Does anybody know which bus station in Guangzhou shuttle bus directly to the Humen? Thank you!

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    1, only the local villagers to enter the car, the other car still can not enter 2, also by the White Haba, hot iron Curtis Township, but Kanas direction faster. Yes.

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    shuxiao, I have been watching you for a long time, I found someone to answer your questions when good impatience, since you are so impatient why answer it?

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    I ask you: 1. If the current Jarden valley - grasses road vehicle out of every 10, does that mean if not that day out of the car must stay? To the overnight

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    1, it is also OK to be on their way to Jinghe, only two will be late, personally feel no need to Guozigou, and to Sailimu direct return, if that morning from Jinghe to be rushed to Karamay, Kuitun departure is too late. 3, no detours, personally feel no need to. Just very way and buy tickets to see it anyway. 4, Kuitun - Jinghe, Urho - Burqin two bad road conditions, Buick loss too. 5, Jiadengyu - Delta - grasses, grasses - Black Lake - Kanas scenery riding these two lines are good. Hemu - Black Lake - Kanas Moon Bay and not go through the Wolong Bay, but returned Kanas Burqin time to go through. Hemu - Black Lake - Kanas is usually two days. Burqin - Hemu about 5 hours. 6, take a look at it anyway, but the fare is too expensive. 7, Burqin White Haba back to that day. No small colorful beach before the name, but it should be is referring to the same place. 8, time is tight, it is best to leave the White Haba before 8:00. There are small in Baishahu and colorful beach and do not play too long. About at least 20 points to be rushed to the Burqin. 9, it is necessary, Turpan in cultural sights, with the natural landscape of northern different, and well worth a visit.

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