Will carry ten come on October 3 back and forth from Fuzhou to Xiamen airport, how to choose cheaper tolls?

  • Will carry ten come on October 3 back and forth from Fuzhou to Xiamen airport, how to choose cheaper tolls?

  • If you are young, or backpackers, Xiamen vacation, staying in a hotel, always make people feel strange, because there are a lot of family hotels, and all new house at the beach, or in a new city house, building age is generally about two years, are high-level, with new stylish furniture, I can recommend to you a family hotel, next to the beautiful Xiamen University, and while in the sea, overlooking the Golden Gate on a cruise you can see a place to live, cross-sea bridge on the road around the island in front of the open sea window visible, high-rise, with air-conditioning, water heaters, television, the most happy is to have their own washing machine can wash clothes according to, you can also boil water, I can contact you on behalf of the landlord, get a preferential price, interested please contact me: travelaroundguide@hotmail.com to South Putuo Temple five-minute walk! (The above information, are derived practice of Golden Week!) Xiamen it from the sea is so close, so close away from the road around the island, this hostel is next to Xiamen University school, so transportation is very convenient. Live elsewhere, either urban, remote from the sea, the sea can not see, or is in the island ring road near the Convention Center, less than 200 convenient price, online contact if I can continue to offer

  • 国庆期间车不好租借,大部分都被订光了,金轮旅游运输公司好象还有,19座的金龙车,不过价格不便宜,来回可能要1800左右,估计和坐大巴费用差不多了,不过会更方便点,您可以打电话问问0591-87681100。

  • Fuzhou to Xiamen by car, then 80-85 yuan / person, to Xiamen and then go to the airport to take the bus to the airport is not cheap. If possible, consider borrow the car or open their own good, the Gold Cup should be a kind of high speed of more than 300 km drive tired.

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