Hello there! I am in Zhejiang, I would go by car Tulou, should be based on what route to take, experts have urged me, thank you!

  • Hello there! I am in Zhejiang, I would go by car Tulou, should be based on what route to take, experts have urged me, thank you!

  • agong3501, I would like to ask you to help me recommend some place to stay right there, as well as the best phone, thank you !!!

  • Thank you, agong3501 to help me, my heart has some bottom up. Thank you!

  • Chaintech House in the first rural high high Kitamura, from near Yongding, the first rural high boundary between the pit lake Yongding, Nanjing and foreign books; as long as there are people living Earthen basically can live, usually between 30-50 ordinary standard room 60-80; road between Earthen good, open the best off-road vehicles, but in addition to the road between earth building, most of the roads are good, high-speed main road between earth building is not very long, so it is still open point of the oil province of the train it; the Earthen personally think the best season is autumn, before the rice harvest fast, golden earth again, and the relatively dry autumn, little rain, a good way to go point.

  • Thank you, agong3501 gave me the answer, I want to ask you a few questions, first, Chaintech floor is where in the past it away from the Yongding, Longyan, or near, how can I go? The second question, I would like to Earthen go live after that there is not every Earthen can live, how much money a room? the third question, okay over there on the road, so you can consider what car to open? fourth question, most go there What good season? entered not think of any other issue. Ha ha! more problems, I am sorry, because I wanted car, so I want to hear more about it, so go out, my heart will be some end. Thank you, experts point out!

  • The following route 4-5 days can basically go again Fujian famous houses. Wenzhou, Zhejiang -4.5 hours - Fuzhou 4 hours - 1 hour Zhangzhou - Nanjing 2 hours - foreign books Tianluokeng 1 hour - Yongding County Lake pit -2.5 hours - 2 hours Longyan City - Liancheng County Peitian -2 hours - Yong'an City - 1 hour - hour Sanming -0.5 - -0.5 hours Anzhen Fort - Sanming -2.5 hours - Minqing County, Wang Lincuo -1.5 hours - -4.5 hours Fuzhou - Wenzhou (both shuttle around the time interval used above the time required) Wenzhou - Fuzhou - Zhangzhou full speed, Zhangzhou - Nanjing - Shuyang Tianluokeng - Longyan City Highway and the following roads, Longyan - Liancheng County Peitian - Yong'an city - Sanming - Yong An Anzhen Fort - Sanming for the national road Sanming - Minqing County, Wang Lincuo plus 20 km high-speed highway, Minqing Hong Lim Chu Kang - Fuzhou - Wenzhou highway is 20 km and high speed. Earthen essence in Nanjing Shuyang town - between Yongding County Lake Kengzhen, this line can travel Earthen cement pit, under the version of the Prosperous House, Tower soil under buildings, river soil pit buildings, Merlin and your floor, Huaiyuan floor, Yongding high head earth buildings, Hongkeng earth Tower folk culture village - Nanxi Earthen - under the ocean Chuxi Tulou Group. Citylink Peitian ancient houses are another type of ancient residential buildings, known as Fujian Yong An Anzhen Fort "the most artistic taste of residential construction," Wang Minqing County Lim Chu Kang is "the largest single ancient residential buildings . " The first day will be living in foreign books Tianluokeng Tulou, Yongding pit lake the next day to live, to live on the third day Yong'an City, the fourth day to live or back to Wenzhou, Fuzhou. The whole trip about 4-5 days, the circle around Fujian.

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    In the red line to see net price of the hotel, it is home to about a water play together Hailing Island of Yangjiang. Zhuhai, two hours from destinations in the end, unfortunately is exactly the typhoon came, a little cool, splashing the purpose of greatly reduced.

    Typhoon approaching

    Outdoor bad weather, only in a hot bubble bath inside the room

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    The planning has been a long tour of Zhaoqing, I remember very early age, my parents and my brother went to the city of Zhaoqing play, remember particularly deep, always wanted to grow up to look back to Zhaoqing, now we have two children father, wanted to go I've been to places to see.

    Starting from Zhuhai, because it is during the National Day, the high-speed traffic jam for some time. The final starting around 8 o'clock, 11 o'clock to reach where we live, because hotel prices, we live a little bit more biased.

    Yuejiangzhong Bridge

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    Nanning Wanda park has to play more than once. During the first was just opened, and a man came to see Nanning ticket with the first indoor theme park style; the second was during the National Day of college graduation season, with a sister over for dinner shopping, incidentally, come pat photos; third the second is friends ~ ~ ~

    Work for six months, in fact, for me, give me the pressure is not small on the pressure of work and society. Nanning Wanda Park, not much, but every time came to play, will make me relax a little unhappy. The decompression activities, but also it brought me no small surprise.

    In the park entrance clown interactive games, will distribute small gifts oh

    Entered the park, he saw a large guy. You guess what?

    Not everyone guessing, it is that we have to Jing Xiaxin to clearance of success through the fire. Before we see it is not all appear ah Han at the mall? He has now appeared in a paradise. Finally have the opportunity to try to play this big guy, and on-site public concern number can participate in the challenge, the challenge clearance were available Monday to Friday park ticket a drainage it, this welfare is good. But also decompression, but also get gifts, perfect to play the opening event, very good!

    This is someone's little brother Yeah, about a successful challenge, little sister next to help record the whole process, envy!

    The family fun, tense atmosphere, cheering even dare big ~ ~

    See next activity by small gifts, or would like to try, but also have unpacked a gift, is not it heart?

    Release some of the pressure, the project opened today play slightly.

    Carousel (birds singing), children's fantasy world, memories of the killer, but also the release of the mood of a device, listening to music, sitting birds, in the course of play, let me drop everything and enjoy the feeling of the moment convivial atmosphere , very good very good.

    Carousel of birds, memories of childhood presented one by one in the play, enjoy it

    Rotating baby elephant (Jixiang Ruyi) is self-emptying one of the best equipment in the course of play, just press start to press the green below the twist, you can make your own ride Dumbo rise, twist press release, fly like the whereabouts of their own, really fun.

    Lovely Dumbo, is not it want to see Nie Yinie, hee hee

    This expression, it is Nuys

    Has been heard here, jumping off a building project is one of the stars of it, while waiting for the staff to help check the security measures, in fact, I was a bit nervous, after all, I am somewhat afraid of heights, this time to play or own one over, my has small hands involuntarily clenched the handle. When the device officially play, as when the device slowly rising, I feel okay, but on the increase, the process of decline, brought me a sense of weightlessness some fear, so I feel they have to fly out, ~ ~ ~ very nervous after the end of the play equipment, determined today not play exciting project. The next and so on someone to accompany me to come play with re-experience it, or own one, experience a sense of times reduced.

    Wangyoubianzou, actually there is a child fantasy world, a princess castle yeah, Who says only kids can have children magic, we can maintain innocence. Walk walk, go in and see, incidentally, take a photo, hee hee! !

    Holding the little prince little princess into the castle, oh good dream. If the ticket man also came together, is not it beautiful is good, but unfortunately, hum ~ ~ regardless of their entering the princess dream, but also a good enjoyment, ha ha

    The two little princess too cute it, like a good, if they can put on their clothes even more perfect princess

    This is a small couple love pictures, if ~~~~ ·

    A door, big pumpkin car attracted me, although one person play, but visitors can still shine let's play together to help take some of the visitors. Inside there are the underwater world, a mirror maze, princess room, etc., pretty special. Secretly tell you, just play equipment tense mood, this is the princess of the castle fully relieved, very happy.

    This system is not very cute children Department

    Who says stay inconspicuous corner of the project is a non-star project? Tonggu spinner, saw that it was not in a conspicuous location, but fun experience, but very good yet. A warehouse can take two tourists, I was playing when his own a warehouse. Staff have told us before play, there is a handle can be swung back and forth between the two positions, you can control the rotation of the cartridge 360 ​​°. Unwilling equipment just the circle of rotation of me itchy to push the handle. My mom yeah, this 360 ° rotation is not virtual, but the proposal has been either push or push remember back in the appropriate time, or you might be like me, upside down in the air, helpless look, very embarrassing. Whining

    The middle of the handle to move forward, there will be a different surprise Oh, ha ha

    Had enough of the project, we will continue to play decompression activities, recently released under the pressure of work. + Skipping finger board, this difficulty can ah. Approached tried, but fortunately wearing socks, or feel that they will not live down. 30 seconds challenge successfully jump rope 20 times, it is indeed not a small challenge it, for the first time to play, I actually have not seen, only completed 18 times, is a disgrace.

    Children drawn the second prize, a great Oh. Secretly tell you, I had a participation award, but custom keychain park is still very memorable

    He jumped up, my mother next to fuel it

    No, no ~ ~ attitude adjustment, the challenge once again.

    Ouye, over 30 seconds to complete 23 times, won the opportunity to participate in the lottery of the year award, is not it great? Why not, I heard the grand prize is a toaster too!

    Pear masterpiece, continue to attack. See an exhibition stand, into a look, duck ~ ~ ~ ~ are interactive message boards, so fun activities, must leave his little lucky at the top, chances are there are chance of being selected eligible gifts, hee hee.

    The desire to write this year, last month, come on!

    Guess what I wrote ~ ~ ~ ~

    If the one-time front crossing over the line of fire off just fine, but unfortunately, ah, limited capacity. Look forward to when you come to play a successful clearance, get a small gift Oh!

    Shunpian Dai Paradise Point pictures to share with everyone, haha

    This view, the park is still very warm

    This dish is the king of dance umbrella sitting positions

    I heard, turn this knob, you can have the feeling of flying in the air it

    Concentric father and son, a good bar

    Zhu Jin flowers, feeling up and down Britain, we can try it

    Is not it like network red dot pictures, photographs couple, park land will punch

    Is not looked very comfortable, this is Jin Yu colorful, ride on watching paradise, enjoy

    Valentine's Bridge, leave your promises and good wishes, I will always be on your side oh

    Very traditional feel of the street lamp, very retro in the bottom photograph, it looks good

    I had enough, and eat and drink is not that it? Haha

    Gourmet paradise, is not a lot of people have not enjoyed? Everyone worked on the palate. Prince Charles a variety of flavors; fresh and delicious Liang Pi; both grow on trees tofu; whirlwind crispy sweet potato, is the new chicken; sweet and soft and colorful cotton candy ?????? said here While tofu is not very eyes, but the taste is very good too, given the chance, you come to play here when you can try Oh, this is one of the highly recommended I try the food yet.

    There are a lot of food, not one by one on the map, and you worry about after eating could not help but look at the phone

    Greedy over food, then we say that under Mao and other fun and delicious in stores now. Mao was on the second floor there is a VR Museum, very suitable for pots like the faithful Technology oh. There are many types of VR inside the area, it is still very good.

    Mao was on the third floor there is a doll museum and a large machine play city. But for me, or in favor of crane machine hall, Wanda Mao opened when played over, cut to a larger, more lovely blue elf (jingle cats). Mao was on the third floor, there are many food Oh, hot pot buffet ????? consequently there is a feeling here is really almost do not worry, you do not personally experience under it?

    Consequently there, how come it?

    [Recommended] vehicles

    By bus: first and last stop to get off the bus at Wanda Mao

    W20,106,97,108, W4, W8, D9 (only weekends and holidays), 33,49,26, more bus lines can be reached

    Take the subway (transfer bus):

    Metro Line transfer routes

    - the passage 33 can transfer station Lake

    - can transfer 26 Road at Chaoyang Square Station

    - East Railway Station, next Fengling station can transfer 106 Road

    - the passage 33 can transfer station Convention Center, W8 Road

    - Lower Lake Road Square Station can transfer W8

    - the passage 106 can be changed Langdong Terminal

    Metro Line transfer routes

    - Dan Zhuling station, the transfer station may Sha Tin passage 49

    - the passage 108 can transfer station Yudong

    Self-driving, the network address about the car: as the District Five Liang Tai Road, Nanning Wanda 6 No. 1 Shigeru

    Department of Department not very excited ah! Moving from your hands, taking you out of step, from about Nanning Wanda paradise!

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    Yunnan Pu'er, we know that tea is very famous, there may be a place for the local manor soul panda to run away, rhino Ping area is also located here, there are all kinds of treasure like animals and plants, the Pu'er big trip for me to naturally have a fuller understanding and awareness.

    A free will usually take root botanical garden, learn to watch vegetation. In particular, I would like to find in nature can relax yourself, but also to learn professional place to vegetation, see the information online panda estate, it had been thought that only the presence of an animal, but a lot can be found in the Department of the Ministry of ornamental Knowing and very ashamed of vegetation to survive here. Do not hesitate to buy a ticket directly to the formation of experience of these first few days.

    Red Panda House - 37 km south-east of the Yunnan Pu'er Simao District Pu'er City, close to Sun River National Park rhino Ping area, manor surrounded by hills, no urban pollution, good air quality, negative oxygen ions abundant, more wildlife panda haunted manor with nature.

    Tips: The hotel will have a daily round-trip airport shuttle.

    Red Panda manor is located in Pu'er Sun River State Park, is a place that allows to run away with the soul and body, blocks of hillside cottage, like most of his childhood in the village of the old house, the house with the old wooden boat to do old furniture addictive, and boundless forests, gurgling flowing stream bring you back to the distant old days. Can not rush up in the morning, lying in bed, feel the sun caress, listen to music played all kinds of animals.

    Red Panda manor rooms are single-family, I booked a 270 ° Mountain View: hexagonal rooms, single hexagon, hexagonal suites. Room decorated with a unified five-star standard facilities.

    Manor rich furnishings, each room is covered with free wife, as well as casual coffee tree, Jane restaurants. Manor's restaurant serves simple meals, such as breakfast, West Point.

    Panda manor, here you will enjoy the atmosphere of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, forget time, forget their troubles, so you and your family to enjoy an elopement soul. .

    The room is high-quality old wooden boat, before using bamboo bath bathroom ceiling windows located, moments of relaxation with mountain views is not a flavor from the inside to the outside of the building material.

    Tips: great secrecy, without fear of being seen.

    Interior decoration ecological placed mainly with old wooden boat carving Shelf, leisure furniture, collection of desks, cabinets and other TV, each room also has a private safe to store valuables, as well as providing natural twins wells bottled drinking water. For environmental conservation, in the year-round spring Yunnan is not hot weather, the room was not air conditioned, but there are wooden fan thermostat, while the wooden houses can also play a holding role. The most important is to have a high-speed wifi in the room, it does not affect the Internet experience.

    Out of the hotel we took the hotel's shuttle bus to the largest oasis on the Tropic of Cancer, the last paradise of flora and fauna Chinese Pu'er Sun River National Forest Park rhino Ping area, Pu'er National Park, a subtropical monsoon has a major protective characteristics of the transitional often green broad-leaved forests and rare wild animals and plants as the representative of the natural and cultural resources to tea culture represented. Planning is now divided into special protected areas, conservation areas, visit the exhibition area, managed services into four sections.

    Monkey earrings

    Generic name pinafore tree, also known as folk woman chop tree, heart tree, the three straight, male urinary barrel, shampoo tree, landing money, etc., is Dicotyledon, Joe leguminous perennial plants, in July 1984 by the South China Institute of Botany classification room identify the primary plant Mimosaceae, by the World Health Organization after its return to the legume, pithecellobium. Monkey earrings taste bitter cold, detoxification effect, closing wet sores, the treatment of a variety of hot climate thyrotoxicosis unique Southern medicine. Let monkey earrings anti-inflammatory particles known is this the main ingredient.

    Neck planting bulbs, planting every year in this season, it is this wild bulbs mature, so people call it planting bulbs children.


    Floribunda is Magnoliaceae, smiling is a small tree, up to 20 meters. Bud cylindrical or narrowly ovate, yellowish softwood fluff, old branches glabrous, leathery leaves, oblong or oblong, apex acuminate or acute, base broadly cuneate or obtuse, and stipules petiole free, estipulate marks. Pedicels densely yellowish long hair; yellow flowers, Tepals oblong or oblong obovate, gynoecium cylindrical, oval gynoecium carpels, style brown. If the polymerization cylindrical, oval shape follicles, March flowering, November results.

    Along the way there are a variety of vegetation type, there are many reports, rhino Ping area are the main attractions are: "Hermitage rhinoceros, monkeys paradise, shadow fish upstream, Cyatheaceae trails, play ape Peninsula, wild rice melon pond wetlands, travel panda , play Bird Paradise "eight attractions and folk dance performing arts.

    "Rhino Hermitage" Pu'er Sun River (formerly Caiyanghe) Basin area rhino was once widespread. However, since 1933, the last two rhinos are killed, this land has no trace of the rhino 80 years. In order to reproduce the rhino in Yunnan, Yunnan Pu'er National Parks and Wildlife launched the research project "reconstruction rhino population" of. After South Africa for nearly three years of negotiations, South Africa finally agreed to the introduction of China Yunnan nine wild rhinos, of which two live in Yunnan Wild Animal Park, 7 to Pu'er National Park rhino Ping area stocking wild, breeding populations.

    The figure is West Hua, Chinese name. Birch plants, with detoxification, sore effect. For sore, eventually becoming shut after the collapse.

    Under the soil moist woodland Croton vine born and roadside bushes, altitude 2000 meters, Lahu drugs, drug Hani, Wa drug is needed in a number of pathologies Croton vine.

    "Monkeys paradise" like monkeys in the branches to swing dance, the large number of monkeys Pu'er National Park, often together. Our country is rich producing countries macaque resources, more than 60% of the province (region) has produced, although unevenly distributed, the distribution area is not continuous, but is still very wide distribution area.

    Ka Xi eggplant, another name belladonna bitter, bitter day eggplant, eggplant barbed days. Is Dicotyledon, Solanaceae, Solanum herbaceous or sub-shrubs. Joy was born in the ditch, roadside shrubs, moorland, grassland or woodland, altitude 0-2300 meters. Pharmaceutically acceptable, "Chu Yi Materia Medica", "Dai medicine", "Yunnan drug record" are recorded.

    Damage characteristics: spiny weed, whole plant contain toxic alkaloids, a large unripe fruit toxicity, humans and domestic animals eating can cause poisoning. The Chinese plant species database of toxic plants and their toxicity is poisonous fruit.

    Suo gong tree

    Also known as tree ferns, fern, is a legacy of the Cretaceous period rare species, is now the only remaining woody ferns. According to statistics, there Cyatheaceae of about three hundred million years ago, earlier than the emergence of dinosaurs 150 million million years, is the study of the formation of plants, plant geography and history of the earth good material change has important conservation value and scientific research value, it is a "living fossil," said Cyatheaceae, it is classified as a national protected plants. A total of Pu'er National Park in the Chinese Cyatheaceae, big leaf black Alsophila, Cyathea knot black veins and white Cyatheaceae four kinds, often growing in the forest or river valley on both sides of the wet land.

    Practical value

    1, research value: As the ancient and relict of Cyatheaceae plant, its research department to form and plant geographical species of great value, it co-exist with dinosaur fossils, the focus on dinosaurs lived during ancient ecological environment, dinosaurs rise and fall , geological changes have important reference value.

    2, ornamental value: Cyathea tree beautiful, like a crown Jusan, despite the vicissitudes but very undesirable rest of his life, still stalk Cang Xiu, Tingbo tall, highly ornamental value.

    3, medicinal value: Cyathea tree sheath hard, beautiful patterns, slashing the skin of the hip can be used for medicinal, with pungent, bitter nature, can rheumatism, strong bones, like Qingrezhike

    "Divertimento ape Peninsula": Pu'er National Park consists of a natural peninsula, known as the "play ape peninsula" because forest stream erosion over many years, naturally. On the island, the animals year-round activities are the "gibbon", which is the national level to protect animals. This ape, named for its long forearm, less than a meter tall, arms open and there is 150 cm, the world there are currently seven kinds of apes, there are four kinds of domestic, namely, white-handed gibbons, gibbons, black crested gibbon and white-cheeked gibbon, Pu'er national Park is the white-cheeked gibbon.

    "Wild rice melon pond wetland": wild rice melon pond wetland is a natural wetland lake, reason why the lake is called "wild rice melon pond", because this one lake growing a eat "wild rice melon", the fifties and sixties' famine "the time is here, wild rice melon, save a lot of local people's life. This is an ideal home wetland waders of various perennial habitat where egrets, crane, storks, yellow mouth Stork, vipio like.

    The safflower Bauhinia species of ornamental trees are beautiful, big flowers, purple, garden trees in full bloom when Fan Ying, evergreen lush, quite resistant to dust, especially suitable for making trees; bark contains tannin, can be used as tanning materials and dyes, roots, bark and flowers may also be used as medicine. Guangzhou is one of the main garden trees.

    "Travel panda": this nameless hill Pu'er National Park, surrounded by forest, the mountain is only different, it does not towering trees, there are fewer birds of prey, but the crane and stand among the mountains the red panda has become a travel paradise. We call it "panda travel."

    Pu'er National Park rhino Ping area in addition to the fierce rhinoceros also super cute panda, when you look at it in his hand when the fruit will look at you with a very pitiful eyes and ask you to eat.

    Red pandas in the wild is still widespread, but due to the sale of catch, habitat environment is the cause of human reclamation and destruction, the population is decreasing. Let panda panda Manor thrive in such a pure natural environment, and strive through artificial breeding, this will gradually reduce human close friends here, and take on the task of expanding panda population. By then, Pu'er National Park will become the country's largest panda breeding base.

    In the area on the way to the red panda estate any time can see herds of deer.

    Dinner is scheduled panda ecological manor small pot, in the mountains with friends and sipping a small pot enjoy the scenery is also very unique experience.

    Jungle leap hotel is one of the trip, a professional instructor led through the jungle in a tree, for security reasons, it did not take pictures. There are long and short leap jungle, I suggest that you go back long whips are basically super fun.

    Lapsang tea shop landed in the trees Horse Road tourist attractions, the tea this tea shop is very well-known local with souvenirs This is definitely the most authentic.

    Note: Reprinted from Zhou Sanhao

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