Sound Dan Shanjing area where Xianju, what car to get there. "Fairy Habitat Hotel" phone number at the skyscraper canyon in the scenic area is more than Shenxianju

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    Qujiang recollections early autumn

    • Don Po Chu

    Lili summer scattered clouds, cool breeze from the curl.

    Ikegami autumn again, lotus Semis child.

    Force is easy to pin breaks, the day was endless.

    Life is better Hill, Nianguang rush of water.

    Wu Polygonum green and red, but each autumn similar.

    Last year at this Autumn, come again this fall.

    August is not over, beginning in late summer autumn. Chushu throttle, to the party.

    Chushu, ranked fourteen twenty-four solar terms. "Chushu, summer just as well", "office" is the "termination" of Italy, Chushu it means to be a summer, hot summer day will soon be over.

    That day, though still volt hot hehe, but blowing, the wind is already another season of the. This Chushu wind will drive lingering summer heat, the new cool cloth, will heal all hot this summer, but also to blowing things around Su, rice sorghum cooked.

    "Lu Chan slowly crescendos pharynx, autumn scene early micro." Noise Ming the whole summer cicadas, the beginning, some tired; weary branches, gradually stretch after a hot retreat. After the warm season, the world gradually quiet, no carnival Zaore, Grand Theft Auto V's hot, it will quickly southward retreat after Chushu.

    Distanced summer, cold winter yet to come, autumn is approaching. This Dangzhuo early Gui fragrant breeze, is not far.

    Chushu after the season, the line for the mountains, step Tyurin, bird smell throat, drunk drunk in a poetic thousands of miles in Autumn Clouds. Lu Qing night comes, there is the moon, there is Tim wind. In the water of the night, the galaxy looking, feeling the breeze Choulan. In this pleasant time in early autumn, to visit the cluster of beads that hold fruit hawthorn forest, to greet glowing red sorghum wine, red violet to pursue it full frame vineyard, that budding Chrysanthemum flower garden ... ... it's all good things prevailed after Chushu, they will tell you with a picturesque image, which is to look pale autumn.

    Years is a long song, each is a solar term notes. Notes constantly switching, jumping, spring and autumn in turnover, of all things rise and fall in fortunes. This issue tends to make people think and sort of understanding about life, about life. No matter how the hearts of emotion, must maintain a bright day, have a nice vivid and warm, as the Clique flowers, bring always charming and gentle.

    Autumn cool, dew AIDS, most have a clear autumn sunny day. May you use Qiulu like the clean, bright eyes and youthful state of mind is not stained, pick magnificent mountains and rivers, the fragrance of years, wish you all year round heart hold joy.

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    Call, is a long time have not tried embarked on a jaunt up! Just enter Hong Kong at the moment, I found that even though Hong Kong is a bustling city, but so what? Where no one knew me, it did not work and performance pressure, no trivial mundane, girlfriends and I want to enjoy the slow life of a sense of fun!

    ##### Day1:

    Look, Hong Kong, sea, blue sky in Hong Kong, and even that I want to introduce you to the air in Hong Kong!

    The first time, do not put down the luggage, carries the package pulled girlfriends could not wait to Lantau Island.

    This is a place where people relax, hidden side, and the appearance of bustling Hong Kong seemed so slow in Hong Kong is not uniform, but people have to think loudly shouted comfortable ~!

    Initially did not know what Ngong Ping 360 is such a cute name, the original name of the cable car is one of many visitors, sit, well-deserved reputation around can see blue sky.

    Hong Kong is really a very wonderful place, you will find that there are people downtown but also a place to relax the mind. People everywhere, but weekday and weekend breaks are really two worlds ah!

    To the Ngong Ping Village (that is, the other end of the cable car), holding a drink while walking shopping, there are many specialty shops along the road, stop and go, buy some souvenirs.

    Before you start shopping, a shopping enthusiast, of course, is to buy a pair of shoes it! Oh, good to stroll.

    After a small shop along the road to buy a round, unwittingly wandered down the Tian Tan Buddha, he stopped to pray properly.

    After praying, take a look at the good scenery of Lantau Island, cleanse the spirit of being psychologically comfortable ah!

    About Travel, designed to go so I do not like popular attractions, so plan together with girlfriends about to explore places outside of the popular attractions.

    Even if this feeling lost, so comfortable in a cozy place, not too worry, there is great scenery companions, and then slowly all the way to explore it, big deal to ask for it! Girlfriends and I, like, totally intoxicated in such a landscape where.

    After visiting the tired back, knock off at the hotel, had dinner points yet, so we caught up with dinner, the hotel also playing a photograph!

    After dinner is more casual, casual Guangzhao Guangzhao, arrived at the Temple Street! There is no imagination so busy, it may be because we came out quite late the. TVB is the brain make a lot of plot, so will "accidentally" come here, although there are many stalls in the marketplace, but we have nothing good to buy buy buy, you just slap according to it. But as a grass-roots understanding of life, Temple Street Yes Yes a good choice, old houses and old shops there is always a trace of years of sedimentation.

    ##### Day2:

    The next day we decided fought in the ring, saying that our Raiders relatively simple to do, is to visit, eat and buy. That day we decided to try it the first time Ichiran. It is very unique, "one food" culture, each seat is designed to store the individual cubicles, we eat this young single women do not feel embarrassed, Keke.

    A la carte is very simple, to check your menu, according to their own taste to choose can be friends!

    Ahem, I do not seem to be a la carte, and finished out of the picture completely different = = Although the selling phase is not so attractive, but the soup is rich, but not greasy, delicious than eating ramen in Guangzhou, the ! Pork is also quite delicious, beautifully!

    After, ascended the Peak! Overlooking the spectacular high-rise buildings so, we were all of a sudden there is a question mark: such a romantic place, should it not be with the men and tickets? ! However, we did not ......

    Haha, to smile. It does not matter Yeah, you just wonderful, God will arrange fate.

    Although there is no male vote, but we have, probably buy buy buy heart, buy buy buy target, as buy buy buy live and work, to work with. Worn out in time, to a shopping and relax, not to make life too boring, there is hope it will have power.

    Finally, to experience a handful of the most famous local Hong Kong "0 complaints," the beauty club: Hong Kong Midland the Beautiful (FMH), the project is done Pevonia lymphatic drainage massage, the end of the rush to buy only 398 yuan, is simply a good deal what! But the girls want to go, remember to in the "New oxygen APP", "new oxygen network" appointment, oxygen and new online often have special offers in their home, and some projects even half the price cheaper than the store! Days chatter, as if discovered what an incredible thing!

    Docking a good time in advance, otherwise they are very strict and responsible here, who make an appointment beauty Well, on a good beauty program can only be cosmetic, unlike most of our beauty club, the mainland directly into the store to pull you to do cosmetic.

    Occasionally do some lymphatic drainage massage, Tonglin detoxification, helps the body to speed up metabolism, discharge of impurities, toxins, so healthy and smooth.

    Address: Central Branch: Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong 60 Central Square, 30th Floor, Room 2B

    Tsim Sha Tsui shop: Canton Road, Harbor City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, World Business Center Room Floor -1008-1009

    Indulge in the United States and Hong Kong, which gradually forgotten, various ring true in work and life, the feeling of travel, is really a panacea!

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    So far 96 people have died of 7.23 Greek fires over a full month. For the just are in the Greek wanderer who would like to find out exactly how the fire spread open? Burned in the end what areas? How disaster recovery? With this problem I daily for nearly five hours on August 18, visited the reports mentioned in the eastern coastal city of La Feina Athens (Rafina) and Marty Village (Mati), with the final atlas . It is located in the southern coastal village of Marti Cavos restaurant next to a tall cross, there is a local old man next to the beach. Photography / Huang Hua

    From the reports at the time in probably learned that the fire was from 7.23 La Feina shoreline began. Field observations from my point of view, this seems to be confirmed. It is close to the figure on the street next to the high sea cliffs cross, for unknown reasons, one of which has disappeared, most likely because the fire burned down. Photography / Huang Hua

    In the back half of the tall cross and broken street lights, this is a sea-view restaurant was severely burned, the name of this restaurant on Google Maps are Cavos. Photography / Huang Hua

    In fact, that my line is the scene of the fire along the central area of ​​La Feina Eth. Antistaseos Street from south to north on foot past. In Eth. Antistaseos Street on both sides of the case have not found a house fire until the Ilidos cross the island to Dimokratias Street NE direction, they find that the fire at the scene. This Dimokratias Street house from the outside, the fire situation is more serious. Photography / Huang Hua

    After a place in the photo above, did not go far, turning northward along Dimokratias Street, came to an intersection when the west side marked campsites (Camping) place to see both sides of the yard are basically gone too far. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is a campsite (Camping) identifies the area in the eastern side of a yard is completely burned. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is a campsite (Camping) identifies the eastern side of the area burned in another yard. Photography / Huang Hua

    Cavos go along Dimokratias street along the east side of the restaurant, lights and other public works facilities have been destroyed. Photography / Huang Hua

    Along the west side of the street go along Dimokratias Cavos restaurant, the house also basically remain the same, but there are obvious signs of fire. Photography / Huang Hua

    And no discoloration of the white picket fence and a dark-mail seems to be explained, Dimokratias street, this yard number 111 should have little effect, but see next to this strain of burnt black green plants, we can imagine the effect of the fire in windy terrible. Photography / Huang Hua

    This Dimokratias Street yard number 119, trees seem to burn yard is not serious, but rather the extent of house burned more serious. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is the northwest corner Dimokratias Street east corner of the house because the fire has been completely turned into a gray-black, and so far are also the colors. Photography / Huang Hua

    Section of the road on the south side of Dimokratias Street east, is the most severe degree burn. Photography / Huang Hua

    Cavos seaside cliff on the outside of the restaurant is located south overlooking La Feina coastline, can be clearly seen along the coast of trees have been completely black. Photography / Huang Hua

    Cavos from the restaurant to the north of the seaside village of Marti Leof. Posidonos Street's northernmost seaside, there is a narrow walkway. This trek through nearly two kilometers of seafront promenade, you will feel very confused by your findings. Trees on the seaside cliff, basically like this a few trees that burned black. Photography / Huang Hua

    When you see this scene I was silently praying that the day had to sit on that bench people are still safe with it. Photography / Huang Hua

    Obviously in this seaside cliff, there is unfortunately no person can escape the flames. Photography / Huang Hua

    In such a flat area, this bundle of flowers seem strange garish. Photography / Huang Hua

    Fire performance stands to reason that the building of the wall should be consistent from top to bottom, but when you see such a situation, the only reasonable explanation is that, when strong winds from the Aegean Sea to scrape up the fire. Photography / Huang Hua

    When you see with an unscathed hotel within easy reach of the yard, I felt even more incredible. Plants sea side yard basically not affected by the fire, but the whole building was burned face current non, and that unlike the yard in front of the picture displayed only burn black top. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is a family recently estimated that there are plans barbecue, a fire completely destroyed the results of all programs. Photography / Huang Hua

    When we arrived at something of Mikras Asias Street to the north of the village of Marty, I feel further north may not be the ignition point, so to return the bend to the west. This is the case Mikras Asias Street, one block from the waterfront near the south side of the. Photography / Huang Hua

    Less Mikras Asias Street on the south side near the waterfront residents of this neighborhood, all vegetation, but burn more serious. Photography / Huang Hua

    Mikras Asias go west along the street, went to the intersection with Karpathou Street when the north-south and found that the degree of burn Karpathou Street on the west side of the light more, but the extent of household Karpathou Street on the west side of people burned quite serious. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is Karpathou street on the west side of a children's park, the fire apparently was covered, and from here to the waterfront has over 300 meters of. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is Karpathou street on the eastern side of a family, from the appearance does not appear that the situation has gone too far. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is a courtyard Amfitritis the street from east to west, which is all green plants were burned, leaving only iron shelf with lower support still there. Photography / Huang Hua

    Return to the Leof near the waterfront. When Posidonos Street and found a family seems not severely affected by the fire, ready to re-start the renovation. Photography / Huang Hua

    If I remember correctly, this is by Cabo Verde seaside hotel on the south side of a vacant lot. It is clear vegetation which have all been burned. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is Leof. Posidonos streets of one of the most interesting scenes, this two floor next to the number of residents in almost original appearance seems almost, from the beach ignition point distance should be similar. But in 7.23 the fire is completely different fate, the army did not fire on the left looks a little, but the right of the army has apparently burned black. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is a house for himself burnt black. Photography / Huang Hua

    Although twenty days later (I went to the field trip is the date August 18), but in Leof. Posidonos street can still smell the burning smell. This is a public works vehicle in the trash Leof. Posidonos street to collect charred trees and the like. Photography / Huang Hua

    Outside Leof. Posidonos street courtyard there is a fire traces found this place portable toilets. Photography / Huang Hua

    When I returned to Dimokratias Street, the northern section of the east-west while the south side of this street of this area (did not go in front passes), we found a more serious situation. The west width of 200 meters, an area 300 meters long from north to south, there is little full of things. Photography / Huang Hua

    In this neighborhood has been completely destroyed, the iron fence in front of the memorial left a lot of things, indicating that there may have occurred most painful tragedy. Photography / Huang Hua

    This area of ​​the southern tip of such a yard, watching the fire from the degree of appearance does not seem serious. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is the middle of the street Dimokratias toward the sea P. Mela Street on the north side of a courtyard scene. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is P. Mela Street on the south side of a space scene, there is only Fengyun trees burned black. Photography / Huang Hua

    Only show on Google Maps This is a piece of green space between the inner Kavounidou Street and 66i Street a few Byway, it is actually a slow uphill valley extends from the waterfront over. But is this valley, burned clean. Photography / Huang Hua

    Fortunately, this piece of residential buildings on both sides of the valley by the fire did not affect the basic. Photography / Huang Hua

    Can be more clearly seen from this photo, fire destroyed the valley but did not affect the residential building next to the valley. Photography / Huang Hua

    It is seen from Grammatikopoulou Street east to west north of La Feina seaside scene, in the middle of a shallow valley, green valley on the south side have been totally destroyed, while residential building on the north side of the green valleys and hillsides Fortunately, unaffected. Photography / Huang Hua

    At the eastern end of the north side of the hillside Grammatikopoulou street not far from the bay, you can see some of the local children to go back to the Gulf to swim, but was destroyed by fire on both sides is just the slopes. Photography / Huang Hua

    Ionias street not far away along the waterfront, you can come to this white man named Agios Nikolaos Orthodox Church. Photography / Huang Hua

    If you do not look back north, you can not see around the church anything extraordinary. But when you look back from the square in front of the church to the north, on the gentle slope of vegetation have all been destroyed, and residential buildings in the distance actually not affected. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is the northeast side of the church near the sea, gentle slope, vegetation have been burned. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is a gentle slope outside the church on the eastern side of the scene, apparently some vegetation is burned, and the distance is a nautical club. Photography / Huang Hua

    The church on the south side of the cliff, the cliff is parking La Feina Harbor, south of the cliff face has basically do not see signs of a fire. So basically verified along the way, and take place in July 23 seaside village of 拉菲纳马蒂 fire, burned area from south to north up to four kilometers deep stuff widest and 300 meters, which is the total burned area of ​​about more than 1 million square meters or less. But I is difficult to understand why there would be such a long area in the coastal city burned, but the fire seems from the beach; harder to understand is that there is still preserved in the yard serious fire area. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is the Agios Nikolaos church parking lot on the south side of La Feina harbor and marina. Over the past more than 20 days before the fire, on the island of tourists that did not seem to play enthusiastic affected. Photography / Huang Hua

    This is La Feina pier on the south side of the beach, away from the straight-line distance from Agios Nikolaos church that is more than 300 meters. But here, you have no sense of fire casualties than the city had just happened a shocked world. Photography / Huang Hua

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    Trip planning: Shanghai Bangkok ?? ?? ?? Shanghai, Bangkok Krabi ??

    Time: May 18 - May 23

    18 22:30 aircraft, but delayed to 19 am, there's a little story (end text speak, some metaphysics ... emmm ...)

    In fact, choose this time to Thailand, purely to work on tired and want to relax. However, this time period is the rainy season in Thailand, fortunately, we only experienced a full one hour of thunderstorms, but also in the car, not Lin Zhao ~~~ thank God

    1, first talk about airlines

    We chose Shanghai Airlines (CEA and is one), full-stop in Bangkok and medium-sized models fairly comfortable.

    Bangkok fly Krabi, A Mifei Man valley we chose AirAsia and Thai Airways. We really hope to avoid Rhea Air travel, thanks to their own low-cost airline really is, short-range service is a rubber stamp ...... The very comfortable from Krabi back to Bangkok, although short, but ran into Thai Airways large passenger aircraft, but also a small snack, we recommend you can choose ~

    2, Thailand's domestic traffic

    Thailand buses advise you to give up, basically only local people know how to ride, many of which were no windows and no doors, it is amazing ...

    We've been asked a friend to go before it was unanimously recommended the Thai version of the taxi software: grab! Local taxis will be cheating phenomenon, it pits;

    Grab is scheduled to die on the price, so it is cost-effective, and can be bound to pay PayPal payment, super easy! Positioning is quasi bizarre, I met a taxi driver and always find people in the country, but in Thailand, the driver the whole are very accurate, so the comparison recommend this.

    Their bts (similar aerial subway) can experience, connecting several business areas, very convenient.

    Bangkok Accommodation & play

    To tell the truth this time to Thailand really super headstrong, simply because the group looked blackpink comprehensive want to stay in Bangkok, Banyan Tree, and then immediately booked a horizon ... who do not want to have a room?

    Banyan Tree Bangkok

    moon bar

    Banyan Tree Bangkok is known as the world's most expensive Banyan Tree, the rooftop bar of the net red moon bar overlooking Bangkok, very romantic, if you want to go, be sure to dress up some. There above the dining area, a relatively small number of people, as well as bars, moon bar people will be more, if coincides with good weather, there may be no possible position.

    The hotel reception is done well, the first day of check in will be asked whether or not a special anniversary, just 5.20 was my birthday, they even made a cake, too happy ~

    His family have two characteristics: spa, Thai massage you want to experience the peace of mind, you can ask the receptionist to book directly, price and thann almost, a little bit expensive.

    Bangkok will visit the shop

    after you dessert

    after you dessert really super delicious dessert! Amid the mango ice? Taste is the sexy bitch who can not match! Would have to go after durian, two close are Siam Square, you can try.

    Lite Restaurant

    Lite Restaurant, word of mouth is good, tastes good, there are many stores, so it will be fairly easy to find.


    thann, must go! Thailand is out of the spa is thann, we did not go into because you want to make an appointment two days in advance, discount buy on public comment. His family products are coming to Thailand will buy, especially sunscreen is the star product, the girls grass should have been, but the purchase of five per person. Anyway, we just cut his hand the product family 3k ...

    pe aor

    pe aor many locals, the Thai star will eat, shop super people, things are not expensive to eat well, hit Tom Yum Kung.


    organika, at a net red restaurant downtown, and some domestic net red restaurant a fight, but his family environment is very generous, sit inside to eat like a forest elf.

    The restaurant dishes color values ​​are high, the taste is so-so. On the second floor of his own home spa pavilion, regarded as a diversified restaurant.

    Siam Square

    We only went to the shopping Siam Square

    : Siam center / one ...... (there are two places, bts apart like 3 stations) with a lot of shopping, you can wander forever, it is easy to lose yourself ...

    thann of spa products and one museum in siam parkson, siam parkson there are many special perfume stick!

    terminal21 there are a lot of people go, we did not go too late.

    Floating Market

    We also went to the floating market, Thailand is one of the characteristics, I do not always feel pity, but will go slaughtered!

    First tickets is very expensive, it points to one hour and two hours to play, we selected two hours, the price doubled, two boat 600. After all, from Bangkok to catch the three hours away, want to play a little longer, you just a little expensive, but later learned that this extra two hours is spent on all soliciting .... boatman stops at each store down, and has been recommended for tourists to buy things, very boring, but also a place to gather, all vessels, it is easy to congestion.

    let`s relax

    Usually I occasionally

    Eat and drink play Shanghai's release

    Feet get tired, reward yourself, right?
    [Lee and even massage

    Lock] is about to let the ancient palace of Thailand lost

    Ting Arcane "catch LONG massage" to reproduce the world, and more and more people are familiar with. Especially for international visitors to Thailand, it has been included in the new tourist Raiders. It is to sparse clear skill prostate angry, and blood barrier deposition, fatigue caused by deep, aching ridden, unhappy intercourse, infertility. Between each delicate fingering, all endeavor to comply Medicine Buddha conform to the principles of human meridian points, allowing men and women to re-embrace the best of their own health and

    So, presumably Thailand depth of experience over the pages of curious babies might find out?
    Want to feel authentic Thai professional catch LONG, you had better keep your eyes to look like bells regular Thai massage parlors, or easily hurt Dragon Air ......
    Thailand is currently the most popular, the most authentic arrested LONG shop (and Li Tai massage), "technicians have more than ten years of experience leading, services, environmental industries are considered, the global number of media did go in the documentary feature stories ... Youtobe hits on more than 80 million. in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai ... are equipped with branches.

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