Will Changan Town, Dongguan, the sand industry go far away from Dongwan, how to get there?

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    Where is China Sauvignon place? What in flavor that can not afford to say that this is a path unknown atmosphere. The whole family sitting round and round table of joy, the aroma is faint trace strands dinner, it is decorated the way of fire, friends and family which sounded okay greetings ... New Year couplets, shear bars, put firecrackers, see the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year which is a child of God Mans will do the project, but now the city will not let the fireworks and firecrackers, Spring Festival boring year after year, unwittingly, in flavor to go away from us a. I would like to regain their childhood memories, take you to experience the most rich in taste!

    It is "God Hou town." Under the Yuzhou City, Henan Province.

    God Hou town just a nameless village in the Tang Dynasty,

    The people here earn their living by the rule of pottery porcelain.

    Delicious, fun, and good-looking

    God Hou town with less traffic, in the sunset of my eye, is particularly bleak, with respect to those commercial town here, adding to a strong quaint and historic, come here, you can feel the ancient natural Italian and graceful, exposure to which, if back to ancient times, people feel good, people may feel precipitation.

    Streets, quaint city streets Seven Mile, located on both sides of Xiaohe River, East and West consists of four ancient village, tall and thick Zhaiqiang the Walled traditional architecture, temples, ancestral halls around it, there are those characteristics of the bright Qing ancient home, has become a major feature of Kobe.

    Qingming River Park, built here gate building, Hongqiao, near the river, food street, restaurants, tea houses, pawn shops; there are folk entertainment, jugglers, drum set, cock fighting and other Kyoto style. .

    At night, bright lights on the Qingming River Park, near the river on both sides of colorful, Hongqiao and gate towers and other buildings shine, will be perfect for thousands of years Bianjing downtown in front of us.

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    Speaking of traditional skills, through changing times reserved to now very easy. Some techniques have become non-heritage items have been protected and heritage, some skills but never came back in history.

    Sanmenxia is a place with a long history, building pit method hospital has become a national non-heritage, mud Cheng Yan of China's four most famous ink in here are also heritage. But here there are many skills in the face of lost, hands Yi Bai Cheng Rencui Sanmenxia elbow monkey is one of a kind, this art heritage is now pass the fifth generation, and now has become non-genetic level to Sanmenxia Shanzhou District protected.

    Elbow monkey, is an ancient folk art of "puppets" of one, only 0.3 meters of the stage, able to accommodate "the wider world."

    The difference Sanmenxia elbow monkey and Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and other places elsewhere at hand puppets, that the performer does not use copper whistle mouth way, but to imitate the language of various characters and animals through ventriloquism. This reminds me of when the school learned of the early Qing Dynasty prose piece "ventriloquist", "ask a desk and one chair a foot." The performer's elbow monkey is a man, even a, "a stage."

    Because of the use of performance aspects of the art of ventriloquism, making it more difficult to learn, puppeteers Cui heritage of the elbow monkey is also unable to do anything.

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    In mid-August 2018 to be in Oxford for a few days, say local students find University of Oxford in Oxford almost can not find, so I turned some attractions after the discovery of each Oxford University Oxford is scattered throughout the city colleges or institutions, such as All Souls College, University College student (United Kingdom said that many Chinese students will choose this College, Oxford University College thought it was, in fact, no difference with other College, is a student accommodation, meals and the local tutoring), examination school, Christ Church College, Magdelen College, Bodlenia Library and so on. The city there are many famous museums, such as the Oxford Museum, the Natural History Museum or the Pitt Rivers Museum (Pitts River Museum) and the Ashmolean Museum (Ashmolean Museum) and so on. Oxford Museum is inside the town hall, reception after the grandfather went to India, said the Oxford Museum being renovated (refurbished), re-opened in 2020. Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum on together, we can watch together. Pitt Rivers Museum is a museum of human history, a large scale.

    Radcliff Camera, in fact, a huge library, museum has a huge collection of books, only teachers and students can use the University of Oxford, said to be under English law, each of these books are published in English in this collection a must. Some people say that this is the soul of Oxford and landmarks, Oxford will come to the land, a lot of photos of Oxford in the media are to see it as the center. A you come here you will see hordes of Chinese tourists, bustling.

    Bodleian Library, Bodleian Library, the British Library is the student says Radcliff Camera part of it, Bodleian Library also tourists, such as weaving, because here is taken of the famous Harry Potter series of films land. However, tickets only need a pound compared to other colleges in Oxford, the tickets are the cheapest. Here you can participate in the Tour fee, a person responsible explanation. But when I went to have sold out of.

    Bodleian Library appearance, in fact, here is a small courtyard, go out from one side of the courtyard we see Radcliff Camera Museum.

    Oxford Bridge of Sighs (Bridge of Sighs), when passing Bodleian Library photographed. With different Cambridge, Oxford, sigh no water under the bridge.

    Medellin College, Magdelen College, is a very elegant feel of a college, away from the heart of Oxford distant, tickets 6 lbs, beautiful courtyard, was surprised that, after passing through the courtyard, the college has a deer park, deer park, which raised herds of deer, very rural atmosphere.

    Christ Church College, was filmed here because of the Harry Potter films and famous, bustling Chinese tourists, to enter from the back door, you can see the famous Hall (in fact, is the college cafeteria, Harry Potter movies here shooting, canteen built much higher and feels like a castle from the outside, from the stairs to enter the building to the inside of the dome shocked, above the wooden structure returned gold-plated, look at Keio University in Japan remains on the table the reservation cards, the original dining can be located here, want to come cheap). The college has trained over 13 British prime minister, said the college also British students usually enroll rich kid's college.

    The left side of the dome-style building is Church College, also known as Tom tower, inside the bell is called Tom. The right side sharp stone building is the famous Hall of shooting Harry Potter movies.

    Hall wooden building above the yellow part of the gold-plated.

    Tom Tower, tooling staff is very rosy, this garden only this College students and teachers can pass, otherwise the staff will be stepped forward to stop, are usually the first sentence excuse me! So in turn various colleges of Oxford have to look at the signs, if written Private, do not visit.

    St John College, St. John's College. Many are taken from Oxford and Cambridge School of the same name, such as Trinity College, St. John's College and so on. But you can see the famous Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge St. John's College, and College flows beside the River Cam, some of the more poetic. Into St. John's College, Oxford, when asked whether the charges, the person told me to say no charges, but are not allowed into the Chapel, are not allowed on the stairs or lying on the window point of view, because there are building accomodation, that is to say the old building They are home to students.

    Oxford Museum of Natural History, where to go from the main entrance, you can visit the Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum at the same time. Behind the museum are basically theoretical chemistry, organic chemistry laboratory and classroom building and inorganic chemistry. Oxford Park far away from here.

    Merton College, Morton College in that small alley, close to Christ Church College in the back door, but the door is gravel, tickets just 3 pounds and is very quiet. Went College has closed, so the only shot on location. Oxford's many colleges will be written on the door opening times and admission prices, it should be read carefully before or ask the staff inside.

    In a trail between Morton College and Christ Church College back door, forgetting seems to be called Merton Grove, a very academic atmosphere of the trail, from here you can also enter Christ Church College's Meadow (lawn), although the lawn, but this front lawn establish a sign above the dense read, what kind of people can use these lawns, how if the violation will be punished, and so on. On the lawn will be erected many Oxford keep off grass sign, that could not be trampled lawn. It is important to note.

    University Park, University Park, there are several who can enter respectively. Lush park, but not many people, a number of small fork spread out in the park, will be marked on signs planted in different plants and views of a small road, park side against the Cherwell river, the iron wooden bridges and so on, occasionally see people's punting boating.

    It should be South Gate Park

    Park rainbow bridge

    Park came face toward me old British husband and wife couple. Hand in hand, faltering.

    From the back door of the park side can come to Lady Margaret Hall, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford earliest recruit female students built College. School location far from the city center, so abortion rare, very quiet. There are school chapel, student dormitories, classrooms, libraries, dormitories and garden, close to the River Cherwell College students can directly board punting in the river.

    From Lady Margaret School opens onto a side door of College Park.

    Lady Margaret School main entrance, with the key before they can enter. Because the remote location, it is usually the lens can not find people.

    Courtyard and old old library.

    Lady Margaret School courtyard, Cherwell River is a natural boundary and barrier, audible former British student said students really daring swim across the river to see inside school girls.

    Ashmolean Museum, Britain's first public museum, but also the history of several decades than the British Museum in the morning. No tickets, there are Chinese Museum, Museum of Europe, the British Museum, the Egyptian Museum and other collections Ling Lang everywhere. Turn one afternoon did not turn finished all of the museum. Every time I go most appealing to me is the exhibition of clay China Hotan.

    When the 2010 expedition to Xinjiang, and have been to many archaeological sites, many relics have disappeared, he came to Britain, the British Museum and the Ashmolean Museum saw them.

    Chinese cultural relics, ivory figure of a fan is a fan. Zhu Hua is also very beautiful, precious stone and pearls, bright.

    It is said that this is the most important archaeological remains of England.

    Ling Lang everywhere ring.

    Oxford shopping is also very convenient, relatively small, there Covered Market, in fact, is our small shanty market, in High Sreet above the streets a few doors can enter. They are small businesses, things are very cheap, sell things there is bread, jewelry, purses and small restaurants.

    In Oxford there are many historic pubs, coffee shops and so on. See the instructions on the banner, this market from 1774 there.

    Oxford opened a new shopping center called Westgate Center, are some of the big shopping malls, from jewelry, books, purses, clothing and eating everything wares. Such as the very famous Blackwell bookshop can be found here.

    Oxford Bicester Bicester Village has a very famous discount village, some of the big names such as Prada, Gucci, Burberry discount stores are here, in the heart of Oxford City Center Oxford bound for the village of Bicester Village discount S5 bus, this bus are double-decker cars, called Stagecoach, should be the bus company's name, I am weeks to go, and no one on board. From the nearby Bevington road I live near the car (not from the city center about 15-20 minutes away from the school Margaret relatively close), the fare spent 4.30 lbs, drive about 30 minutes, I think the British bus still more expensive. This is only one-way ticket, come back when they charged 4.30 lbs. Follow the signs to walk after getting off the bus station about 10-15 minutes before the discount village, with UnionPay card can exchange for 10% discount card discount visitor Village Center, Burberry also receive 10% off card.

    When the world of heavy rain, although the morning, but to shoot the effect of the evening.

    Let me say traffic Oxford, Gloucester Bus Green Station is the transportation hub of the city of Oxford, small, Ashmolean Museum, not far from where the bus bound for Cambridge X5, way Bicester Village discount; 24-hour open to London coach (OxFord Tube), also bound for Heathrow central bus station (central bus station) of LHR buses, parked at Heathrow Airport T2 and T5, if you go to T2, then the driver will tell you that in the central bus Station and get off. From Oxford to Heathrow whole 23 lbs, you can buy tickets on the train, cash or credit card. Different trains stop at various stations (Bay), may proceed in accordance with the signage. There is no domestic ticket office, just go a little confused, some vehicle purchase in the car, in front of some vehicles will be put on a table, buy tickets before boarding. Drivers are standing in front of the car, remember to sit X5 from Oxford to Cambridge when, because to go too early, the vehicle has not arrived, I asked a driver Where is X5 bus? He told me that while on that, I'm afraid to see less than, say a blue bus, a very blue one. After the discovery is indeed blue to a vehicle, the whole body is blue brush.

    Britain had checked in to eat or not to issue a tip, the British student told me not to, but I saw the bill and other bills have time to understand that this is not a tangled problem, the store to eat at some people will directly bill automatic plus fees, such as discretionary service, to add 12.5% ​​tip, not to have to give up. But in a small shop to buy fast food found not to increase fees.

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    A few years ago during the Internet accidentally saw the green village only in fairy tales, I have been longing to go to the wonderland of origin - Shengsi. Taking advantage of the summer, with just my husband and brother finally admitted to the University came to this mantra has long been a place. We proceed from Shanghai, arriving on Sunday, leaving Tuesday afternoon. Because of time reasons, only play in Shengsi this island, the scenery is more beautiful wolfberry island, birds and flowers Island left to the next bar.

    Here to tell us about travel round-trip ticket purchase, the island travel, food and other aspects of the Raiders, it would not be tragic experience of it, behind the visitors hope detours, to play more relaxed.

    A round trip travel ticket. There are several ways to buy tickets:

    First, on-site ticket. When to go: from Shanghai, may one day in advance to the passenger transportation center (the road outside No. 1588, 6:30 began selling tickets) purchased to Shengsi travel ticket in the morning one of the earliest shuttle was 7:30 in the Nanpu Bridge, from the Nanpu Bridge to Shen Harbor Bay (half an hour), then the boat to the island Shengsi Li Zhu Wharf (clippers 45 minutes, ordinary passenger 70 minutes, the time difference is not longer). Travel ticket price: + normal passenger bus 114 yuan, 144 yuan bus + clippers.

    Return: Shengsi bus station (7:30 began selling tickets, 11:45 to 13:30 rest) can buy return tickets a day in advance, Li Zhu Shan pier you can buy a ticket the day of travel.

    Note: Live tickets are cash only, for unknown reasons. And the best line up early to go, or is likely to buy the right ticket. 6:30 am my husband to buy a ticket to Shengsi Nanpu Bridge, there have been a lot of people in the queue, discharged 7:30 to get these tickets. . . . . . When return, 6:30 to Shengsi bus ticket line, the person may purchase Nanpu Bridge 10, queuing basically cattle.

    Second, the Chinese water tourism buy online. The site offers ticket purchasing services, and from Shanghai Shengsi tickets five days in advance (does not include the day) purchasing accepted reservation, the rest of the line 15 days in advance (does not include the day) purchasing accepted reservations. The system automatically updates data every morning. Each order the purchase of six (pen can be set up to 2 per person per day).

    Third, concern: "Shengsi passenger terminal" micro-channel public number, there are ticket purchasing services. But very few tickets must be bought in advance.

    Fourth, Taobao, Ctrip buy, will charge more expensive purchasing costs, usually about 50.

    Fifth, Shengsi B & B owners can defer the purchase, after the booked accommodation in advance contact with the boss.

    Summary: For the money of the poor (like me), the most cost-effective on-site ticketing and online ticket seldom put, do not pay attention gone.

    Second, traffic island

    Before going, I read a lot of Raiders on the Internet, we all reflect the island travel inconvenience, almost no taxi punch, starting at 50. In this island to be a three-day, personal feeling, travel fairly easily, some of the important transportation hubs or basic attractions, there will be buses, but some less car trips, long interval of time, if you do not plan ahead a good trip, by bus really not a wise choice. You can focus "Shengsi County Yongsheng Automotive" public number, which will have each bus route and departure time, and you can also contact chartered taxi. Lake-beach, town garden (Shengsi County seat of government), the East China Sea fishing village and others have many buses to the terminal, resorts, accommodation can be considered when choosing to live in these places. In addition, the island has many attractions bike rental points, but winding coastal roads are two-lane, there is no dedicated bike lanes, so some dangerous riding.

    Shengsi this island is really small, from the east to west will most less than 20 kilometers, 10 minutes on the bus between the many scenic spots.

    Third, food

    I want to recommend that the score of the first, second restaurant on the small Shengsi public comment list. Shengsi local bus station are within 10 minutes walk. Number one is Shengshan seafood shop, not a big facade, decoration in general, but business is very good, very authentic seafood, price is not expensive, service in place. Three of us ordered Kau salt and pepper fish, braised eggplant, onion oil abalone (10 yuan a, we ordered 3), iron squid, salt and pepper shrimp Phi, brown sugar cake, a total of 260 yuan each dish very tasty, really want to come back to eat again. . . . High score really makes sense. Second is the Yat seafood gnocchi, a homely roadside store, the flagship gnocchi, subversion cognitive lump opposite me, super chewy, Q bomb. Public comment also offer to pay $ 10, happy.

    Food stalls and small restaurants nearby scenic, cost is not high, tourists for a long time, food quality can not be guaranteed. If you do not want all the way to the city (garden town) for dinner, bed and breakfasts recommend eating at home, they are generally not too bad.

    Breakfast: Breakfast is near the scenic pit, basically dumplings, fritters and noodles, milk and red. A very ordinary bun every five dollars of oil. B & B generally serves breakfast, $ 10 per person in advance and speak good boss.

    In short, plenty of time, it is recommended to town to eat real authentic seafood dinner, not Shengsi this island, a lot of scenic spots to take a bus over the last 10 minutes.

    Fourth, the itinerary

    Time: August 19 - August 21 Accommodation: East China Sea fishing village Tao Tao Wang Chao cat Number of Seaview Inn: 3

    Cost: a total of 2863 yuan, travel round-trip ticket 774 hotel two nights a total of 876 (Hotels must be booked early !!!) island trip: 93 yuan (all take the bus) to eat snacks: 772 scenic spots (two adult ticket + a half-price student tickets)): the lake-beach + six Jingtan monk sets of packages 348.

    August 19: 7:30 am Nanpu Bridge starting around 10:30 went to Shengsi Li Zhu Shan pier, then take the tourist bus line 302 bus (half an hour, the fare 10 per person) at the dock exit, 20 minutes He went to the East China Sea fishing village. Stop sign is located in the most popular places in the East China Sea fishing village, next to a small beach, convenient transportation, there are many food stalls across and B & Bs. We also live in the inn went over 5-6 minutes, because the eye-catching position, so it is easy to find. Compare Zaoxin is just under the bus we heard the locals say, am a young male sea kayaking rent, reportedly a life jacket, the result disappeared, the beach is also Fengdiao. We had lunch about 1:00 for a long time, from the balcony of the inn saw the bodies of the lifeguards from the sea onto the beach, a young life so no, my heart is still very sad. So, go traveling, be sure to pay attention to safety, not for immortality.

    After noon enough rest at the inn, we take the path from the back of the hotel directly on the Mercy Hill area, climbing the road is not very long, the scenery in general, after 20 minutes to stop and go on the Mid-road, very beautiful, is blowing sea ​​breeze, great ocean view location, and then forward that spirit sound temple, the building is very impressive fine, many tourists, go visit takes 10 per ticket, we all chose to sit near the temple sea breeze blowing, ha ha. Back to the inn after, tell your boss that night to eat seafood noodles and seafood fried rice, 5:30 dinner time, seafood fried rice 35 yuan, 25 yuan a seafood noodles, seafood very much, there are prawns, clams, razor clams, Pippi shrimp, soup is delicious, taste like, conscience stores! After dinner, we went to the East China Sea fishing village look around and enjoy the different styles of houses and graffiti wall with obvious characteristics of the fishing village. 6:00 for a long time, happen to catch the sunset hours, the sun and the sea together into one, looks muddy waters during the day in the evening also clear a lot. Next to the sandy beach viewing platform, visitors are very happy sea breeze blowing, put pose pictures, sea food stalls, stores enthusiasm to attract tourists, in addition to the quiet beach, no one will remember had a few hours before being swallowed sea. young lives. We do not know at the moment what will happen, so the most important thing is to grasp now every minute and every second of their loved ones together. The significance of travel lies not only with the eyes to see, but more importantly is hard to understand and insights.

    August 20: Early in the morning her husband to take the bus arrived at the bus station to buy Shengsi return travel ticket, but fortunately successfully buy ordinary passenger 15:10's. Then my brother and I also went to a nearby bus station together. Town bus station is located in the garden Shengsi sea, but also Shengsi city more prosperous place. I picked out ahead score the second gnocchi seafood restaurant on the public comment, just around the bus station. We go around the county, and then take the bus to the base K003 Lake Beach (5 minutes) in Shengsi High School (Shengsi near the bus station) door. Since Monday, the beach is not a lot Exalted, totally cool sea breeze blew away the hot air, stroll in the shallows, any of the layers of waves wet clothes, put aside all the troubles, completely emptying myself, at this moment I be free. After playing for over an hour, we take the K003 to Yat seafood gnocchi shop, a small store, decoration retro, very nice boss, signature dishes sizzling seafood gnocchi really is a must and 45 per copy. Because the county did not much fun, the weather was hot, after lunch we take the bus back to the bus station near the inn, rest in the afternoon, the evening sea breeze continues to blow, security belong leisure travel friends.

    August 21: in the morning we're going to go six Jingtan monk sets and attractions, go six wells Lake, only two scenic ticket, the full price of 100, there will be online price. Parking next to the East China Sea fishing village visitor center has a bus stop 303 of the travel lanes, dedicated to start monk sets, six wells lake, and there is departure time back and forth between the three, and some interval to 1 hour or more, I shot well in advance Timetable know in the morning 8:30 a car from here sent to six wells lake, so very successfully rode the bus to the area. Own taxi, then at least 50 more. Very unfortunately the weather was really hot that day, six wells Lake scenic area is not great, go straight ahead along the cliff, the sea is left is the right of the mountain, ignoring the face and back of the sweat, the scenery is good . I spent more than an hour to put the scenic turn again, in fact, from another angle and see the sea. Originally set to continue to visit the monk to go next, but first travel out brother accidentally threw the ticket, but also to re-buy a ticket, plus all really tired, so just decided to go back to the hotel to rest the county eat first score of the house seafood restaurant. So, with a little regret, we packed the bags and left for two days in the East China Sea fishing village. 15:10 tickets, we are more than 2 points went to the hotel, really worthwhile trip, inexpensive, popular, if it is the weekend to travel, may have to wait in line a bit. After dinner, because of the time still early, we went to the nearby Tesco big European supermarket to buy some seafood, fish floss, seaweed, seaweed, etc., a large bag of seaweed as long as 15-20 yuan, two bags decisive start. If it is not someone stop, I might not even have kelp back to Shanghai. . . . . . Boat a little late, about 3:20 we finally successfully on board, around 6:00 safe and successful return to Shanghai.

    Fifth, scenic impression

    Personal feeling, and coated base south of Long Lake beach you can go to a base Lake Beach is a ticket to go twice a day, the sea must pay attention to safety. It is said that the monk sets more beautiful than six Jingtan, has become the biggest regret of my trip. In terms of Shengsi this island, the largest natural scenery is the sea for relaxation. As for fame bigger and better view of wolfberry Island on the other about it next time

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