Exploring Singapore, ecstasy of food during the day, horror at night

For Singapore, I have never walked in before, but I always have a strange familiarity. I almost fell off the plane and looked at the rain trees on both sides of the car. I fell in love with it.

This departure from the airport can cross the undersea tunnel in half an hour and reach the resort world of Sentosa in the south. The land area is only 1/6 of Shanghai; it is completely possible to communicate in Chinese, and 3/4 of the countries where Chinese are in the world are gathered in the world. Wonderful, the cultures of various countries meet here, the people of all ethnic groups take root here, and the cuisines of various places are scattered here.

I thought Lion City was easy to finish. After I really walked in, I realized that in just three days, I could only see the fur, and I was no longer attached. I put these three days in Resorts World Sentosa, in Universal Studios. The city's two-track roller coaster was in a mood to fly, screaming on Halloween night fright, intimate contact with bottlenose dolphins in the dolphin garden, stepping into the marine world at the SEA Aquarium, and enjoying delicious food in Michelin-star restaurants.

As for the Lion City, afterwards, slowly walk in and savor the taste.

Halloween night

Dolphin Park

SEA Oceanarium

Universal Studios Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa

Entry check: passport, printed electronic visa, round-trip ticket itinerary, boarding pass.

Singapore ’s visa is not difficult to apply for. You can find it on a travel website or a reliable travel agency, prepare the necessary materials, and the rate of over-signing is very high. The visa is valid for 35 days to 10 years, and the number of entries is single or multiple, subject to the issuance of the embassy.

Required materials: Mainland China due to a private passport, two-inch photos on a white background in the past 3 months, a copy of ID card, a copy of the entire household registration certificate, Chinese employment certificate / Chinese school certificate / asset certificate, personal information form, visa Application form.

Daily necessities: power converter, Singapore uses British standard plug, just carry British standard power converter; mobile WIFI, leased global roaming at the airport, the signal is stable, very useful, it is worth recommending. Sunscreen and anti-mosquito, sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, anti-mosquito liquid, etc.

Regarding the new currency: You can exchange the new currency in China first. The ICBC exchange rate is good. You can exchange a small amount of change to facilitate shopping in small shops. Some duty-free shops and shopping malls support Alipay. International exchange rates and no handling fees. Of course, the most convenient is to apply for a Huaxia card, free of charge for the first daily overseas withdrawal; shopping is recommended to use MasterCard credit card, and some stores will be discounted.

In Lion City, the most not to be missed is the local cuisine. Due to historical reasons, people of all ethnic groups have traveled across the ocean to settle in Singapore and live in harmony. They have also brought cuisines from all over the world, including Chinese, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Western, and fusion In addition to the cooking characteristics of Malay and Chinese, the most representative Nyonya cuisine.

In Resorts World Sentosa, more than 60 dining venues, from street food to Michelin-starred cuisine, can open your mind and taste the flavors of the world.

In the first "Michelin Guide to Singapore" released this year, Resorts World Sentosa won seven stars and became Singapore's most popular Michelin star food destination. Among them, the high-end French restaurant Joël Robuchon is the only Michelin three-star restaurant in Singapore. L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, which represents the new recipes, has two Michelin stars. The chef of the two restaurants, Joël Robuchon, is also a famous chef with the most Michelin stars in the country; Forest Sen, who promotes the new Australian delicious Australian Western steak steak and seafood grill, and innovative Chinese cuisine, harvested one Michelin star. Therefore, the holiday of eating goods, naturally, has become a Michelin star tour.

Enjoy a welcome dinner at Forest, a Michelin star restaurant, Forest Forest, and spend two hours tasting Chinese creative cuisine at the helm of Singaporean chef Leung Siu Kee.

"Forest Forest" matches the surrounding environment and restaurant positioning. At the same time, it is also the English name of Chef Liang Zhaoji's wife. When he walked into Forest Forest, he was in the purple forest and saw the chef smile warmly and tasted creative exquisiteness. Chinese food, you can feel the love of the restaurant.

Unlike the general Chinese restaurant, Forest Forest can watch the whole process of the chef's cooking. The restaurant uses the western food service and serving method.

The tasting was the chef's five selected courses of "Mori", including salt and pepper white mushrooms, morel bamboo mushroom stewed thick chicken broth, charcoal-grilled Canadian stocked high-quality white pork flower meat, clam flower meat and braised handmade noodles, Xiangmang coconut green lemongrass jelly, a different Chinese food experience, is very appetizing.

In particular, morel mushroom and bamboo stew stewed thick chicken broth, using coconut shell as a vessel, placed on a green banana leaf, embellished with crushed ice, cinnamon, and star anise, morel mushroom Gan Hanping, Zhu Sheng replenishing qi and heat, coconut The fragrant sweetness nourishes the deliciousness of the chicken broth, and the entrance is unforgettable.

Because the hotel you are staying on is next to the restaurant, the daily breakfast is also in Forest Forest, the buffet breakfast, there are many choices of meals, Chinese and Western, dessert fruit, eat a rich breakfast in an elegant environment, open good day.

The final lunch of this trip is set at the Michelin one-star restaurant Ausia beef steak seafood barbecue. Although it is a kind of torment to eat Western food when catching a plane, I would rather wait until the last leg to run, and have to leisurely eat the last dessert. It is the charm of food.

Aussia Beef Steak Seafood Barbecue specializes in new Australian delicacies, combining the delicateness of Asian cuisine with Western cuisine techniques. The most commendable is the restaurant ’s freshly imported top meat and selected seafood from Australia. Some ingredients are still selected by the chef to fly to the treasure farm.

It is highly recommended that only Byron Bay Berkshire pork can be eaten at this restaurant in Singapore, Mayura Station Matsusaka bull's eye that is roasted in a stone kiln stove and juicy cod. After-meal desserts, the hot chocolate soup of Fafnah has a very special taste and is worth tasting.

The restaurant with the most memorable tongue in this trip must be the famous Italian chef restaurant Fratelli, which has not opened since the opening, but the chefs Enrico and Roberto Cerea are from the international reputation of the Italian cuisine family. The celebrity chef brothers, now in charge of the family-owned Michelin Samsung legendary restaurant Da Vittorio, bring authentic Italian cuisine from Lombardy in northern Italy to Lion City.

Fratelli is translated as "brother" in Italian, meaning two celebrity chef brothers, the restaurant brings two distinct dining experiences for diners-Pizzeria and Trattoria Italian restaurant.

Trattoria restaurant only serves dinner, we are having lunch in Pizzeria. The most memorable one is the Bianca pizza, with crispy burrata cheese from Puglia, fresh green leaf salad, extra virgin olive oil and the ruddy Pamar ham from “PioTosini”. After-meal dessert, tiramisu, is also enough to amaze my taste.

Coming to Asia's premier integrated entertainment city, the problem with holiday accommodation is not that there is no suitable option, but that there are too many options, and I feel that two nights are not enough. There are six five-star hotels with different styles in Resorts World Sentosa. Each hotel has its own unique theme, and staying in it certainly has a different experience.

There are luxurious and quiet beachfront villas, you can stay in a sea view suite, you can see different forms of marine life in the room, you can also stay in the 12-meter high canopy pavilion, return to nature; there is also a caring all-suite hotel Blessed luxury hotel, you can enjoy intimate hospitality, private dining services, gaming entertainment and VIP facilities; there are child-friendly, family-friendly festival hotels; there are also dynamic, Hard Rock hotels that can feel the charm of rock; there are also famous American Michael Michael, a global resort art boutique hotel created by architectural designer Michael Graves.

On this trip, we stayed at the tropical-style Yihao Hotel, facing the sea, backing against the forest, sitting on the beautiful scenery of the Imbio hills and tropical rainforest, quiet and natural, looking forward on the terrace, relaxed and happy.

The rooms are large in size. The two people stay spacious and comfortable. The interior design is dominated by neutral tones, with pine wood furniture and tropical theme.

D1 Shanghai-Singapore Changi Airport-Resorts World Sentosa-Yihao Hotel (Check-in)-Forest Forest (Dinner)

D2 Forest Mori (Breakfast) -Dolphin Garden-Fratelli Fordley (Lunch) -SEA Aquarium-Universal Studio Singapore-KT Western Restaurant (Dinner) -Terrorist Night of Halloween

D3 Forest Forest (Breakfast) -Universal Studio Singapore-Aussia Beef Steak and Seafood Grill (Lunch) -Changi Airport-Shanghai

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, Asia ’s leading integrated resort, with six five-star hotels of different styles, the award-winning international spa brand ’s Asian flagship store ESPA, casinos, and Universal Studios Singapore, SEA Aquarium , Water Adventure Park and Dolphin Park four world-class attractions. At the same time, Resorts World Sentosa is Singapore's food destination with the most Michelin stars. Here, you can taste star food from all over the world.

This time, using Halloween as an opportunity to visit the sixth season of Halloween theme event launched by Universal Studios Singapore-Halloween Nightmare, in Resorts World Sentosa, in just three days, several impressions are intertwined, each impression is true , But not enough to represent. It can only be said that Resorts World Sentosa is a complex, and here, you can always find a gameplay that suits you.

Halloween night

SEA Oceanarium

Universal Studios Singapore

Early in the morning, I walked into the Dolphin Park. After going through strict security checks, I stored all my belongings and took off the bracelets that I hadn't left for eight years. It was 20 Pacific bottlenose dolphins waiting for us.

Dolphin's cute body, super high IQ, and warm smile made people inadvertently love it. I have seen dolphins before, but I have never had such close contact and interaction.

Change into a bathing suit and diving suit, follow the dolphin trainer to understand the habits of dolphins, and understand the importance of marine life conservation and protection. After making all preparations, follow the humorous trainer and launch an intimate interaction with the dolphins.

Dolphin exploration, under the command of the trainer, the dolphins regarded us as friends, giving a warm smile, dancing to the rhythm, hugging, kissing the palm of their hands ... 30 minutes, and the dolphins were together.

There are other interactive projects in the Dolphin Park, Dolphin Encounter, intimate contact with dolphins on the shore; Dolphin Escorts, take a trip with the dolphins to the deep water lagoon; Dolphin Lookout, sit on the observation deck, enjoy the lagoon beauty, share the joy of family and friends ; VIP experience in the Dolphin Park, enjoy the "two-person world" with dolphins on the private VIP Lake. Visitors can choose the appropriate interactive method according to their own preferences.

I just had a close contact with dolphins in the morning, and then came to SEA Aquarium in the afternoon to meet more marine friends. SEA Oceanarium is one of the world's largest oceanariums, and has the world's largest aquarium viewing window, 10 exhibition areas, 800 species, and more than 100,000 marine animals.

The aquarium and the maritime museum are integrated. Before entering the aquarium, go to the maritime museum. During the walk, you can experience a cultural journey on the Maritime Silk Road and learn about the special products of different countries.

When you come to the Aquarium, it is almost Halloween. The Halloween theme event "Ocean Adventure" of the Aquarium is about to kick off.

10 exhibition areas, 10 different areas of exploration.

Walked through the sea area of ​​more than 200 sharks displaying 12 species and arrived in the South China Sea to explore the mysterious habitat of moray eels; learn about the wonderful species of freshwater lakes in East Africa; go to the Red Sea to see the northernmost coral reefs on earth; The Arabian Gulf welcomes the sun and the beach, immersed in the soft coral garden; explore the mysteries of the deep sea, indulge in the home of more than 50,000 fish, the world ’s largest aquarium viewing window, and even forget to press the shutter; and embark on the journey of the ocean Only then did I find my favorite, sparkling colorful jellyfish. Learn about the ecology of mangrove forests in the Bay of Bengal and the Lakdivian Sea; watch marine life up close in the Straits of Malacca and the Andaman Sea, and see the sea horses with strange shapes; return to the Kalima Sea and Java Sea at the entrance, and see each in the wreckage Marine life.

In the Aquarium, the exploration of different areas is to follow the route that the navigator re-traveled for over a thousand years. In this image and refinement, it is better to walk into marine life.


SGD 34 for adults (age 13-59);

S $ 24 for children (4-12 years old);

Seniors (60 years old-) S $ 24.

Remarks: Tickets include maritime museum tickets, you need to enter the SEA Aquarium through the museum.

Halloween horror night, zombie resurrection, hundred ghosts walking at night, timid

Still "Trick or treat"? Hundred ghosts is the right way to open Halloween! Halloween horror night, zombie resurrection, and a hundred ghosts walking at night. This is not a dream, but the most authentic experience.

At Universal Studios Singapore, it takes great courage to walk into Southeast Asia ’s largest Halloween-themed event venue in the dark. This night, the goddess of death released darkness on the earth, and the resurrection of zombies raged across the city.

▼ Opening: Jack returns to the nightmare circus

At the beginning of the event, the clown Jack was plotting with the accomplice at the entrance of the theater to the visitors. The momentum was huge. We watched with interest what he did. Consciousness is nothing more than that. I was immersed in the performance, but I was shocked by the unexpected ghosts.

So, officially started this night's thrilling journey.

▼ Cruise: Avatar of Death

The first thing I arrived was the place where death came. The corpses and skeletons in the street swaggered through the city. From time to time, I frightened the outsiders who broke in, but it was a little cute. While waiting for the Death Ceremony, he seduce the undead in gorgeous clothes.

Accompanied by drums, the goddess of death led a group of evil ghosts and wandering ghosts to occupy the world. In the weird festival, opened his eyes and watched a hundred ghosts walking at night.

The Halloween night of Universal Studios is already in its sixth year, but the Avatar Festival to pay tribute to the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival is held for the first time. Feel the breath of Halloween during the grand parade.

▼ Thriller: Suicide Forest

Dark and psychedelic forests, corpses are everywhere in the wilderness's forbidden land, and legendary spirits lurk here to lure those lonely ghosts and ghosts who have lost their way. From time to time, you can see the scene of hanging suicide, from time to time there are ghosts pulling you to see the tragic situation of her death, from time to time there are unwilling female ghosts pulling you to ask her children, from time to time a ghost suddenly appears beside you, facing You smile strangely ...

This is the first place that makes me feel horrible. Real illusion, realistic makeup, dedicated hundred ghosts. If you accidentally get away from your companions, looking at the moving in front, I do n’t know if it ’s a ghost, minutes Frightened to go.

▼ Ghost House: Fox Ji Inn

Fox Ji Inn, this is a story that happened in old Shanghai. It is full of bright lights, dark fragrance floating, weird and charming. The charming young girl of all kinds of styles specializes in the playboy. When she is fascinated by her, it is also the day of your death.

However, when the woman walks in, she is generally immune, just a bystander, watching the tragedy happening, and then striding forward, in the small space in front, many scenes can be touched with the reach of a hand. Fortunately, such a story We are too familiar, so we don't feel afraid.

▼ Ghost House: Old Changi Ghost

Singapore ’s old Changi Hospital, one of the most haunted locations in the world, is so horrible that Singapore has become one of the most spooky cities in the world. A large number of explorers have come to disappear inexplicably. Every night, the hospital is full of misery Crying and mysterious sound.

This haunted house is designed according to this well-known ghost story in Singapore. It is bloody and horrible. Especially when I just heard about this ghost story and walked in, it felt very real and the horror index soared.

▼ Ghost House: Canteen Banquet at Hawker Center

The hawker center was originally a favorite place for diners. The food in the store was infected by unexplained radiation viruses. As a result, after eating, humans became bloodthirsty and meat-eating walking dead, moving like beasts and eating human flesh.

Abandoned hawker center, the scene is really disgusting, and a few people pop up from time to time in the corner. If you are not careful, you will be scared. The smell, smoke, and water from time to time in the air can be immersive.

▼ Ghost House: Blood Corpse Show

This is a bloody haunted house. The grotesque artist Damien Shipman shows the true face of his family who died in the fire at the farewell exhibition. The scene is extremely bloody, and there is a strong smell in the air.

In one scene after another, the actor's ultimate performance, although there was no unexpected horror, was bloody enough and slightly discomfort.

▼ Ghost House: Salem Witch House

The Salem House is the home of the dark blood witch of the 17th century. The witch slept here and disappeared. Tonight, hundreds of years later, the witch was resurrected and fought to kill everyone.

Relative to the bloody diners at the old Changi Hospital and Hawker Center, I still like the feeling of a witch's house. It is gloomy, but not horrible.

I walked out of Nightmare Night, and I was not scared or silly, and I did n’t have a hoarse throat. Although I was fortunate, I knew that it was the result of “violating regulations”. , It ’s not strange to be scared.

Event time: September 30, October 1, October 6-8, October 13-15, October 20-22, October 27-31, 16 nights

Venue: Universal Studios Singapore

Ticket price: S $ 65/69

On the last day, I came to Universal Studios again. There were no ghosts crying, howling and hundred ghosts walking at night, and some were just joy parades. Universal Studios was not particularly big, but I went back to my childhood in seven theme areas and I forgot to play. time.

Universal Studios Singapore draws on the essence of Hollywood, California, Orlando, Florida, and Universal Studios Osaka, Japan, and applies them to the seven theme areas. Each theme has its own characteristics.

Hollywood's Central Broadway-style theater, the Avenue of Stars, and classic Hollywood buildings on both sides of the road; New York's undulating skyline, colorful neon lights, and famous buildings; full of cutting-edge technology that attracts countless sci-fi cities of unknown world life; last century The mysterious ancient Egypt of the 1920s and 1930s; the lost world of Jurassic Park and the future water world; the distant kingdom among the monsters Shrek, and Madagascar on the rafting expedition.

Universal Studios Singapore is small in size, but for a good day, we have to spend a whole day. In the half-day of the Studios, we did not have all the experience, but just selected the most elite and most exciting projects.

The ultimate battle of the Transformers 3D showdown in the sci-fi city, originally broke into the kingdom of Transformers, shuttled through underground tunnels and blocks, crossed rooftops, fierce evil forces, the picture is real, shocking, the heart fluctuates in just a few minutes, Very exciting.

The space fortress of the sci-fi city boarded the world's highest dual-track roller coaster, challenging a 90-kilometer high-speed flying, 360-degree tumbling rotation, and feeling the stimulus of nearly colliding with the opposite car.

The mummy revenge of ancient Egypt, following the roller coaster in the dark, making sharp turns and flipping fast, avoiding fireballs, reptiles and the mummy army. The real horror of the ancient Egyptian picture indoors, coupled with the high-speed impact of the roller coaster, feels very good.

In the only remote kingdom castle in the world, put on glasses, walk into the Shrek 4D theater, assist the monster Shrek and the multi-word donkey to rescue Princess Fiona, walk into the movie world, and feel the bits and pieces of the movie.

Before going out, in the little yellow man gift shop in Hollywood, he was fascinated by all kinds of cute little yellow men and stayed for a long time.


Adult ticket (age 13-59) SGD 74;

Child ticket (4-12 years old) S $ 56;

Seniors' ticket (60 years old-) S $ 36.

Priority certificate: from S $ 30

Unlimited priority card: from S $ 50

Priority certificates are sold in limited quantities based on daily passenger traffic. The more passenger traffic, the more expensive the price and the greater the advantage. You can use the fast track to enter with a priority card, saving time in the queue, you can freely choose whether to buy.


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