I ask to Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai to Qingdao easy or convenient, by boat, then how much? How much time? Shift more than you? Where boat in Dalian? I

  • I ask to Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai to Qingdao easy or convenient, by boat, then how much? How much time? Shift more than you? Where boat in Dalian? I

  • Thank you pull!

  • Added to that, some of the trips is not hard seat, only second-class car (the equivalent of soft-seat) and first-class car (the equivalent of some of the advanced soft seat) and possibly Principal car (more advanced soft seat)

  • Thank you explain huangyan3015, because people always hear the train station ticket so to say, so I believed her, and there are so many reasons, including the original. Thank you!

  • Cause teresa_xu Expert: while hanging hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper four kinds carriage train is not, you enumerate the Beijing-Guangzhou line T15 / 16, T29 / 30 and other trains using the 25K type of hard seat train cars cabin just better than type 22 (commonly known as a green car) Some, but not soft seat, soft seat and hard seat ticket price is a far cry, Kozo Mao line of custom-made car is special, because the line is not wide Sanmao iron States I think the difference should not be confused with soft seat and hard seat, in addition to the fare difference as well as air-conditioned car fares and air fare discounts of second gear.

  • Thank you friends advice. The reason I put a hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper are listed, because the question asks to use the vehicle price, then it will be listed as well. In addition, I also know that in Yantai or Weihai to Qingdao generally riding in a car, but I do not know the price, but I know the price of the train, so only lists trains. If you know the price would be by car better and better.

  • qqc said yes ah, a lot of Chinese trains while hanging hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper, and Guangzhou - Maoming, Guangzhou - Beijing will also have these compartments.

  • My personal opinion: In mainland China, which did not have a car while hanging hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper. In Qingdao, Yantai or Weihai to general by car.

  • Yantai and Weihai no boat to Qingdao. Yantai can train to Qingdao: K402 / 403 times faster (Yantai - Qingdao): When the arrival time departure time 14:27 18:03 3:36 required full, soft-seat seat 21 yuan 34 yuan sleeper (spread) 55 yuan sleeper (in the shop) 58 yuan sleeper (bunk beds) 60 yuan soft (spread) 86 yuan soft (lower berth) 90 yuan from Weihai also can take the train to Qingdao: K412 / 409 times faster (Weihai - Qingdao): departure 9:30 15:23 entire process takes time reaches 5:53, hard seat 27 yuan 44 yuan soft-seat sleeper (spread) 61 yuan sleeper (SHOP) is 64 yuan sleeper (bunk) 66 yuan soft (spread) 97 yuan soft (lower berth) 101 yuan Dalian by boat or from the first to Yantai (usually 6-8 hours by boat, you can choose a short time), then by train from Yantai to Qingdao better. Dalian to Weihai at least 8 hours. High-speed passenger fare: Dalian - Yantai 169 yuan Dalian - Weihai A 159, B 139 yuan, 119 yuan propionate

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    Qinghai row on the third day (13 May), today's destination is water Jadin, live aquatic Jadin RV campground. Travel about 445km. To watch the main attractions: the scenery along the way, emerald lake, water Jadin sunset.
    13 early in the morning, 7:00 from the hotel, looking for breakfast in the street, met fellow, a pair of middle-aged couple Xianyang. Early to Delhi, he opened a small restaurant; Why to Delhi Yeah, this is good air, cool summer, no matter how. The boss heard that we are in Shaanxi Province. Really met a fellow, if more up, so we feel the cordial fellow. After that, they go to Hazel Memorial.
    Delhi was just so people remember, more is due to a question. The city is also remembered poet. In 2012, Bayan River through downtown Verse built a museum. Memorial architectural style is similar Huizhou architecture, Hazel Anhui people because of it. We are 8:30 to, the memorial to 10:30 open the door. So, looked outside, to the rear, on the octave River, huge Kunlun jade stone, carved statue Hazel, of course, there was the famous poem on Delhi "days", with its statue of the side It covers an area of ​​1,300 square meters of Hazel memorial silhouetted against each other. More than 20 poems engraved in stone, the stone became a part book.
    Depending on the distant hills remind people of Delhi have been desolate, but the foot of the mountain modern architecture and people jump Square Dance morning again reveals the vitality of the city.

    "Dreaming Delhi" Authors: Wen Guodong Composer: proud day format music concert Qaidam National Orchestra, melodious atmosphere of a prairie song. It stand next to the memorial.

    Memorial garden in the morning, quietly. there's only us.

    Memorial door is not open, then take a picture sitting in front of commemorative photos, remembered the young poet.

    July 25, 2018, Hazel Delhi Poetry Festival. Here, faced with bayanhe, down the steps is engraved with the Stone Forest Hazel poetry.

    5 tons of heavy Kunlun jade, engraved with Hazel smile like sunlight avatar, of course, Fiji name known to the world "days", the base is the life of Hazel introduction.

    "Spring blossoms," how many people are longing for an ideal life, his back to earth, adhere to self, to be free and happy people, overlooking the ebb and flow, static and other spring flowers.

    9:00, we left Delhi and went to Emerald Lake Da Qaidam town. The car pulled out of Delingha, parked on the roadside and took this photo. Delhi, and a prairie, mountains of Qinghai-Tibet line snuggle full of vitality and hope of the Metro, the end is due Hai, known by people while traveling.

    To Germany on small high-speed, on both sides of the road it became look like desert.

    West Delhi too.

    Gobi has been on grass, in our country the deserts, the Gobi determination and technology, is indeed commendable.

    Left the lake road, it should be small Qaidam lake.

    Gap from horses, and go on to the town of Da Qaidam. Emerald Lake in this. "Emerald Lake" is located about ten kilometers of the Qinghai Dachaidan Executive Committee Qaidam Town NATO, the route of the original old 215 State Road, State Road 315 Dachaidan North coincidence section for Da Qaidam salt lake in the northeast corner, the original big diesel Once the team at the Salt Lake chemical plant.

    It is said that, Emerald Lake, multiple discoverer outdoor lines, Haixi Photographers Association Vice Chairman Zhang Qingzhe (screen name "Qaidam in Qinghai by the local people famous outdoor travel, outdoor Gore Pioneer Camp instructors, Qaidam region people ") and their teammates, discovered and excavated a few years ago, but has not been efforts to promote the" Da Qaidam Emerald Lake "! "Emerald Lake" was named by "Qaidam people", because the lake beautiful colors such as emerald, hence the name.

    By a circle of friends to the outdoors, slowly growing reputation, especially this year, due to the Caka Salt Lake full of tourists, Dulu, to see this place in the circle of friends, so many people came running, but they absolutely worthwhile trip.

    This piece about 6 square kilometers of "Emerald Lake" is the original Dachaidan chemical plant Salt Lake mining team mining area, name Da Qaidam Lake, Salt Lake, the lake is rich in boron, lithium, salt, potash, salt cake, this piece of varying sizes, very different forms, shades of salt ponds in the high concentration of salt in the local called "brine" is after years of mining salt lake formed by mining pit, due to the different concentration of minerals contained, it formed a colorful color scene, especially calm moment, like a mirror-like spread around and the reflection of the blue sky, the Qaidam mountain capped peaks, the body set which is really an unreal feeling.

    Emerald Lake

    The distant snow-capped mountains, the Qaidam mountains, the sky a white clouds, as well as white crystalline salt capped around the emerald lake, so I really can not think of words to describe the mood at the moment. Only photographs;

    Sometimes, looking at the scenery, but my mind is stagnant. Casually out only: so beautiful.

    Only put themselves into this scenery, only one kind of sense of security.


    Complement each other


    Emerald Lake, how beautiful it is. Only you face it, you will truly appreciate.

    Different patterns of industrial salt crystals have different characteristics, blooming its own beauty.

    Pictures here, no election scene, casually took, are beautiful pieces.

    group picture.

    Different colors

    In Emerald Lake stayed two hours, and then turn back, the high-speed grid Liu, known as China's online take Route 66 ---- G315 National Road, directly before the line to the water Jadin. The purpose for tonight water Jadin, is hoping to see the sunset. I hope the desire to achieve. Think of these, the hearts of some little excited. Because Route 66, because the Sunset Water Jadin.

    This time, the Qaidam is close pass by a small lake. Small Qaidam Qaidam small lake known as Lake, located in Qinghai Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of small qaidam transport hub on the eastern side, an area of ​​approximately 69.82 square kilometers, belongs to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In Germany the small high-speed and high-speed near the intersection of Willow grid highway exit will be able to come to the lake. On the vast Gobi, like a small lake Qaidam oasis, far can see green, blue lake but it is too thorough, clear have bottomed out. The growth of a lake half the height of reeds, breeze blowing, swaying trees, the environment is very beautiful, in stark contrast to the vast Gobi Desert opposite.

    This seems to be to get through the small German high-speed and high-speed willow grid.

    315 State Road numbers referred to as G315, it is in China starting in Xining, ending a national highway Kashgar along the Kunlun Mountains east to west throughout 3063 km. We grew up on the G315 Qaidam lake south from the water Jadin.
    US Route 66 are known, but China's State Road 315 but few people understand; this can certainly be called a Tin Road; infinite straight road extending forward Gobi desert lake ... Jadin, roadside scenery constantly changing, walk in it, you realize that true freedom!



    Landform, land wind erosion otherwise known, is a typical wind erosion topography. "Ya" in the Uygur language meaning is "having a steep hill." Due to the abrasive effect of the wind, the lower part of the hill is often subjected to strong erosion, and gradually formed in the concave shape. If the upper portion of the package hill loose rock, gravity easily collapsed form steep, landform formed, some ancient castle landscape look like, commonly known as Ghost City.

    Stop their cars, and small Myint Thein me on a high, Everywhere you looked, a flat-bottomed uplift of the hills, like yurts, like a mushroom-shaped, like a bunker, rick, scattered in this boundless stretch of no people area. Giving a shock, lamented the magic of nature.

    Straight road, desolate stretch of this road to the sky.

    Driving on State Road G315, started going to the eye from the excitement, shock, along with the more in-depth, could not help but give birth to a fear, which piles, a bag of soil column, desolate revealed irreversible, indeed awesome the power of nature.

    Seemingly ancient castle near distance, such as Starship Troopers.

    The vast majority of the world's landform has been found, are present in extremely arid area, and in the Qaidam no man's land, there is a unique little-known "water Ya '! The area has more than 50 km "water Ghost City", by West Lake taijnar East Lake taijnar lakes sandwiched at the southwest near Ukraine plans US benevolence prairie, about 240 km from the Da Qaidam town, is about 2 km away from the 315 national highway.

    Here is the destination of our trip. Finally, after nearly 2,000 kilometers of speeding, we assigned the coveted located in the Qaidam Basin in Qinghai "water Ya" in the August 13, 2018 in the evening 18:33. Also, the predetermined RV camp live here, this is my most expensive accommodations for so many years to travel once, quadruple 1244 yuan a night. First, the original is the tourist season, and your stay here is a no man's land, stay in this extremely tense; the most important is to want to make the water Jadin sunset and sunrise, living here is the best. Your on your right.
    Unfortunately, when this day at sunset, thick clouds, did not get the sunset, sunrise the next day because of the dust, did not get. There will always be a lot of travel not to do so, many years of travel sentiment is not too persistent, you encounter is the best. Nothing, we see another landscape. Like I was very impressed.

    Online he said, in front of the tree is fake, I pay attention and then shot down, really colorful fake tree. Ha ha ha. True that some unpleasant.

    Tickets start this year. Tickets are 60 yuan, 60 yuan scenic tourist vehicles. Packages, not to sell. And we have to stay inside to buy a ticket. After this procedure, we find the car, lay down their luggage, look, the sun is about to fall, and quickly took the camera, walked to the water's edge. But some late, thick clouds, is not expected in the scenery. But the sunset under water Jadin still very beautiful.

    Much to see. A row, stand in the water.

    Online said, the vast desert hinterland of the water because the lake Taijinaier lifted gradually flooded Jadin group, forming a unique enchanted like water Jadin. There is a saying that, after the formation of Liya Dan in this style, due to crustal movement of the Qaidam Basin of Qinghai Lake and other places and let the water flow into the underground through the territory of this Jadin, to form a magnificent our eyes have seen the water Jadin the landscape.
    When the water in front of Jadin, amazing people can not be expressed in words. It is surrounded by barren, boundless sky of the Gobi Desert, in this desert land, and it is so quiet, aloof, noble presence here. You come or not come, it is all in. It is humming wind, water scale in light of its tenderness.

    Water Fleet

    Aloof figure

    Far from the lights of the place is the RV campground.

    I liked this

    This little taste of Ghost City.

    Mysterious, open, just the night arrived.

    This is what we live car, your car can be parked next to, it is convenient.

    Small living room, to play mahjong. But we were tired, but also the morning sunrise, so the finished washing sieve sleep, on this time also had 12 points. Day completely dark down here to go to the 21:00. Sunrise, too late, in the morning around 7:15.

    Ye Taihei, a great wind, temperature or, swept away in Xi'an when we heat, cool, quiet sleep.

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