I figured he would arrive on Long Island on the first day of noon time, plan to visit nine husbands Cliff, Crescent Bay, ask, I live in that hotel more appropriate row

  • I figured he would arrive on Long Island on the first day of noon time, plan to visit nine husbands Cliff, Crescent Bay, ask, I live in that hotel more appropriate row

  • You can go to the beach to watch the sunrise ah, not necessarily going to woodlands park. Long Island is small, where to live are: Long Island County Park Hotel Phone: 0535-3211994,3212992 Address: Long Island Long Island county mountain silver fan Mansion Hotel Phone: 0535-3212132,3212133 Address: Long Island County Park Street, 74 Long Island hotel phone : 0535-3212223,3212233 (switchboard), 3213388 (office)

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    Oh no direct, high-speed rail motor car transit needs in Jinan, the earliest of nearly 11 hours, 600 yuan. Help you, please adopt green!

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    No train, transit. G456 Shanghai Hongqiao Weifang HSR 6 hours, 1 hour 50 minutes, etc., D6031 Weifang LONGKOU station to 4 hours, the entire 12 hours. . As help you, please click on the green adoption

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    Will Shanghai to Longkou, Shandong EMU have it. To a few hours? Thank you!

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    Golden Week is coming soon, This seven-day mini vacation to go where you want to play it?

    This is a cow feast, broadcast "cow" beat "cow" to see "cow", write "cow" eat "cow" learn "cow" love "cow" support "cow" Hello " cattle, "pull" cow "riding" cow "and other rich" cow "activities.

    1000 "ho boats, from Harley Hummer to build from the major car together, to see the mountains, the Blackwater River water to see the scenery, the golden week, in your eyes, do cattle cattle cattle in the world, opened a carnival park, Tourism is bound to set off 2018 session of the "small peak", and quickly come about.

    It's Guangxi Dahua Group Agriculture hosted "the largest beef cattle breeding base in Guangxi," by the Guangdong Morning Star Media Company / landscape Ranch / Dehui, China join hands to create Brigade hosted the "2018 | landscape pasture | park opened and the First Festival" black River "Eco-Tourism Festival" will be held October 1, 2018 - was held in Chongzuo City Jiangzhou new landscape ranch and town-7!

    Landscape pastures covering a total area 1080 acres, the project focused on the development of ecological cattle breeding industries, with returning farmland to pasture as the starting point, closely integrated with the Chongzuo 30,000 high-quality beef and industrialization base project, and as a the basis of the development of leisure agriculture and animal husbandry, the formation of "to promote tourism industry, tourism industry with" eco-dimensional integration of complementary industrial economy.

    It is reported that the southern pastoral landscape ranch designed to create rivers and lakes-style modern agricultural sightseeing park, the resort focuses on cattle-based diet to build the culture, European-style bed and breakfast-style culture, leisure and health support combine to create a relaxed original ecology Tourism atmosphere. Guangxi is the only build a comprehensive and multi-functional cultural tourism landscape ranch, autonomous regions and autonomous regions in five-star five-star farmhouse "rural tourism zone", to create Chongzuo border tourism landmark.

    At present, the park has been the construction of facilities landscapes ranch restaurant, many tourists center, tourist farm, bed and breakfast, fruit picking garden, ecological farming base, swimming pools, water performance area, a marina, children's playground, bridges tourist attractions.

    National Day this Golden Week, organized by "2018 | landscape pasture | park opened the ceremony and the First" Song Da "eco-tourism festival", through large open park celebration, art show, will drum performances, clowns interactive party featuring grilled Course, Water Passion carnival, locomotive RV camping experience, cows experience, fruit picking and other series of activities, which will participate in the celebration of the opening of the park visitors to experience an unprecedented festive atmosphere.

    The park opened event, there will be five major themes waiting for you to participate.

    "The first chapter of" open garden ceremony

    Girl passion inspired a hit encourage each youth's heart jump.

    Traditional Zhuang Autonomous Region will drum, echoed with a long history and ancient.

    That lion hegemony, so you Qinyun in singing and passionate.

    "The second chapter of" Water Passion

    Off than the pursuit of speed is not more exciting climax

    Water boats, flying fish, banana boat, straight, a water-skiing, electric boat, flying fish makes you believe that a restless heart met.

    In the fast and furious, so that their own blood surging wild it!

    "The third chapter" star special

    This is a singing loud and clear autumn encounter

    From the 2017 Global Chinese Music Award for Best New Band

    Let's shout out their names

    Night, Aurora Orchestra

    This wave of team battles Wynn

    Because from

    Tencent "Heroes Union" theme song

    Originality / Interpretation / day group

    They love the sound

    They fight for a dream

    Landscape ranch on the "Title IV Chapter" tip of the tongue

    Eat, drink bear the brunt

    That eat

    Here is the original ecology of the world

    This is delicious on the tongue

    It was good agreement

    During the National Day dine please book in advance

    Reservation Phone: 13877122505 (Chen)

    Pasture landscape park opened - pushing special dishes

    Dining table surrounded by four people from the set, the price of 188-588 / table

    "The fifth chapter" Field song

    Nothing is more fun than to get rid of the city's concrete jungle

    Is among mountains and rivers, sing in the fields

    Yard of the environment

    Make this an excellent choice for leisure

    City people tired of endless longing

    Let your child go cows, catch fish, pick fruits, barbecue

    Your children are happy and laugh with impunity

    It is this not you ever youth

    Quickly with his family

    Together chasing ever dream of it

    Golden thoughtful the first "Song Da" eco-tourism festival, delicious fun good-looking, as ultimately!

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