I think tomorrow from Yantai to Dalian, about 16:00 previously able to Yantai, Yantai now to buy a ticket if I do not know if I can get the boat to Dalian day

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    At that time too cold, not suitable for the sea.

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    Pro, you can play, but only at the beach wash your feet, and can not swim, hope to adopt.

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    Mid-Autumn Festival to Qingdao to play very good, people should be less than the National Day, but is certainly not swim in the sea, and relatively cold. But to Qingdao eat seafood at the beach playing with sand breathe or no problem. Hope to adopt!

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    Mid-Autumn weather is a bit cold. Personal physical need to see the sea with the specific weather of the day, the general fall of Qingdao was quite hot, so the actual couple, weather permitting, it must be done about the movement of water before!

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