You can travel to Baoshan Mountain with Wang Anshi, you can go back and forth in one day

The hot summer is coming. I thought about grabbing the tail of spring and taking a short trip. It is best to go back and forth in a day. I searched the Internet and found that it is either too far or too expensive.

My friend recommended Baoshan Mountain to me when I knew it. Yes, that ’s right. It was the Baoshan Mountain mentioned in the book “Traveling to Shanshan Mountain” written by Wang Anshi in our high school. Can go back and forth, cost-effective. So with a curiosity, I embarked on the road to praise Chan Shan ...

Fare: Round-trip car fee: 35 + 35 = 70 yuan

Round-trip bus fare: 2 + 2 = 4 yuan

Scenic tickets: 70 yuan / person

Boat ticket in the scenic area: 10 yuan / person (optional)

Scenic sightseeing car: 10 yuan / person (optional)

Cruise: 100 yuan / person (optional)

At the bus station of Mingguang Road in Hefei, you can buy a bus ticket to Hanshan County, and it takes only one and a half hours to reach Hanshan County in Ma'anshan City. The bus that goes directly to the scenic spot is next to the station. Within half an hour, you can come to the legendary Baoshan Mountain Scenic Area where Wang Anshi has personally traveled.

When I was looking for a car, I was a little bit more troubled when I was looking for a car. Unlike other buses standing at the ticket gate, here is to go to the compound of the bus station, find the sign with the word "Hanshan" on it, and then check the ticket and get on the bus.

There are also direct buses from the scenic spot back to Hanshan County. They all depart on time. As long as you remember the time, you can play in the scenic spot.

It is recommended that you prepare enough dry food to come back, because at present there are only shops near the ticket office and the entrance of Baozen Temple, with only snacks and drinks. If you want to eat hot meals, you may need a farmhouse about a kilometer away from the scenic spot.

If there is no delicious food near Baochan Mountain, then Hanshan County, which is less than half an hour away from Baochan Mountain Scenic Area, is very different. Here are a few foods that you cannot miss in Hanshan County:

1. Sankoutang Old Goose Soup

Located in Hanshan County, the old goose soup is delicious, the soup color is clear, the goose meat is rotten and not broken, the oil is not greasy, not only the weight is sufficient, the price is also fair, the whole goose is only 170 yuan. Its unique flavor not only frequents the locals of Hanshan, but also tourists from Hefei and Nanjing.

If you want to ask Hanshan people what to eat for breakfast, then he will definitely tell you to try Hanshan dried silk, a piece of dried rice can cut 10 layers, the cut silk is as thin as a line, as soft as water, and will not Break. Put the dried shreds in the broth and cook for a while, then add dried shrimps, ginger shreds, diced ham, fresh vegetables, shredded shreds to the dried shreds on the plate, and finally topped with sesame oil. The taste is endless.

When you come to Hanshan County, if you want to bring some specialty products back, then Hanshan Gynostemma pentaphyllum must be a good choice. It is synonymous with small bitter medicine, gongluo pot bottom, rooting everywhere. It belongs to the cucurbitaceae perennial Panzhi herb. It has high medicinal and tonic value and is known as southern ginseng. It is finely made according to traditional manual techniques. It has a dark green color, a pleasing soup, a refreshing aroma, a bitter taste, but a sweet aftertaste. It is an ideal health drink and is a local famous green specialty. Gynostemma pentaphyllum tea can increase the vitality of human cells, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve body immunity, and has many functions such as anti-aging, fatigue, cancer prevention, blood pressure lowering, fat removal, anti-inflammatory, soothe the nerves, stomach, beauty and so on.

Also known as grilled recipes, it is a must-have dish for the grand banquet held by the people of Hanshan County. It has a history of more than 70 years. Its approach is also very simple. Wash the skin with Taomi water and scrape while washing. When roasting, use an iron fork to fork, first roast until the five or six is ​​mature, then apply sesame oil to the skin, roast while coating. After roasting, cut the meat into thin square pieces with a knife, eat with sweet sauce or white sugar, taste sweet Tasty.

Hanshan red melon seeds are local specialties. It is dark red in color, uniform in size, thin in thickness and thick in flesh, and has a unique flavor. It is an important export product in the county and is loved by Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and consumers in Southeast Asian countries. The "Chonghong" brand and "Juxing" brand red melon seeds produced in Hanshan County have the characteristics of being crisp and delicious, nutritious and nutritious, and have a variety of sweet, salty and original flavors. It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, it is a good product for festive, festive, leisure and gifting.

After getting off the bus, the first thing that catches your eyes is Wang Anshi Cultural Square. A generous 10.54 ton tower stands in the center of the bronze statues of the Tang and Song dynasties. From this perspective, does it seem that Wang Anshi is welcoming tourists?

Remember Wang Anshi in The Story of You Bao Chan Shan said that they came with 5 people, well, this is the case where 5 of them were holding a torch to travel through the cave. Can you guess which is Wang Anshi? (Of course, the second one wearing the official hat, the one with the highest face value)

After entering the ticket gate, you will see this, this kind of scenery, and then bypass such a statue of Wang Anshi to the entrance of Huayang Cave, the first cave in the world. On the left is the entrance to the sky cave, you need to climb a short flight of stairs, on the right is the entrance to the water cave, you need to spend 10 yuan to buy a boat ticket. The two ways to enter the hole are different from each other. Post pictures to give you a reference

Most of the roads inside the cave are made of this kind of toughened glass. You can see the clear spring water flowing under your feet, coupled with green lights, is it very romantic?

What impressed me the most is the "Liantai Waterfall". The spring water flows continuously from above for 365 days. The sound of the waterfall adds a lot of vitality to the originally quiet Huayang Cave. With the brilliant lights, does it still give you the illusion of looking at the water curtain hole in Huaguo Mountain from a distance?

After Gongyanyan, it is back to the step hall. It is said that this was the place where Wang Anshi made a detour in the past, so that he later regretted after writing out the cave and wrote the famous ancient article "The Story of the Tour to Chanshan".

The "three lacking spirits" is Wang Anshi's spiritual legacy for future generations and the essence of his reform.

"Alarm Hall" is also a special feature in the cave. If you pat the stone hard with your hand, it will make a sound similar to that of striking a bell, but it is best not to try to photograph other stones like this. White pills.

Out of the hole are Baozen Daochang, Acacia Valley, and Educated Youth Forest Farm. When the educated youth worked in the forest farm, they talked about their family, friends and loved ones in Acacia Valley. If you are with your parents, if they have similar experiences, you may still hear their past stories.

At this point, the officials can choose to take the sightseeing car to go down the mountain, or choose to go down the mountain on foot. If you are energetic, you can also climb up the mountain from behind the Wangmei Bridge. According to my own test, it only takes more than 20 minutes to go up.

Coming down from the mountain is the well-known Baozen Temple.

After returning from Baozen Temple, he returned to Wang Anshi Cultural Square. If you have enough time, you can go boating on Huayang Lake. If you want to stay in the scenic area for one night, it is also great to see the night view.

Evening Baoshan Mountain

Quiet scenic area

Quiet Huayang Lake

Are you watching, are you excited? If you are excited, bring her beloved together!

Finally, attach a statue of Wang Anshi to everyone!


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