The three of us girls from October 28 Fuzhou to Guilin, Guilin is estimated to be more than 20:00, we are looking for part car directly to the airport to pick us up to the Yangshuo, please

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    Where better to start the New Year Cangzhou

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    New Year's Day Circus has not added field

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    New Year's Day has yet to Kunshan? How many people see?

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    Pakistan can take a day directly to Xingping town, after lunch, bamboo rafting ride to the pier to the Yang Di, this section is the essence of the Lijiang River, five horses in the mountains, Shilihualang, 20 yuan background are all here, Yang Di ashore after the ride back to Yangshuo, after dinner visit the famous West Street, very busy, the next day you can borrow a bike to go to Yulong village, all the way beautiful countryside scenery, you can eat farmhouse in the village along the Yulong River in the afternoon back to Yangshuo, irresolute as late as the agro-industrial bridge to see Lijiang fishing boat, end of the trip.

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