I live in Stone Road, Haizhu District, Hotel Elan fight to pick a friend will be very far behind.

  • I live in Stone Road, Haizhu District, Hotel Elan fight to pick a friend will be very far behind.

  • Elan Hotel at Station Wang ah, you know Liuhua it? In some lines before Merchants Hotel is it! Ideally, you can take the subway to Yuexiu Park, resort to, if not in the past is not flat fare. Totally not in the Milky Way east of it? If yes, you can take the subway in the past, then call your friend left the Fan Luo!

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    Five Wutai Mountain peak, east of Taiwan Wang Haifeng can see clouds sunrise, the sea of ​​flowers Nantai Fairview Peak, the West Taiwan hang on peak and can enjoy the moon Jiao color, north Taiwan and Yemen peaks can view the mountains stacked in Taiwan Tsui Yanfeng visible boulder as Star, more day-made wonders

    Dongtai \ North Terrace are good

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    If you have time to spare most of the day, and that this can go five sets, I chartered past 11:00 departure from Taiwan Huai town, less than six in the evening on the return. Car, then north eastern Taiwan and Taiwan is a line (some more than two hours), middle and western Taiwan is a line (2-3 hours), Southern Taiwan is a single line (less than 2 hours). I was past the end of August, the Southern Taiwan flower is running out, but was fortunate enough to see a rainbow in Southern Taiwan. Road North station basically repaired and temple in northern Taiwan also have more features built in, also known as North Terrace North Ridge. If to the station, you can clearly see Dai Luoding, "Long turned stone" can be considered a scene in Taiwan, Monju temple door but when I went to the station locked. West station on the road is the worst, but dissipate into the atmosphere way up the mountain to see the flocks of yaks, West Baita around the table top stand there are colorful Tibetan prayer flags. In fact, the top of each stage scenery almost, Mount Wutai mountains are very gentle, look around the table top is a green rolling hills 🙂

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    Will the "Mid-Autumn Festival" to go on stage five, which sets the landscape five best and most worth?

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    Zhejiang specifically what position do? Generally when the price will float 10.1

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