Will Handan -? Changzhi expressway opened to traffic if the whole I check in online to say how long a high-speed 16 km Handan how much could go down to the full!?

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    Sorry, this travel brewing for a long time a little faster every year, but the depleted sand beginning to see gold, I hope this year after a lapse of travel can help you can help me regain and deepen wonderful travel memories ~

    Kota Kinabalu is where my little brother and third choice to travel abroad, but also be well placed to exploit. Because vacation time is short, short flight time and is not a red-eye flight, spending is relatively small 4. May be considered the off-season, Kota Kinabalu is a large Chinese cities, walking is not used to eat too worried, want to go abroad free exercise of friends they can be described as a good choice, a slower pace of life is very suitable for holiday break.

    Southeast Asia to my little brother and is the most attractive thing is that the economic benefits of the fruit, and the deep blue sea and full of mystery, but not the best cat Sanno durian season, did not eat quickly, said guide 9-10 may the cat Sanno durian more cheap prices, this may also be the next time I come good reason Kota Kinabalu! ! However, mango, banana, dragon fruit, grapefruit also make both of us feel worthwhile, especially grapefruit, as a northeast girl, never eat anything so sweet and delicate grapefruit, did not feel bitter, completely re-shaped the grapefruit this fruit is really delicious ah, now that I think is straight swallow! ! !

    The following describes the journey began friends ~ ~ details if there is a need private letter I!

    Before departure preparation was banal:

    Sunscreen, sunscreen spray, After Sun Repair Mask

    ** documents: passport and a copy of the original e-visa (Ctrip handle, a sign so quickly that he could find a place to color printing) ID airfare, hotel, tickets, day trips single copy of the book, phone cards (purchased a treasure there is) above documents have an electronic version in the phone

    All kinds of drugs: diarrhea, pain, hot cold, cold (cold on the plane), Band-Aid, desensitization drugs, mosquito repellant.

    toiletries, cosmetic bags, contact lens solution, glasses (without shipping cases, all kinds of cosmetics and a single bottle of liquid can not exceed 100ml, 1L each no more than the trunk)

    waterproof bags, purses close

    swimwear, beach pants, sun protection clothing, hats, slippers, sandals, beach sandals, snorkeling Sambo

    Insurance: Aviation accidents, delays and other international health

    carry all types of clothing

    Mobile Software: grab (taxi software, really easy to use, you can choose Chinese drivers, many local Chinese, you can pay cash) google maps (smaller Kota Kinabalu city, walking artifact) google translation (worried about the language barrier can be a small group of children with Download this seeking consolation is really irrelevant all Chinese people speak Chinese Malaysians)

    Currency: 1 yuan equals about 0.6 ringgit can get to the airport

    photographic equipment

    The evening of May 24 departure K28 times to Tianjin

    Is probably the most beautiful dining car of Aberdeen, and next door to join the army gathering gentlemen, I kept asking taste it this thing ~

    May 25 as early as 6:31 to Tianjin ignore the dog to eat

    14: 25-19: 55 malindo air Kota Kinabalu

    Malindo air really nice, spacious footwell, little brother 1.8 meters tall, regular figure sitting very comfortable, not crowded, 1.6 m little sister can comfortably sleep ~ meals can, flight attendants services in place, quite good parity aviation The company, early bird discount.

    The airport is not, find someone to take the cash ATM to the airport, Ctrip is really strong, at the time the machine did not meet the cash situation, but fortunately, there Ctrip window, cute little sister to refer to additional hidden ATM-_ - || ..

    Back at the hotel, simple grooming, make sure the first thing a good day trip is the Bak Kut! ! ! ! ! ! ! I had found through google map up a super super delicious Bak Kut nearby, the store owner who is also super good, very enthusiastic to our tune dips, gave us said a lot of interesting stories, features and Kota Kinabalu attractions, really super enthusiastic - support to the explosion, to find in a convenience store to a durian popsicle, simply do not enjoy too, little brother finally drink the soup, it really is in line with Chinese stomach, but still hot to eat, Bak Kut is boiled with traditional Chinese medicine, cold medicine or be a little taste, but when the heat is really delicious, little friends do not worry!

    5 May 26

    Sunday happens to be caught in a special weekly Gaya Street Sunday market, a lot of people are very busy, coffee, fridge magnet, local specialties musical instruments, a variety of fresh fruit juice, strange massage slippers (looks very Shuang acid), for the two IQ color values ​​Ha, potted. There are famous Hainan chicken rice, Yee Fung tearoom, coffee old street games are hidden in the street. Every hotel has a kind of local specialty drinks: orange ice, sweet and sour, with a salty dried plum, cool, very clear mouth, as for Malaysia's climate -

    About little friends take on the same flight, strolling to eat, a coincidence ah

    Less developed local public transport, ride is not recommended, no air conditioning, and a long, long time before the car trip, like a taxi, very cheap very cheap

    Of course, it is at night to eat seafood ~ ~ ~ ~

    The tourists do not go too much is a shop, really can not remember its name, I wanted to know friends can private me, I should be able to ask ....

    5 May 27

    To get up early the matter, because under the ocean to catch clownfish it today! ! !

    Ctrip booked a day trip (mermaid island, boat ride closer, afraid of motion sickness can be considered), two days ahead of the establishment of a micro-channel group, to determine a good time and place, directly to the hotel to pick us up in the morning you, the driver wizard is a person Almighty brother, great, service is in place, and finally gave up a good horse slaughter recommended ~

    The compressed video is not clear, good gas

    Too cured - with bread down, careful to touch the fish bite the hand yo ~, better luck the sea the same day, a coach just took my little brother, little brother and I are just familiar with the water, did not wear life jackets (buoyancy great sea), with his own snorkeling mask will not choke with water, especially playing Hey, still simmering air to go see a clown fish family of three, is not afraid of people -

    Lunch to eat on the island (day trip meals), can also be right, barely fill the stomach, but also the sea but also by boat, afraid to eat too much discomfort.

    Three in the afternoon return back to the hotel to wash a fresh water bath ~

    5 May 28

    Am completely free, in a daze, go to a nearby beach in the sun, reading books, watching surfers who stepped on the waves!

    Afternoon visit to the water mosque, post office building, went to Sabah University looked pink mosque fact that I do not really suitable for punch-style travel

    Sabah University is the largest university in Malaysia yo, learning on this campus really think about happy ~

    Firefly wish, I wanted to wish one of Kota Kinabalu, for many small light, shining, we all do not speak quietly, boatmen attract fireflies with special lights to come on board, the wizard brother caught a place to our hands, really not force, hurriedly put it back into the forest, tranquil forests, insects sounds, ease ~

    Features bamboo dance performances

    Back at the hotel passing the durian overpass - a whole street wow ~~~~~~~

    Because the hotel is not brought into the jackfruit Durian Durian Durian sell honey so place a small table and are ready to eat on the outside like a glove

    May 29 souvenir shopping to buy friends ~ recuperate, ready to go home tomorrow friends ~

    May 30 ahead of an appointment to send machines, home line and slightly cat, an estimated two masters can not wait

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    Not far from our company, I do not know why you would set there, there is very convenient. Because rural roads, public transportation is not much need to go. You want to change the Bund in the past few cars, a long time, I suggest that you might as well tick, or ride drops, the Bund here about 45-50. If you can cancel, I suggest that you might as well change to the Shanghai South Highway, south or benefits, some hotels have free vehicles to take Disney, satisfied please adopt!

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    You can take the Metro Line 2 (East Xu Jing - Guang Lan Road) in Nanjing East Road, 6 points, take Metro line 16 and get off at Longyang Road (Longyang Road - Harbor City), after 3 stops, in the week to Sunday Pudong Pudong station, walk, take 4 weeks Kang Road (week Pudong station - Lujiazhai), after 8 stops, get off and walk in the road construction Zhouzhu road to the hotel. Such help to you, thank you click adopted.

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    Metro Line 2 near the Bund, Nanjing East Road Station, the car sat Jiangsu Road Station, transfer to Metro Line 11, sit along the road show station, transfer to Line Long-Dawa crumbs station, walk about 300 meters to the hotel.

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