I am Xiamen, 12, was traveling by car Fuzhou, Fuzhou in about the time of day, how reasonable arrangements (including the purchase of local produce and products snacks

  • I am Xiamen, 12, was traveling by car Fuzhou, Fuzhou in about the time of day, how reasonable arrangements (including the purchase of local produce and products snacks

  • Although little has been helpful to you, but hope to help to people and you have the same need to live, you can start a high-speed, to our students about the burning grass jelly drink street, that's good to eat, and certainly possible solutions to motion sickness, oh, about a classic! You only one day, you can choose, I can only recommend, ah, for example, the city of West Zen matter, where there are tower, very interesting, you can also climb Gushan, you can also go to West Lake, left the sea park, and our Dongjiekou side lanes and, if possible, can also go to attractions all over the county, such as Wing Tai Qingyunshan etc., on specialty, you can buy from us. "Fujian specialty network", this site has a very complete Fujian specialty, the price will be cheaper than the market price Oh! Can also help you by mail ah, specific you can visit http: www.059tc.com can try oh, based on where you live, you may also enjoy cash on delivery ah! !

  • Directions: Xiamen - horsetail (high speed) - China Shipping Culture Museum - Osan - lanes (Lin shrine - the former residence of Shen Baozhen Palace Lane - Confucian square monument Convention, the former residence of Chen Jiliang, six children the very best - Fujian Hill Lane - clothes Kam Fong Ouyang Hua Ting - yellow roadway "Little yellow House" - the former residence of Langguan Lane Yan Fu - Lin Chueh people Yangqiao Lane House) - West - when Hualin Temple tour China shipping culture Museum, it is best to hire a guide. Snack: place more concentrated Aetna Street building (in the lanes and on the edge), there are very good fish alley tower. Fuzhou to eat food: can the Fuzhou Hotel (near East Parkway, Provincial Hospital, taste good, cheap, recommended) or poly Spring Garden (in Dongjiekou, fame, more expensive) local specialty: the horn section, olives South Street can be to buy handicrafts to buy Furuta Road special Arts Palace (Wuyi Square on the north side)

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