I used to think that I had to go abroad to play when I was playing in the country, but now I have discovered how wrong this idea is. When there is time, opportunity, and conditions, go wherever you can.

For example, after her daughter ’s coquettishness and coercion and coercion, she finally agreed to travel to the island, but the domestic islands are simply memories of evil, expensive and not fun, so she found travel guides everywhere, from Sabah and Phuket. , Bali, Palau, Madai, went around, and suddenly found Langzhong Island in western Malaysia is a good place.

Because someone had an accident in Sabah the previous year, I was really worried about the safety of Malaysia. I asked a friend who had been in Malaysia for many years. She said with certainty that West Malaysia is very safe, so she booked tickets and hotels with confidence to go.

The first time I went abroad, I was really a little bit embarrassed for the person who threw my English after taking grade 4 or 6 ten years ago, especially in some stores and supermarkets in Kuala Lumpur, listening to the big tongues of the Philippines or Indians. English with a very strong accent has a heart that wants to cry. I even feel very touched when I hear English with British and American accents. After a few days, I have basically got used to it. I feel that communication is much better and I have to go again. However, this makes me more confident in going on self-guided tours abroad.

Huaxia Bank's debit card (ATM with UnionPay logo is said to be free of charge for the first withdrawal every day, but the HSBC Bank who pits my father still charges me a MYR 10 processing fee), passport (Visa is said to be able to be signed on arrival, but I Feeling unfamiliar with my life, I still signed it and went there, Ctrip produced it, by the way, bundled 7 days of AIA travel insurance, three people 840, the speed is still very fast), ID card, ticket voucher, three hotel reservations printout (Two of them are directly from Xiaole's itinerary.)

Sunscreen (because I do n’t have the habit of applying sunscreen, I did n’t take it with me, and I did the same with aloe vera. I forgot to apply it, so my daughter became an African friend), toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner (these two are very important, Because at least two trips to the water every day, you have to wash your hair twice, because it is seawater, seawater, salty bitter seawater), cleansing and cleansing

Toiletries: wet tissue paper towel bath towel toothbrush toothpaste, slippers (no slippers provided by Langzhong Island, the other two hotels do)

Equipment: jellyfish suit (this is very important, sold on Taobao) diving shoes or socks sunglasses hat waterproof cover, Canon micro single, underwater camera diving Sambo (mask snorkel life jacket, hotel can be rented, but I mind, so buy it yourself A face mask and snorkel, a versatile Taobao, rich and frugal, life jackets occupy too much space, rent one for 15 ringgits, and only use it after check-out) Bikini swim trunks waterproof shopping bag

Special clothes: trousers, long-sleeved wetsuit, transparent sunscreen, thick coat

Pharmaceuticals: As a doctor's mother who takes a baby on a trip, I will say this carefully to make it useful for other mothers.

Topical: Band-Aid, Iodine Tincture, and Cotton Swabs (It's normal for children to bump when playing crazy, disinfect and continue to play), Kaisailu (Children sometimes have a constipation if they change places, or even a few days. I do n’t know the language, sometimes I do n’t know where to buy, let alone Langzhong Island is an isolated island without aborigines. I brought two of them, and I almost needed them. Fortunately, my daughter pulled them later. The anti-pyretic paste on the belly button, the effect is okay) The wound dampness pain reliever (I originally put it in by the way, and the two of us can use it because the back pain and knee pain are too long.)

Cold medicine: cold wind-heat particles (wind-cold cold), Sanjiu children's cold particles (wind-heat cold), Xiaochaihu particles, Huoxiangzhengqi water (gastrointestinal cold, water and soil unacceptable), Merrill Lynch, Shuangpu pseudo-pocket tablets (adult) (Pharmaceuticals) Berberine, whole bowel pills, anti-allergic chlorpheniramine, cough-like Yumei granules, and even cefaclor and azithromycin, because it takes a long time and there are foreign countries, so there are many types of You don't need a box of each kind. You only need three to five packs. Once you see the signs, you can use the medicine in time. You can press it down. Don't carry it like in China. If you can't carry it and see a doctor, then you really have the heart to cry. Although there are many kinds of calculation in this way, the area is not very large. Because several of our vestibular functions are good, we don't need seasickness medicine. Wanjin oil is brought. That's because the anti-mosquito water is not useful at all. Wanjin oil is a good remedy afterwards. I did n’t use it at all this time, but I took cold medicine twice because AirAsia ’s air-conditioning was so strong. We are long trousers and plush shawls, well, I actually brought a thin down. However, the cold wind can't stand it, so cold medicine comes in handy.

Because our family doesn't usually use mosquito repellent water, we don't know which brand is good. Those who listen to advertisements buy Liushen, pit fathers, and a group of people. Because we are bitten badly, they are useless.

It is almost impossible to use in Langzhong Island, because there are two domestic standard sockets in the room, Kuala Lumpur needs it.

Regarding the toiletry bag, even if I travel domestically, I am accustomed to bring it myself, because it feels safer, some hotels have provided, some are not. Because I take a bath in the water every day and take a few baths a day, even if the summer bay resort in Langzhong Island has very carefully pulled the clothesline at the door, the hanger is not enough, and the clothes will be dripped upstairs, so, Bring your own clothesline to dry it next to it, so simple clothes hanger and clothesline are necessary.

Mobile phone card: Many people on the Internet said that they bought hotlink, and they asked Xiaole specifically that it was easy to use celcom on the island. Anyway, the two are together. They passed the customs and took out their luggage and saw it outside the arrival hall. MYR 28, a one-week card, with 1.7G data and 30 minutes of calls, more than enough. When there is a signal, I have been sharing it with the other two phones, and I have not run out before leaving the country. Because WeChat and Weibo do not count traffic, they are free.

Currency exchange: I did not exchange it domestically, nor did I bring US dollars or some Hong Kong dollars. I thought that if there was a need on the plane, I bought a box of rice on the plane. People accepted RMB, but the exchange rate was 1: 2. When I arrived at the airport, I used the Huaxia card to withdraw money. Although I received a handling fee of MYR 10, the exchange rate was 1: 1.7. I took a MYR 1,000 and used it to leave. In addition to the 50 yuan credit card, I have left More than 100 yuan. On Langzhong Island, because I didn't go deep diving or sea fishing, so although I spent a lot of money on it, I only spent more than 300 MYR, so 1,000 MYR is enough. The extra money spent this time was to store luggage at KLIA2. Three pieces were sent for three hours. It took almost MYR 100. It was later discovered that in the entire airport, everyone is pushing the luggage cart to stroll around, there is no need at all Deposit, lost.

For this itinerary, the ticket was booked on the AirAsia official website, the process is very simple, you can start buying tickets by registering with some or Facebook account. Two big and one small, four flights, 20kg baggage each way, and two lunches, a total of less than 4,000 yuan, the most painful thing is to do online check-in on the AirAsia official website in advance, the turtle speed, the various Unable to open, I almost threw the laptop, and finally tossed it for two days.

And we stayed at Langzhong Island in the summer bay resort, five days and four nights snorkeling package, two big and one small snorkeling once a day (the island hopping tour of Moor Island and Redang Island, three meals a day plus afternoon Tea, as well as extra charges during the peak season, and marine protection fees) Anyway, piecemeal, plus a one-night stay at Terengganu, there is also a pick-up machine, and a ferry ticket from Terengganu to Langzhong Island, pick-up and drop off from the pier That is, as long as your plane landed at Terengganu Airport, the rest will be covered. Except for the breakfast the next day, it is said that we did n’t seem to have breakfast that morning. Everything else was covered, totaling 8405 yuan. I feel that although it is more expensive than I thought, it is okay, because now is the peak season, other islands are more than twice as expensive.

Considering taking a child, it is not easy to take a red-eyed flight, so I arrived at more than two in the afternoon. The hotel in Terengganu is not cheap, and a relatively cheap KT hotel will be set for one night, which is really the level of the guest house in the domestic county, thinking of arriving at Langzhong Island the next morning, even taking a bath at night I didn't wash it because I looked at the bed and lay down without taking a shower.

However, it was just the uncomfortable feeling of this night. The next day, Xiaole's car came to pick us up at the pier and started to have Chinese service. Alas, God knows how awkward my English is in these two days and one night, and I feel relieved when I hear Chinese communication.

Terengganu, a small city, although Xiaolejia has a half-day tour of Terengganu, it looks really small, so there is no special feeling before arrival, only as a transit station, but after arriving, I found that this small town should actually be It's not small, just a bit desolate. It came at nine o'clock in the evening. At this time, the small town in our hometown, not to mention the county seat, was the town, and it was also bustling. But Terengganu ’s hotels from the airport to the city center have no lights except for the street lights. Only two food stalls were on along the way. Departing to the pier at 8:30 the next day, I didn't find a place to buy breakfast. Even in Chinatown, most shops haven't opened yet. Fortunately, the snack bag of the girl was Doraemon's pocket, and she kept taking food out of it. When we arrived at Molang Pier, we began to accept a series of intimate Chinese services at Summer Bay Resort. For me who has been crappy for a day and a half in English, hearing Chinese communication is the same kindness as seeing relatives.

When you arrive at the pier, you will have to submit the scheduled itinerary according to the order, then listen to the name, give the luggage to the staff to make a sign, and then you can ignore it. Then someone will help you to the room, and the rest is to sit down , Enjoy the last time with WIFI before going to the island. Arvin took the time to watch the early education video, because there will be no signal to watch the video for the next few days. Then came to board the boat and took the speedboat to the island. Because a friend who had been to Phuket before told me that they were seasick and so powerful. Although I have confidence in the three of our bodies, after all, our father is a professional, and the ten-level wind wave people still sit firmly on the Diaoyutai Yes, but the necessary precautions are still needed. So he drew out the Wanjin oil and painted Avin's temples, Neiguan, Taixi and other big caves, and then he set off.

Langzhong Island, hard-won. It's really used by land, sea and air. At the moment when you disembark, you will see the blue water of shallow shallow water and the blue sky and white clouds of indigo, stepping on the soft white sand like velvet and blowing the cool sea breeze. You will feel that it is worth the hard work.

Luggage was left, and Arvinsa happily ran to the hotel lobby, leaving Dad behind, causing us to miss the first intimate contact with the little sharks and fish, watching Dad holding his phone in the lobby. When I was showing off, I laid my teeth in a few days, and I chased the small shark relentlessly.

When it comes to eating, Summer Bay offers three meals a day plus afternoon tea. The food is not very good, but it is definitely not bad, and it will not be repeated every day. But I found out that they will make the fruits left at noon into the evening salad, and some dishes left at noon into the evening soup. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with it. After all, everything on the island is shipped by ship, which is not easy to waste. In fact, even if it is rich in materials, I think it is acceptable to not waste food. My grandmother told me from an early age that she kept brainwashing me, wasting food, and starving to death in her next life. Okay, it's far away. Summer Bay's breakfast is my most satisfying. The other foods are middle-upper, there are not many types, but the taste is good. If you get tired, you can exchange it with the front desk in advance. An adult meal voucher is MYR 40, and a child is 20. Our family of three exchanged 100 yuan, and then went to the on-site restaurant to eat a meal of 141 MYR. I made up the difference of 41 myself. To be honest, there is really no delicious buffet. It's just that Father Wen's birthday that day, we found a place to celebrate. Because I went to Taobao to communicate with the customer service before going, saying that our father Wen just happened to be on the birthday that day, and hoped to help us order a cake. As a result, when someone asked me clearly what day it was, he would send us a cake for free, so I said it intimately. It was later discovered that it is not our common cream cake, but a local pastry. Although it is different, it is still not my heart, and I am very grateful to them.

The hotel's set meal includes four meals a day. If you want to have supper in the evening, yes, but there are not many options. The hotel only has a MAMA stall, which is open until 12 o'clock, but it is enough to provide supper. For people who lived for four nights, I went to buy it twice, hahaha. However, Malaysia ’s other consumption is similar to that in China. The only thing that is particularly expensive is beer. A 300ml can of Carlsberg is equivalent to RMB 30. Alas, it ’s better to grab it, but it ’s more expensive, but it ’s also tickling.

Speaking of living, in the lobby, the staff's standard Chinese, warm smiley face, brought us plum juice and towels, ironing our little hearts, soon, the concentrated explanation was finished, and the precautions for these days asked Finished, hurried back to the room. We live in a pool-view room, which is the second most expensive of all room types, but it is indeed more convenient. It jumps directly into the pool from the balcony of the room. This is my favorite girl Awen. Overall, Awen came out to eat, sleep, and spent time on the speedboat. The others stayed in the water, either in the sea water at the entrance of the hotel, or in the swimming pool inside the hotel. The water in the swimming pool is purified by seawater. Although it is not as bitter as seawater, it is still very salty.

Once in the room, two small and one big bed, this room, there is no problem for five or six people, especially the pool direct room. Looking at the clean and tidy room, I was too late to sigh. I cleaned the shower that I dared not take last night. Let me just have a refreshing body to eat.

The daily breakfast is very rich, especially the first fried poached eggs, cheese eggs, and freshly cooked noodle soup

In Langzhong Island, vacation is daze, soaking in water, snorkeling, sitting idle, taking selfies. To go on vacation is to empty yourself.

We chose a snorkeling package. We took a half-day snorkeling trip every day, took a speedboat, and swam around Langzhong Island or island hopping to Redang Island to go to the Ocean Park to see the sea, see corals, and watch the turtles at Mooring Island.

For the rest of the day, I was in a daze, eating and eating, taking a nap, and of course, Awen didn't sleep, soaking in the water. She also liked to play with sand, but the sun was too strong, and her mother wouldn't let her play with sand. She only took advantage of the sunset.

In fact, Summer Bay will take you to the forest for hiking and watching the sunrise in the morning. However, for Awen and I, who have trouble getting up, the pillows are more friendly, which leads to my father not going hiking. Bubble, bubble, bubble, shoot, shoot, shoot, stay, stay, stay.

Regarding snorkeling, Awen and his mother said that they had no pressure at all, and Awen, who could not swim, directly helped the staircase down to the sea and began to snorkel by herself. Anymore? So magically.

For Awen, this snorkeling is also a magical experience. It turns out that there are so beautiful corals and so many colorful fishes on the bottom of the sea. Although the children are not good at expressing, they are giving all kinds of small fishes. The name expresses her curiosity, what colorful fish, rainbow fish, are the names she gave to the little fish. Unfortunately, there is no suitable camera that can take pictures of all the fish she saw.

The speedboat glanced across the blue ocean, in addition to the waves, and our excitement

When not going to sea, feed the fish in front of the hotel and snorkel by yourself.

There is a nest of Nemo in the coral reef in front of the hotel. There are many clownfish in front of the hotel, we are so happy to see

This snorkeling package includes island hopping tours of Redang Island and Perhentian Island. Redang Island is to watch fish, and in Ocean Park, to park the island is to watch turtles.

It's going to rain on Redang Island. It's raining when you get on the speedboat. Langzhong Island is really sunny.

The turtles on the moored island can be seen clearly by snorkeling, but at such a long distance, the camera is not clear. Thank you, coach Xiaoxin, for diving to the bottom to help us shoot. The date on the photo is not set, it became 16 years ago.

There are underwater photo shoots in the summer bay, 80 MYR alone, I did n’t want to take pictures, but I could n’t help being tempted by those beautiful photos, and our dad rarely spoke, if you want to go, so the mother and daughter I took a set of satisfactory underwater photos, especially Awen's mermaid, which is perfect.

There are not only underwater, but also wedding photos perfect for yourself, hahaha, this is the first time to throw away the photographer, the makeup artist, the anniversary photos of our own makeup shots, we will not take pictures, we will not edit photos, or even Our camera is only a single, but we still have a lot of fun.

Five days and four nights passed quickly, we quickly left, Langzhongdao, bye, we will be back soon.

I originally planned to fly directly from Kuala Lumpur to Shantou. As a result, there was no flight to Shantou on Saturday, so I stayed in Kuala Lumpur for half a day. Then I flew back to China the next day, but I had the opportunity to stroll around Kuala Lumpur. I was thinking about taking the airport bus to the hotel at Kuala Lumpur Airport, but it was raining. Our big bag and small bag also brought a child. It was too much trouble and it took a long time. If it is LRT, it is very fast, but it is 40 ringgits per person, it is better to charter a car, there is 120 yuan one way on Taobao, but because I am provisional, 165 yuan, okay, expensive is expensive, next Rain is too much trouble. The next day I also set off for the airport early in the morning, so 330RMB made a round trip. Although it was a bit extravagant, it was a lot more comfortable.

When I arrived at the hotel, although the front desk did not understand Chinese, there was no problem with the communication, but the air-conditioning of the hotel was too hard. When we went back in the evening and went back to the front desk to ask for a quilt, the quilt was already finished. Turned off the air-conditioning, but did not feel hot overnight. Alas, the air-conditioning in Southeast Asia can't be hurt.

After the hotel was settled, I started to go out. The chartered driver was very nice and gave us various introductions along the way. Then, according to his introduction, I went to Petaling Street, Central Market and Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC). Fortunately, Petaling Street looks like the top champion ten years ago, plus it rains a little, and there is really no interest in shopping. It was in the Central Market, and I was very satisfied with buying a few small gifts. The price is not too expensive. It looks good.

This trip to Malaysia was a little uncomfortable before I went, because I have never been abroad, and the first time I went out was a self-guided tour. Especially among the three of us, my English Xiaobai is the best in English. Do you say you can't be worried? However, along the way, I'm really happy, and slowly along the way, this is the holiday, and the holiday is not over yet. Already plan to travel next time


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