Sorry, there are problems. Still on the Fuzhou. I was in Shanghai 8:10 flight to Changle airport is 9:25. Then in

  • Sorry, there are problems. Still on the Fuzhou. I was in Shanghai 8:10 flight to Changle airport is 9:25. Then in

  • thanks, thanks.

  • I do not know 72,020,875 not been Osan, Osan personally think that is a good place, do not spend a penny, absolute value for money.

  • Forest Park from Fuzhou close, day trips to the park and forest. You Changle Airport to 9:25, take the airport bus to the hotel near Fuzhou Apollo about 11 points, and recommended first Dongjiekou eat snacks, just almost lunch time, you can sit there for 8 or 801 from Apollo Hotel (bus Apollo diagonally opposite the station, take the tunnel exit on the right is) to Dongjiekou (bus stop name "South Street"), tower Lane snack a lot to the tower alley balls and according to most dry powder dry mix flour mixed with sea shop delicious, well-known on the Yonghe fish are inside, most outsiders Yonghe eat fish, most fish alley tower Fuzhou locals eat, eat which is your pick their own right, a few pieces of money can get. After lunch, take the 802 bus (2 yuan) direct access to the forest park gate, drive location is not in "South Street", but "Street", Dongjiekou a crossroads, by the intersection of the East is the "Street" , the forest park about half an hour. There afternoon half day tour of Forest Park enough. Forest Park there are many self-financed projects, such as luge, Tree Birds, Forest Museum, cruise, entertainment, Tree Birds and Forest Museum is recommended to go and see, cycad garden is free of charge, to take the cable car to the Longtan, per person 5 yuan (round 10 million), then walk to one hour.

  • Forest Park time to compare catch, after an arrangement can be considered. This temple mainly to see the West Lake random walk on the line, nothing to see Osan.

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