I ask the experts, I heard Fuzhou and Xiamen now popular dysentery, is it true? What is serious? Waiting to hear thank you.

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    Hello! There are parking and parking fees are not expensive day parking costs 40 yuan.

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    some! Just sign near the marina indication! About 60 per day! Specific call to ask dock it!

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    Shanghai Wusong International Cruise Terminal Parking

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    From Shanghai go Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed (G50) about 400 km until the Qingyang Jiuhua Mountain / Hefei / Huangshan City exit / toward Huangshan / Fuzhou direction, into the high-speed copper Huang / G3 / Beijing high-speed, along the Copper Huang high-speed / G3 / Beijing high-speed drive 19.8 km from Qingyang / Jiuhuashan exit (via toll qingyangzhen), turn right into G318, G318 in 12 kilometers, then into S219, S219 along with 21 km, i.e., You can reach the area.

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