I heard recently found cholera Fuzhou medical records, worry about ah, eleven also intend to go there to play this game, I do not know how to control the disease these days, ah, will not

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    Stroke may be so arranged:
    The first day to Guilin, the hotel rest, visiting the Elephant Trunk Hill, at night the next night two rivers and four lakes tour of Lijiang, Silver Cave, Yangshuo night stay, visiting the West Yulong third day, fourth day of the Dragon paradise back to Guilin terraced ridge scenery tour, live Dragon Dragon fifth day return down the mountain back to Guilin classic essence of casual play is so arranged, I hope to help you, I wish a good trip, hope to adopt, thank you

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    This line can meet the most beautiful Dragon year, missed another year! Yellow rice this year late, Dragon stroke at the end of the holiday, but also to avoid the peak passenger flow. Lijiang River raft trip on the child's height limit of 1.2 meters below the cut-off ride, Yulong 0.9 m or less forbidden ride, children sit 1.2 meters Li River cruise ship arrived in Yangshuo.
    No. 4: Guilin Xiangshan Park, two rivers and four lakes night scene, live in Guilin
    No. 5: take the bus to Yangshuo in the afternoon Silver Cave, Yangshuo live
    No. 6: Xingping - nine horses in mountains and from the bamboo rafting, visiting the ancient town of Xingping, Impression night, live in Yangshuo
    No. 7: Yulong River rafting, riding along the Yulong River and Shilihualang evening stroll West, live in Yangshuo
    No. 8: Take the bus to the Dragon's Back Dragon, Dragon live
    No. 9: Fun Yangshuo return my line;)

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    I October 4 Mid-Autumn 9:00 from Guangzhou high-speed rail ride south with his wife and children arrived in Guilin, planned October 9 from Guilin back to Guangzhou, will play stroke

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    I went in September, 21:00. Subway or bus to all.

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