Members heroes, ask by car from the North Bus Station to Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, which is at the bus station to get off it? Liuhua? Milky Way? Fangcun? still is……?

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    "Well ~or find many drops snacks:! Mainly concentrated in the Confucius Temple Matai Street (also a night market concentration) Specialties: duck (you can store in Nanjing osmanthus duck, Shanxi Road, there is a relatively well-known, but sometimes queuing) If it is shopping, and is Xinjiekou Shanxi Road (3-way car to be) "

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    Nanjing stall this very famous, delicious and more than Qinhuai Confucius Temple.

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    Nanjing cuisine has always been known as Su Jing dishes, cook the self-proclaimed "Beijing help the Soviet Union." Diet to Beijing Jiangsu cuisine (Jinling dish) and Halal cuisine, Jinling dishes four dishes, including squirrel fish, egg dumpling, beauty liver, shrimp. Since the Nanjing people addicted to eating duck, goose, duck system technology and therefore prestigious, famous specialties memorable duck blood soup fans have, the highest honor the government lion head, Yin Shi seasoning sauce soup, Lianhu Gaotuan shop, "never forget" pickled fish, etc. . Another feature of Nanjing diet is eating a variety of vegetables, including Artemisia, chrysanthemum brain, Malan head, wolfberry head, shepherd's purse, purslane, goose intestines children, toon head (also known as dry eight fresh). In addition to major restaurants, especially recommend you to the local "aunt dumplings" made dumplings stuffed with wild but elsewhere not taste oh. In addition to eight fresh drought, there are eight fresh water say that arrowhead, lotus root, water chestnut, wild rice, Gorgon (beheaded fruit), water chestnuts, celery, wild rice. In addition, by the middle of Nanjing rain tea, was named the top ten tea in 1959.

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    Hello, I am glad to answer your questions, I hope my answer can give you help. Confucius Temple snacks more concentrated across the street to go to Nanjing usually go

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