How to Dongguan station Happy Coast

  • How to Dongguan station Happy Coast

  • Or take the bus to Shenzhen Luohu, Futian. Sit subway or bus.

  • 1, to Toranomon Station: take the path 107 Dongguan terminus, get off at the station marked Humen; walk to Humen labeling station; Humen ride air conditioning 12, (or 17 Humen way) and get off at the junction with the new station; walk to Humen station 2, take the high-speed rail to Shenzhen North station 3, to the joy of the coast: walking from Shenzhen North station to spurs industrial zone station; take the road b655, Baishilong get off at the subway station; walk to Baishilong station; take the Longhua line (Fukuda port direction), at the convention Center stop; take the Lo Po line (airport east direction) and get off (C2 mouth in Qiaochengdong station); walk to the happy coast

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