I went to Yantai, Penglai, Weihai, Dalian, users please help introduce the best route

  • I went to Yantai, Penglai, Weihai, Dalian, users please help introduce the best route

  • Take the day to Dalian ship, ship 24 hours, the fare of 107 yuan (five and so on). 6:00 arrived in Dalian, Lushun can apply for day trips (fare 90 yuan) to participate in a local travel agency in a ship or wharf. 7:00 multiplied by the Pakistan tour tourism Wanzhong tomb (mass graves), Lushun prison, the Red Army monument, the Red Army cemetery, General Hill, electric rock fort, Lushun Museum and other tourist attractions. Come back over the bridge to get married, every double eight (18 solar calendar, lunar calendar 28), cross the bridge up to more than 2,000 young married pair. After another tour Seaport Museum Fortress Hill Park, around 17:00 in the afternoon arrived in Dalian train station and good hotel accommodation (3 person room, with bathroom, 30 yuan / day). The next morning take the 102 trolley bus (fare 0.5 yuan) to Tiger Beach, the first visit to the Tiger Cave, then go to the underwater museum, watch the mermaids, who turtle swimming, dolphin show, tame birds to watch the wonderful Museum of Birds Performance. 22 double-decker bus in the afternoon by road to the Xinghai Park (fare 1 million), came back, bought tickets to Yantai, fare 84 yuan (third class), 21:00 boat to Yantai. 5:00 the next morning when the ship reached Yantai, good hotel accommodation (40 yuan / day standard room), then take the 2 bus to Yantai Beach ocean view, look at the villa, via Jiefang back off, visit the Tin Hau Temple museum, visit Yantai City street. The next morning swim Penglai, Penglai concept of beauty, back to the train station by noon the day of the 584th Express Fanhu, fare 182 yuan (sleeper). ---------- Taken www.sina.com.cn

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    Hello, as the coastal city of Dalian, the temperature is relatively constant, the maximum temperature during the National Day every day of about 20 degrees, the minimum temperature is also more than 12 degrees, autumn wear (jackets and the like) can be.

    See specific drawings.

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    National Day to Dalian how to wear a dress?

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    Only two days, lives nearby clock tower bar a day, take a road tour at the train station to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Huaqing Hot Springs, Big Wild Goose Pagoda can look after the return; another day mission to report back Qianling, the Famen Temple two days swim after, you can easily go to the Muslim Street food products, see the wall.

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    A day trip to the Terracotta Warriors, the evening stroll beside the Drum Tower Muslim Street, Shaanxi tasting food, the next day board the tower, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise, time is tight. Recommend staying in a hotel near Bell Tower, Xi'an, the price is not high, more than four can live a good four-star hotel near the clock tower.

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