1. Fuzhou Wusi seems mostly-star hotels, economy hotels are mainly concentrated in what areas? 2. Tower Lane Fuzhou snacks Street, please? What else

    1. Fuzhou Wusi seems mostly-star hotels, economy hotels are mainly concentrated in what areas? 2. Tower Lane Fuzhou snacks Street, please? What else

  • Fuzhou old is good, tapas dishes are.

  • Here is not a lot of food is not very authentic or can Antai Building

  • Tower Lane is not a snack street, is one of Fuzhou lanes and old buildings, corner tower Yonghe wood and gold fish meatball snacks.

  • Rongcheng Old Streets is worth

  • Cheap hotels in most near the train station, the new prices soon opened between Fujian Hotel (Hualin Road) and Shantou Golden Rooster Inn (Jinjishan side, near the News Building) at 120-130 yuan hotel room price of 100 yuan there are also good in Longyan in Jian'ou Yung Yung Office and Office (the two are neighbors, just 5 minutes walk from the train station), there are many tens of dollars to the price or conditions almost no hostels and hotel standard room.

  • 1, agree upstairs, recommended heritage hotel fifty-four the road, is newly renovated last year, very good, find a travel agent given as long as 100 yuan / room days. 2, Tower Lane Tower is not as famous fish shop alley, the house is not authentic but robbed a good location, really famous is deep in the lane, "Yonghe" "by the sea" two old shop. Many focus on providing Fuzhou snacks places, including some large grocery store in the mall, such as Orient Department Store, New Zi Ting Street, Yuanhong cuisine, Rongcheng streets, old Fuzhou chain stores and so on, but I think South Street to the Drum tower area relatively positive, can be while visiting eating, fun. 3, a pedestrian street and asked all know, the very city center, but as Fuzhou people are very ashamed, really sorry to see you go there to visit, too times, not worth mentioning.

  • 1, it will not. Wusi Fuzhou longitudinal main road, there are various grades of hotels, such as Silver Mountain hotels, guest houses Lao Ganju not expensive. 2, Tower Lane alley tower probably because fish shop and famous. Go inside there Yonghe fish, dry powder, egg cake what are good. Eat snacks can go to Aetna floor (a little south of Tower Lane) or Gijón old Fuzhou Road. 3, north point parallel.

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