the boiling point, wherein the bamboo soaking, hot press on the skin, that is able to suck; principle of the water tank by the negative pressure body of toxins, moisture removed, to getting a vivid, in addition to cold dampness , swelling and pain effect.

    Geothermal fumigation

    Atami hot spring spa and the other is so unique, it is natural, it is not out of the artificial imitation.

    In Atami hot springs, geothermal fumigation but unbeatable. Features valley fumigation bath room germanium ore, tourmaline, volcanic rock, marble columnar section, salt treatment, fumigation five jade amber room composition using the natural geothermal, by high temperature, chemistry minerals, so that a large amount of steam room the magnetic field, promoted by fumigation cell metabolism, strengthen the immune system, to achieve the effect of resistance exercise. After soaking up hot springs, steaming once again, nutrition geothermal steam in mineral let you in once absorbed, not just fatigue, more refreshing.

    Chushu catch the tail of the transition from summer to fall; like learning, like health, the sooner the better, as the seasons change, the sooner the more health can withstand the cold of winter; set in scientific, safe, efficient, no victims spa regimen, with the highest quality natural geothermal hot spring water, nourishing the heart Yangfeihuoxue more dependents!

    热海 hot springs

    World God soup, underground air

    Nature really really spa

    Atami Onsen is your health after Chushu necessary choice

    [Edit] reading, Yunnan fat

    [Note] reprint this article, please indicate the source, images without permission is prohibited for commercial purposes, some pictures from the network, if infringement, please contact deleted.

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