Ask the experts, I am from Shenzhen, how to arrange Yongding route is better? A day or two days. Thank you!

  • Ask the experts, I am from Shenzhen, how to arrange Yongding route is better? A day or two days. Thank you!

  • Xiamen is no train to Shenzhen, only the car, if the car ride back to Shenzhen, the Shenzhen relatively recent ride back from the clouds night. Tours: Yongding - Nanjing Shuyang - Zhangzhou - Coastal Volcano - sky - Dongshan Island - the sky Changshan - Shenzhen four days enough.

  • From the sky back to Shenzhen, Xiamen do not intend to go.

  • Where you are going back to Shenzhen? Xiamen cloud or night?

  • Thank you experts to answer. If you increase the time of day it? D2 is the evening sky, I have friends there. Then go to Dongshan D3, D4 Zhangpu go. Such arrangements are better? In this case in Yongding, Nanjing how to arrange the trip? I checked the train, from Shenzhen, to Yongding is around 7 am

  • Time is tight, Earthen only choose a few representative walk. D1 morning train to Yongding, Earthen pit lake swim Yongding high head Earth Building, Nanjing Shuyang Tianliao pit Earthen Earthen live Tianluokeng foreign books D2 morning - 2.5 hours Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou - Dongshan 2.5 hours, tour the ancient city of Copper Mountain, off Tai Temple, wind-driven rock, tower island, live Dongshan Tongling. D3 morning travel to Zhangpu 1 hour, from Zhangpu - before the Town two hours, before the Town motorcycle ride 20 minutes to Zhangzhou Coastal Volcano Geopark, play back after two hours, I do not know where you are going up. If you can go by car from Xiamen, Zhangzhou Coastal Volcano Geopark to one hour more Zhangzhou port, and then by boat from the port of Xiamen, Zhangzhou to 20 minutes. If back to Shenzhen, a little trouble, probably have a car to Xiamen.

  • Add, planned September 30 night train to Yongding. 10.1 in Yongding play one day, then go play one day Zhangzhou Dongshan 10.2 to 10.3 Zhangpu Volcanic Park address such an arrangement is appropriate in Dongshan Island? How much budget about? One day is enough or in Yongding Nanjing? How we should arrange a visit Earthen order? Thank you!

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